Good Morning!                       Out there where those buildings are on the horizon is Miami Beach!

Joy comes to me every sunrise right thru those windows . Mainly because im still alive,  but also because of the nature of this business: its new every day, it’s healthy, clean and … but then so is the sea. I think I could have almost any problem in the world and the ocean will wash it right off almost every time. I start my day by getting in the water, even a shower or in the tub but it never fails to give me joy.
Dawn: Or to the pool I go in for 3 min. Or I just float and watch the clouds float by our building or….drum roll, I head to Miami Beach to do three things all depending on the weather

1. Shelling. Top secret won’t tell where.

2. Snorkeling. Flat…like glass, 1 mile.

3. Surfing. March is surfing season. Wind.

Of course there are the girls, look but don’t touch.

The kids in pure happiness running along the shoreline, in and out of the water, squealing, yelling like there’s no tomorrow, everyone is happy, no one cares how you look, who you are, how much stinking money you have, birds everywhere, sea life everywhere, colors, liquid life to its fullest . Man I’m a horrible writer but who cares not me cause I’m too old to care, the beach taught me to like myself because running a business can make you go crazy bad. Baptizing  my self, like you can if your catholic, in an emergency, in the ocean or pool or the shower or in a bath is like going to confession. Nothing can hurt you, except stingrays and Portugués Men of War, you cleaned, forgiven and forgiving.
Time to put me to bed. Getting weird again.

Oh yeah something solar to end it with like frosting hmmmm can’t think of anything hhmmmmmm? 

The price of solar just went down 50% for Grade B perfect panels today which we will offer tomorrow on the home page, only 700 320’s mostly 72 cells. 

Were opening 2 new warehouses in Canada, probably Toronto and one in Seattle in one week.

And if you were one of our photo contest winners you should call me, cause during the big warehouse move we lost all the solar toys we were giving away as prizes but now we found them I think so call me anytime 305-322-1086.

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