Sun Electronics 

Hi again,The island is Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas.

We started with you in 1992, I believe, when you only had a small ad in the classified section of Home Power Magazine. It said something real catchy, like I beat prices. At the time, Real Goods was the top of the market and you beat them. I’ll never forget by how much; Trace DR2436 was $2600 from them and $1100 from you. New definition of beat, old definition of American Capitalism..
So here we are,

Our home, in the center, only has a small array for the Sundanzer and general backup.

The main power production is from the barn, in the rear. Our guest cottage, on the left, has its own array. The picture is a couple of years old so it doesn’t show the latest half dozen Suniva 325 watt panels we got from you last year. We’re on our way down to Miami, next week, to get six or eight more for a new cottage we’re building.
I don’t have a photo of our golf cart with three old 100watt panels on the roof but here’s our motorsailer which doesn’t need a generator.

Good luck planet earth,


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