For those of you who are coming to my newsletter for the first time.

This is not a normal solar, renewable or evvionmental newsletter. I try to provide valuable information on these subjects but I also write 

1. Simply because it’s fun.

2. All about me.

3. My family and friends.

4. Whatever motivates me.

5. Things that I hope will make you laugh.

6. Things I think are important.

7. Things that make me feel good.

8. Things that make me feel bad.

9. Things that I hope will make you feel good or at least better.

10. Things that are stupid, like this list.

11. Things that are smart.

12. Things that are entertaining.

13. Things that I copy or heard  from others and make them seem as if I wrote them, to make me seem like I’m smart.

14. Things that are spelled wrong, improper English, improper language, that make me look like I’m 9 years old.

And I don’t care what I write so long as I have fun writing it because I’m not 9 I’m about 65, (not sure how old I am and I don’t care). I also still like to go to clubs and dance. 

Hope you enjoy it!


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