What is the difference between a Solar Panel Broker and Sunelec.

Basically dpeaking:

The majority of them don’t stock any products, nor do they have a warehouse.
They have no shipping facility or packing and shipping experience.

They don’t have a large comprehensive sales, design, shipping, and warehousing  team. Some are just one or two people working at home.

Most don’t know how to engineer, design or size PV systems.

They don’t have much knowledge about BOS, mounting systems, inverters, etc, etc.

They don’t employ NABCEP certified Engineers. 

They don’t do installations.

They haven’t been in the PV industry 45 years, since 1973. 

They only have one office location.

They don’t have 13 warehouses to  save time and money for Domestic and International  for their customers.

They don’t offer much else, other than solar panels. They don’t carry extensive inventories of inverters, mounting racks, batteries, charge controllers, solar water heaters, water pumps, cable, wire, hardware, 12 volt appliances, refrigerators, lighting, Honda and Diesel Generators, etc., etc., and they aren’t authorized distributors for the majority of major PV products.

I don’t have anything against PV brokers, many are friends of mine. However, we will always tell people who, what, why, when where and how we are.

May the best solar team win. Let the competition begin.



More Unbelievably great deals  are coming for slightly used modules 20 Yr. Wrnty., UL Listed!

These modules have become available because: 

1. At four solar project sites, the rising land values under them, made it un-economical to continue.

2. At a massive solar farm at a U.S. military site, de-installation occurred at an army base after a Tornado clipped one small section of a solar farm and we bought the modules that were not touched, just like the huge Rene Sola module farm in San Antonio that got hit by a hail storm. 

Call us  for pricing and details.

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How to buy and sell solar panels by John Kimball.

If you want to get a great price on PV modules so you can wholesale them by pallets (30) and containers (500), you need to develop relationships with people who have access to large quantities of them; those who buy them by the MW (10 containers), manufactures them, distributed them, installs them, or develops large projects.

You must be persistent, and you must be able to take rejection. Try this exercise I learned 30 years ago. 
I met this guy in my bldg. He was a past used car salesman who gave classes in salesmanship. Nice guy, so I went. Very funny talk. For homework, that weekend he said, every time you pay for anything you had to look dead serious, look the person In the eyes and ask the person you were paying, “Do you have anything for free?”

On Monday, when we all came back to class, the stories were amazing. Lots of people got things, a pen, belt buckle, a vile of gold flakes, a shirt and one guy was introduced to the owner of the furniture store who took him and his wife to the back of a warehouse and gave him a couch! But others got a laugh, a blank, huh? stare followed by a pause and then What? or What do you Mean? or Huh? or aaaaaa… and some Like what’s? And, of course others got, aahhh No, Nope, No! And NO!

So what’s the point? The point is you should never be afraid of rejection. And my friend put it this way, every time your told No you increase your resistance to fearing rejection, so no matter what happens to you, you going to increase your strength as a salesperson. So always ask for a discount, never be afraid. 

I hate salesmen their so annoying, you know the ones that clog up your email, the ones that constantly cause you to block that number, I get 3 or 4 of those every day. However, who doesn’t love getting free stuff, I love free stuff! 

It’s a fun exercise, and if your like me, you might end up asking for something for free everyday for the rest of your life, I’m great at it and it’s fairly rare that get told NO! In fact most be get a kick out of the question and usually end up in very friendly conversation as I explain the story above I just told, and what happens is funny, then they make a real effort to find something they can give me.

If I buy a container of panels I ask the question and I’ve gotten solar water heaters, water pumps, and a few spare panels thrown into the container. I’ve gotten dozens of things every year for 30 years, made friends and had lots of laughs. No one has ever yelled at me or gotten rude. They might think, what’s wrong with that guy or made a weird face but so what? That’s a good thing, it makes you invincible!

As seriously as you can sound, say, “Do you have anything for FREE?”

