Stealing is a real drag.

Companies try to steal my mailing list, even though we have one of the best security systems money can buy. It’s called a friend who gets paid by Chase Bank to break into their computer system.\r\n\r\n14 years ago we had an employee give a copy of our list, when it numbered just 5,000 customers, to a module broker in Georgia. My attorney who was on that list has been getting emails from them ever since even though he swears he’s never heard of them and has no interest in buying solar unless it was from me. He’s a wonderful man by the way.\r\n\r\nAnyway we have always had a list of dummy email addresses on the list to monitor potential misuse. So, while there’s not much we can do about it, it’s amazing to me that anyone could be so bold. So, if you get unsolicited offers from a solar module broker in Ga. you might tell him he’s not as smart as he thinks. You might also look at his BBB rating, it stinks.\r\n\r\nI just made more money than I’ll ever need in real estate so this is all about feeling victimized, but darn it I spent my whole life doing this. I’m not happy when my whole office gets emails from him sent to their personal email addresses. I also see my 100 dummy addresses getting them as well. I just got two more of his emails just the other day.\r\n\r\nYeah stealing is a real drag. Report STEALING. I’m just curious to know to what extent he’s still doing it. If you think you have received unsolicited ads from this guy or anyone else please send an email to,\r\n\r\nJohn\r\n\r\nP.S. The guy who gave him the addresses ran off to Perth, Australia. He was an intern I hired from Turkey whom we caught skimming money, using a phony bank account for WT’s. Nice guys. Be real careful who you send money to!

Someone has to do everything in their power to

do a ton of things to save the environment. Or, a lot of people need to do everything in their power to do just one thing.  \n\nI am doing everything in my power to lower the price of solar energy, and if you don’t like that, too damn bad.\n\nI just watched a TV special on vanishing species. How depressing.\n\njk

Obama is insane

to just let anyone, who wants to come into America, just come in, at a time like this, from a place like that. He is sympathetic to Muslims because of his family and upbringing, I think. This is logical and understandable, but not when you can’t pick out the worst scum ever to inhabit the Earth from hundreds of thousands of good people. \n\nWhy are we making such a huge issue over Mexicans coming to work and send money to their poverty stricken families back in Mexico but allowing Potential terrorists in to detonate massive bombs, possibly even nuclear, to rip us into shreds.\n\nHelp the refugees from the war and strife wherever they are, but not in where the enemy wants to see everything destroyed and full of death. Don’t allow it to spread. Would we allow people from Ebola Stricken Countries to come to America if we could’nt screen them properly.\n\nObama is insane.

The Kimball Brothers

My brother Richard and his wife Adelaide sent me a book they wrote called “The Kimball Brothers”. Not me and my three brothers but that of another set of Kimball Brothers. It was surprising to say the least. Things like the first electric light bulbs ever demonstrated in Chicago at one of the largest carriage companies in the U.S. belonging to my family (no cars yet), Edwin and his wife Elizabeth Kimball sailed on the Titanic, a plaque at Harvard dedicated to my Uncle Alton Kimball, the Kimball Amendment that put moved the capitol of Georgia from someplace in Ga. into one of our properties in Atlanta and more.

I really appreciated that. Very cool.