Dreams are always lit up, where does the sunlight come from in our minds?

Weird title right? Anyway here is another one of my very different not about solar blogs.

I’m on another trip to buy solar deals. I’m looking at a batch (about 7 containers) of modules, inverters, and BOS. It’s going well but I just woke up after a dream at 3 AM.

It was a remarkable dream so I’m going to write about  it  so I don’t forget  it. In the dream I was in a temple, I was with about 150 Jewish men and was listening and learning (something I’m not that good at.) I was surprised they’d let me in.

I was raised to be catholic by my parents, 13 years in catholic schools. I’ve drifted away from it but still say my prayers most nights, just an Our Father or a  Hail Mary.  I don’t think I could ever let that part of me go. It seems like my prayers  actually work like 75% of the time.

So in th dream I was in like a study session, with some people who seemed to know me. They were like sponsors and there was another guy who they got permission from to let me in. He was watching me closely, like a guard who was  hopeful and sceptical at the same time that I should be there. Frankly I was really amazed that they were allowing me to be there. There were about 150 men in the room. The discussion was pretty deep, at least for me, but surprisingly I seemed to be able to follow it.  When I looked to my left, there next to me was that Dr. from the old, almost forgotten TV series, Ben Casey. Not Dr. Casey but Dr. Zorba, you know the wise old doctor in charge of the hospital with that very different  long white hair combed straight up and straight back. No one has ever had hair like that since then.

Everyone was intently listening to him. Every word he was saying seemed so wise. No one made a sound as he spoke. I felt I was in the presence of something very old and powerful, maybe  spiritual. I was an honored to be there. I lisend carefully to what was said there. It was exhilarating and it was very important to me. I was in a place that I had always wished I could be. Then I woke up, it  lasted about an hour . I felt really good . I was very happy. Not like some recent dreams that left me feeling sad, lost, and depressed, right? I hope I’m not alone here, we all have them right? Hello…well I’m gonna take that as a yes.

That dream left me feeling great, lucky, humbled at being allowed to experience something very special. You can say whatever you want, I don’t care, it was great.

Anyway, I wanted to know something more about Jewish teachings and beliefs (last month my sister in law became the first person in my family that I know of to marry a Jewish person, which I’m very happy about, because I admire them very much in case you could’nt tell.

For some reason after I woke up I wanted to know more about the Jewish faith so I googled “do Jewish people believe in Angels?” I was surprised by what I read, it said :

“So, before I answer tonight’s question, Do Jews Believe in Angels? we see from our Torah portion the answer to the question that might precede it, “Are there angels in Judaism?” The answer from this week’s Torah portion must be, unequivocally, YES. And then we get into the most complex part of this exploration: “What kind of angels do we find in Torah and Jewish texts and prayers?

The article was fascinating, as a Catholic I thought Judaism was very different than Catholicism, I never guessed we had so much in common.  I read the Torah, the Jewish bible I guess, and found out its basically  the Old Testament  part of our Catholic  Bible. And, of course, that’s full of Angels.

So check it out,  if I haven’t bored you off the page so far, it’s pretty cool. www.tbs-online.org

Who didn’t like Angels? It’s nice to think that they exist and we all have been given our own guardian angel,  Jews  believe that too. I’ll take an Angel any day, besides I love free stuff, who doesn’t right? But both religions believe in bad angels as well.

I think that the word religion comes from the word realization, they sound so similar.

It’s a nice article to read for a change, actually a Jewish sermon, taken from the Bible I think,  just like the sermons given at a Catholic mass.

I miss not going to mass, I used to go all the time when I was in grade school. But I have to tell ya, I didn’t get up at 6:30 before school to ride my bike a mile and a half in the cold  just to go to church. It was also the fresh warm donuts and cold milk they served in the school cafeteria afterwards.

I get a good feeling when I think about those days. Religion is good, it makes me feel whole. We need to try to find out more about ourselves. It provides hope and that alone solves what may or may not be real problems. It can also help you to realize your dreams, I  think, which brings me back to the strange  title of this blog, “Dreams are always lit up, where does the sunlight come from in our minds?” After all you never have dreams in pitch dark. I guess you could say that when God said, “Let There Be Light” the sunlight reached all the way into our hearts and minds.

www.tbs-online.org is where I found the article about angels in Jewish religion.


Wow that was a weird blog right? Great seeing Dr. Zorba again after all these years. I’d love to see them run it again. Ben Casey was a really good show, I think.

By the way the auction Will be over by the time you read this, if we won we will have a ton of new inverters dirt cheap: brand new Enphase, Fronius, SMA and ABB, plus solar modules: Hanwha, Trina, Shuco and SUN modules, but I don’t think we’ll win. People pay way too much out in California for solar panels Louis and I found out. The bidding was way too  high for us. Definitely not a world’s lowest price module deal or even inverter deal. But we sure did make some good contacts at the preview today. The people in this business really are fascinating!

Thank you for reading this blog.

By the way, I wish they could come up with better high tech words like google, tweet, web, and uber,  it sounds like baby talk.


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