I love doing this for two reasons, one it’s fun. And, two, it always results in a positive reward, because they will probably laugh, or have a come back, if their really fast thinkers, it’ll be pretty witty and possibly even wise, or if they feel challenged, but aren’t that fast, they’ll just look at you incredulously and go what? or some nervously come back with medium witty, it will probably be, The Air, The Bag, The Receipt, and, if they say No, you just increased your resistance to rejection and that’s the secret.

Selling and entertaining at the same time is also fun and easy. So is saying anything or asking any reasonably intelligent question about the person your wanting to give you their products or pay you money. Focus on them, ask questions about them beginning with the words who, what, why, when, where and how. We all love to talk about ourselves, I know I do! But, be interested, be honest and be sincere. 

Thank you and Break a leg.


Sales Notes:

I often start phone conversations with “Thanks for being there _____________. My name is ______________, ” because more often than not these days, you get a stupid recording then voice mail. And it’s always because “I’m too busy.” I always notice which people almost always answer their phone calls. It tells you something important. They are rare. 

Then sometimes, just for the fun of it,  I’ll go, “I’m looking to buy a container(s) of solar panels. Then they’ll ask like, which ones?, “well, do you have anything for free?” Everyone can always use a little relief from stress. People like to laugh and it makes doing business a lot more fun but, of course, there’s a limit to everything. Don’t let your jokes get stale and know when to shut up. 

Information is Power my attorney told me, and keep your cards close to your chest my friend Mrs. Peterson told me. That all goes with the territory of talking too much. Know when to shut up.

Oh and never sign a contract without showing it to an attorney.

Oh, oh and and in solar panel sales think big, like continents not just cities and states.

Oh and one last thing,  before I sign off on this blog, don’t burn bridges. You may need to use that bridge again some day. 

Oh and oh and ….here I go again………..shut up John! ..on second thought, never mind. 

These are just a few ideas . Call me if you want more.

For reading my blog.


Life Discovered On Sun!

That would make a good fake headline. 

It’s the way to grab attention nowadays on the internet. Say or show anything astonishing, who cares if it’s true, just to get you to open it.

But it’s true when you look at what’s happened in Photovolaics.

“Weird weird stuff,” Johnny Carson

Just like to look at this. No one else would understand it. Yeah I’m weird, but who cares, i like me, you should too, if not get this book, “Don’t worry about the small stuff. And, it’s all small stuff.” “You can live your life by this book,” Cele Peterson – age 102.


Cant help it, I need to share this story. Jetty Obsession! Nothing to do with PV. Except the Sun Generated it, Operates it and is about theonly thing that can completely Destroy it.

Yeah yeah yeah it’s me and the South Beach Park Jetty again. Since I returned back to Miami from my 3 month long working vacation I’ve been going to the Jetty almost every day. I snorkel there. Look I’m not an idiot, i know my way around swimming holes. Not many people remember the movie The Swimmer with Burt Lancaster but I do. I’ve been in the water every chance I can get since I can remember. I’d live in water if I could. I even want to be the first person to ever camp out underwater. That will happen, I feel it. Not that hard to do I think.

YAnyway, this evening I went out the front door of the condo jumped in the bay and quickly snared a lobster below the Venetian Causway and plopped it in my aquarium up stairs overlooking the Bay. Record time, about 10 min.

Then Johnny came home from work at the warehouse, I work at home. We were st the Jetty in 20 min. Into the water. Ha! Just as I planned it high tide 5:30pm with no wind for 4 days, crystal clear. Fish aren’t stupid they love perfect conditions, too, clean, flat, clear and cool Caribbean water. As many as 2 million fish the second I looked underwater rolling over after putting my gear on in two feet of water. Solid tropical fish, so thick Johnny ran into a rock. It went on for 100 yards, beautiful! Then the swim to the end of the Jetty. 500 yards past a massive Green Eel. Finally, 50 yards to go. Immediately the fish got bigger, so many, so many species. Perfect visibility, then came the schools, johnny and I hid in the rocks holding onto barnacle outcroups. We stood still, no noise I told johnny as we swam out now we just watched in amazement, what a show it was! 

