The sun, tonight in Tucson.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. I think a blog would be so boring about nothing but solar energy. So here I go again trying to keep it a little more entertaining, funny and interesting.

Tonight I sat outside by myself, I felt about as happy and peaceful as I think I could feel. Just sitting in an old patio chair watching the full moon rise in Tucson, Arizona. I couldn’t help to think that this was just reflected light off the surface of the moon from a star I could not see 92 million miles away! It was so bright.

Then I thought about watching the tides change from my home above Biscayne Bay, every day in Miami. Not everyone knows how powerful the Moon is. I watch the high tide, low tide, then high tide and low tide come again. It comes in and out, 4 times, every 24 hours! It cleans the bay as well as the 7 oceans. And it’s all for freeeee. Isn’t free stuff the best!

In the entrance to Biscayne Bay in Miami where I snorkel, I can see a hundred thousand tropical fish before 9 am almost every day. And now here in Tucson, from the glassed in sunroom of our new home/office, I can see an amazing show of Sonoran nature, all day long. I can see families of quail, hummingbirds, doves, finches, sparrows, cactus wrens, cardinals, woodpeckers, lizards, rabbits, squirrels and butterflies, usually all at the same time! Animal feed helps.

Nature, little kids and drunks don’t lie. Three things you can always count on in this often negative and now disastrous world. Turn off the news, keep the music, and take a morning walk.

Heaven on earth exists! It’s out there. The feeling is in you. And it’s freeeee!

Thanks for letting me share this with you.

Go solar. Not for the money, but for independence, and respect of this incredible life we all get to enjoy. You know what they say, “Live life every day as if it was your last. It might actually be.”

Break a leg trying to help yourself be happy.


How we’re ripping ourselves off buying solar systems.

The Problem:

When you think you want to solarize your house ask us for an itemized quote for the parts. It’s all we do all day at Sunelec. We’ll design it for free too.

Then ask almost any solar installer for the same and they WON’T give you an itemized quote to you.

Or take their big flat quote for everything and subtract the system we quoted you to get the balance. Prepare yourself for the added cost of installation. It’s more than the system costs! What the hell is going on?!


1. Install it yourself, if you know how.

2. Install it yourself and with some other guys who know how.

3. Or, if you don’t know any guys like that, just call me, and I’ll give you the names of someone who would be willing to help you do it yourself, in your area. They will be from our list of customers, that aren’t contractors,  but they have installed their own systems. They’ll help you to do the installing parts of it. Most of our 50,000 customers are engineers, many built their own home, and there’ll avid solar proponents. Almost 20,000 of them installed their own systems.

When your household appliances need replacing does the plumber tell you which new washing machine he wants you to buy?

So why won’t solar installers just install? Why can’t you just order the best deals on solar modules yourself. And, after 45 years in Solar I’m telling you they are much simpler than most appliances. If you ask me they are all the same:
1. glass,

2. aluminum frame,

3. slices of silicon,

4. plastic laminate and backskin.

But if he’s selling just one brand of module he’s going to tell you his is soooo much better than the rest.

Look if you could have a hundred yard dash with every silicon solar module in the world, they would all finish within one foot of each other. And, the guy selling the one that came in first would tell you “see this gold medal” that proves that we’re the best, no one comes even close to being better!”

They all last 30 to 40 years easy, are all tested to rigorous UL testing, and they all have a warranty for 25 years. They are practically impossible to break, even if you break the glass they will continue to produce their rated power. I know because I’ve inspected massive multi-megawatt farms after being hit by tornadoes, hurricanes, grass fires and even baseball size Texas hail storms. Their so tough, it’s unbelievable. You literally have to punch a hole the size of a softball right thru them, to make them stop producing power.

Trust me, all you need to compare modules is the price per watt. In this new solar industry, all panels are bought and sold by the cents per watt cost of the modules. It’s as simple as comparing the price of Iowa corn per pound. Solar modules are just another commodity nowadays.

If you buy solar modules in a complete system or separately, and you don’t get the price per watt, you must of been taking goof balls.

If the seller won’t give you the price per watt of the modules and he’s choosing them for you, there’s something VERY WRONG! It’s the most important, interesting and expensive part of your system. It’s why their called solar systems and not electric systems, Nobody but nobody should buy solar systems any other way, or you deserve exactly what you get.

Ask yourself, “would I give my car to a mechanic to fix, if he didn’t give me an estimate for the parts?”

Now for the basic labor estimate to install the system:

Bolt down the rails.

Bolt the modules to the rails.

Plug the panels together.

