How do I manage to have the world’s lowest prices?

It’s not complicated but it is hard work. You also have to start early and finish first.

First of all you have to think cost effective. We can’t go on depending on the government, the taxpayers, to pay for everyone’s system. And, we certainly can’t count on the utiltiy companies to di it. You have to start from the bottom.

At least that’s what I do, and that’s what I did. Companies hate us because of our low than low prices. I understand that, solar energy is a powerful subject and a powerful product, generating a lot of emotion.

However, I know that until my utility bill is .40/kWhr or more. it won’t be cost effective (I’m not talking about all the other effective points about solar energy use) but just money.

First, I learned that solar panels last  40 to 50 years. The first solar panel ever made still works it’s in the Bell Lab museum . Panels hardly ever break and as long as the glass is intact they are worth their weight in gold to someone who has no power lines.

I learned this at Photowatt, the first photovoltaic factory in the United States. A French/American company. I was the first solar home specialist at Photowatt. My job was getting solar companies started to provide solar electric power to peoples off grid homes. the term was independent power, not renewable energy or , God forbid, grid tied PV systems. What a set up for conflict of interest or dependent power systems.

The trick is to buy modules that are less than perfect and perfect as well.d