Giant one and two ton granite boulders ten feet above the water and down another 30 feet underwater swarming with one bizarre species of fish schools after another for 30 min. Moved position, found ourselves in a school of 30 to 50 lb Snook. It’s the best tasting fish in the sea. Better than lobster I’ve been told, they don’t even sell it in resturants is so protected. While I was freaking, out johnny was oggling the barnicales we held onto to keep us hidden, many  contained baby like Blenies popping their heads in and out of these little volcano shaped barnacales trying figure out who the hell what and who we were.

After 45 minutes we returned to the beach thru the big clouds of the hundreds of thousands of various species of small iridescent fish. I taught my son how to catch sand crabs without getting pinched before we got out. When we were out there,  their was a lot going on above water too. The Sunset was coming along extra spectacularly playing its reds and pink colors on huge cumulous storm clouds 10 miles away in the north. 

The showers in the park were off so we hit the sprinklers in the park, could’nt be better.

Why am I telling you all this because nature like this with your family is everything. 

Kids keep us young and much healthier mentally and physically. Right? If you don’t have some get some anyway you can, they’re everything! Beg, borrow, adopt theyvwill best anything else in life for fun, I know, cause it takes one to know one and I’m not talking about knowing Johnny. They can take nothing and like magic it turns into something great! They can also take blow right thru what adults call negative surprises and turn them into harmless nothing. 

I’ve said it before we should give them the reins for just one day a year and we adults  might really learn something.

Starting a ‘Kids Get To Rule Day’ is a plan of mine. It would be International. Sort of like ‘Take Your Kids To Work Day’.

Here’s some photos of what our day was like and what we saw. Soon I’ll be taking my own but I’m not a photographer and these were done by better ones than me. They were goaded to be as close to what it’s like out there but not as good as the real thing.

Heading out from my condo. That’s the Venetian causeway down below where I get temporary visitors to my aquarium upstairs. Got a lobster today, took about 10 min.

Jetty is just behind those bldgs. on the top right. Here are things we see at the Jetty and no I didn’t take all these photos. The picture you see right below shows huge fissures in the inside of the North Jetty wall. My adult friend Kenny, not Johnny he’s only 12, want to go scuba dive this place, supposedly tons of lobsters. This at South Beach in Miami just down from the best part of the Jetty for snorkeling.

Today was one of the best days of my life.

Just a few hours ago two things happened to me.
One, my son Johnny and I swam out to the end of Government Cut Jetty together. What we experienced in the high tide in that 1200 yard swim through millions of fish this evening was so special there are no words nor ever will be.  Perfection!
Two, something else happened this evening. It was a partnership between two friends made out of trust and honor. It will be the beginning of something so exciting, it’s a partnership between two totally opposite things,  unlimited clean energy and limited clean energy.
Mark my words, I think.
Maybe so, maybe not, said the wise man, I believe.
Two great things have come together at a perfect time and place. Sometimes lightning really does strike twice. It did today August 15, 2017.
Thank you Lord.
Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for believing in solar energy. You are my friends. You are my inspiration. 


As mountain climbers say, when asked “why did you climb the mountain?” “Because it was there,” they answer. Well the are about to be millions of used solar panels for sale. And why not? After all they’re here now too. Used homes and cars are as common as can be, why not solar panels, they last 30 to 50 years. The first solar panel ever made by Bell Labs is still working and it’s 60 years old!

The amount of used modules coming on the open market is overwhelming. Why? Because large PV project developers have been storing hard to dispose of used modules by the millions. Solar Farms are almost inconceivable in size, measured in sq. miles, and when what was remote land values shoot up, the solar farms shut down and the PV modules come down.

