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Deep Cycle Battery Rolls S-1450 2V - 1124 AH

Brand: Rolls Surrette
Product Code: S-1450
Availability: In Stock
Dimensions: L: 14in  x  W: 8in  x  H: 18in
Weight: 115.00lb
Rolls Surrette

Deep Cycle Battery Rolls S-1450 2V - 1124 AH

A new Surrette 4000 Series Battery featuring the unique "resistox" plate design, these batteries resist corrosion and maximize the life of the battery. These high capacity batteries were designed with renewable energy applications in mind. They feature a solid 7 year warranty. This is an extended-life industrial battery. Industrial batteries include interconnect cabling, capable of connecting all your batteries in one series string.

The life expectancy of Rolls batteries are among the longest in the industry. Features include heavy duty construction and enveloped separators between plates to eliminate internal shorting. These Rolls batteries also feature excellent cycling performance and a small footprint to accommodate space considerations.

Battery Specifications
Battery Voltage 2
Capacity (in Amp Hours) 1124
Battery Weight 85
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