Run two main cables to the inverter.

Connect the house and utility company to the inverter.

Install a disconnect switch.

Time – Two guys can install a complete typical 3,000 watt system in two days.

Typical cost for solar modules for people who shop with their eyes closed: $.60 to $1.25/watt. Typical Sunelec’s cost $.20 to $.40/watt.

Typical cost for installation should never be more than a $1.00/watt. Typical 3,000 watt system = $3,000 \ 32 hrs labor  = $93.75/hr.

Typical installers charge $700 to $1,000/hr.! You don’t believe me? Well that’s ok because typical solar contractors will never break down the costs for parts and labor so who knows if you don’t ask for itemized parts AND THEN labor. And it could be even more, after all how would you know? After all the worst thing they can do is to give you THE ABILITY TO COMPARE PRICES. Because then, you might SHOP AROUND, OMG! Would a burglar tell you how to keep him from robbing your house?

Wake up people, your not afraid to ask for an estimate for parts and labor are you?What costs more? A car repair or a PV system? Which has more parts? A car has 30,000, PV system has: Modules, racking, cables, inverter, disconnect switch, just FIVE!

Snap out of it America your ruining the reputation of solar power as much as rip off solar companies. They’ve been around since the water heating days. Why because someone else is paying for most of your system, THE AMERICAN TAX PAYING public. And, your worried about what country made the modules. That’s kind of hypocritical isn’t it.

All solar panels are the same say I. Look at your sliding glass door or auto windshields what do you see:

Tempered glass, aluminum frame, and plastic. Add some laminated on silicon sliced rocks that make electricity. And that’s it folks.

And, they never wear out! At least not in your lifetime. Actually, no one really knows how long they’ll last. The very first solar module ever made at Bell Labs is still working after 65 years! “If you put a solar cell in a vacuum, it will last 2,000 years. They never wear out,” Mike Keeling the Chairman of the IEEE Photovoltaic Committee once told me.

Even Einstein said solar was the way to go. All you need to know though is PARTS AND LABOR it’s the solar theory of relativity! How many cents per watt are the solar modules costing you compared to other brands. It’s not physics.

So snap out of it America!

Thanks for reading John’s solar blog. And let me add something very important . Not all politicians are bad, nor are all contractors bad. There are good ones as well and they all know their trade, installing them correctly isn’t very hard. But they give separate itemized quotes for the parts and the labor your paying your hard earned money for. Some will allow you to buy your own components on the open market as well. And, if you see ads that say “lease” or “nothing down” and all you hear is how many ways “your going to save money in the long run,” try asking for the price quote to be itemized and if miracle occurs and they give you one, then shop around, because the amount of money you being asked to pay might be a fraction of what they’re asking. All you have to do is Google “solar panel prices”

or “grid tied inverter prices,” or “PV mounting rack prices.” You’ll end up knowing more than the salesman in an evening! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER TOO!

Thank you for reading John’s Blog

And if you want to contact me, John Kimball. You can call me on any of these cell phones anytime because “solar is my world.”




We have 30,000 PV modules in stock now in our own warehouses in Miami, Phoenix, Jamaica, Bahamas.

We have EVERYTHING ELSE related to your complete projects: (Always have and always will.)

Inverters, inverters with chargers, charge controllers, MPPT’s, all types of mounting racks, hardware, cables, batteries, 12 volt solar panels, 12 volt refrigerators and freezers, solar water heaters, everything you need.

Also coming soon in Miami, all the most energy efficient home 120V AC ENRGY STAR appliances including THOSE THAT ARE THE BEST NAME BRANDS and low cost including scratch and dent and surplus close out. Yes that’s right, Grade B energy efficient appliances and lighting and discounted prices.

Work on the inside of your home first and save big $ on a resulting smaller required system size!

(Applies to your mental state as well. Peace will never come unless we work on our own inner peace first.)


A friend in need is a friend in deed.

Times are weird. We’ve lost our way. It’s not all about money. We need to help each other more. What you give out just comes back to you. If you hurt people you will be hurt. A lot of people are angry and frustrated. It may be your not trying hard enough to make yourself happy.  Pay yourself first because before you can make other people happy you need to be happy first. Whoever heard of an unhappy person being helpful to people who were unhappy 😳?

Give yourself a break!



I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

I wish that I had let myself be happier.
Wow, right!?

Think how many silly ones you thought should have been included but no one mentioned in the survey these nurses took. 

It’s not too late and never too early:

Be true to our self.

Stop working so hard.

Express your feelings.

Never forget your friends.

Let yourself be happy!