Just one 100 MW Farm de-installation produces 300,333 – 300 Watt PV modules! That’s enough for 3,333 typical grid ties home installations. Solar panels are among the longest lasting consumer products made, 30 to 40 years is common and they come with an almost unheard of 25 year guarantee.

Not all solar farm projects make it to completion, when a solar farm project fails, for example financing problems, hundreds of thousands of de-installed PV modules may sit in warehouses for years. For a big investor in farms like a Wall Street firm the size of Goldman Sachs, letting this happen is all too common. Storage fees are small potatoes to them. 

Sun Electronics has specialized in finding and assisting companies and private owners in liquidating their PV assets, modules, inverters, racking, etc., etc. for the last 20 years. In addition the owner, Mr. Kimball is well known as one of  the  PV pioneers now in the industry (45 years), and as one of the most honest guys in a y by night growing PV industry field of dishonest and annoying companies.  His company receives calls, almost daily, from distressed developers, project investment firms and even solar farm maintenance companies who need help disposing of PV equipment.

“PV sales tactics today are among the worst in history.” Says John Kimball, CEO of Sunelec Industries. “After 45 years in solar, you can see one coming a mile away, first they send you some unwanted email or newsletter with everything but the price, then even though you never heard of them, they have your name, address and tel. number, and call you by your first name on the phone st Thoms ator work at the worst possible moments.  Every day it’s a new one.  

The worst part of it all is in the end, you realize you didn’t even get an estimate of what you paid tens of thousands of dollars for!” 98% of these sales and installation companies don’t give you an itemized price for your system yet they are so simple there’s only two major parts, the PV modules and the inverter that connects to the power pole,  2 parts!” says Kimball. And the comparison shopping couldn’t be easier, you only need the price per watt of each. It’s easier than comparing the price per lb. of apples. The panels alone cost 80% of the purchase price. 

Just Google “The cost of a solar panels”  and you’ll get dozens of sellers with their $/W cost. The comparison will shock anyone who has purchased a PV system. Buyer beware, especially when the buyer never asked or knew the 80% of the cost of their system components, the panel cost. And the only thing the salesman ever talked about was how much they were going to save.

It will also be a surprise, he said,  when the buyers find out how much they paid for the installation. It’s more than the solar electric system itself! 

“No one should or would, get their car repair done at a shop that didn’t even give a breakdown of the parts and labor. But ohhh nooo not when it comes to solar electric power systems. For some reason, the PV company conviently forgot to mention or give one to you. Besides, they’re more interested in trying to get you financing. And why not, that will just increase their profit margin and you cost exponentially!” says Kimball.

“I’m not against all solar contractors, it’s an extremely stressful job, and who the hell wants to deal with all the BS in today’s ever worsening city, county, state and federal bureaucracy, not me.” says Kimball. We specialize in finding the supply of the lowest possible cost components, designing systems around them and selling packaged systems or just the components. Then we help find verified high quality solar electric contractors. But it it’s a two edged sword finding ones who do installations, just installations. Try calling them on your own and saying, I already spent time shopping for the best price and had my system designed for free and bought the components at an unbelievable price from Sunelec and would like o get it installed. Click! They’ll hang up on you. It’s like, how dare you call me and ask me to install your system. Really,? What if you needed to have your washer and dryer installed and you the installer told you he’d only do it if he got to pick out your washer and dryer and you had to buy whatever he choose? What the..! 

This dory was written by John Kimball of course but someone had to do it, so it might as well be me. 


Thank you for reading my blog.


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Were just bought:

1.  4 MW of mixed brand, new factory, top tier, Grade A, mono and polycrystalline modules, inverters and racking of a failed project. They are in Phoenix, Az. 

We also just bought: 
 1. Approx. 25,000 modules mixed brands – 300+ watt used modules, approx. 2 years old. In SC and spread out over USA.

2. Another 25,000 installed but never commissioned 315 Watt REC modules on a US Military project solar farm. Located in Tennessee.