They come from: all over America and as far away as Cambodia, France, India, Panama, Colombia, The Lost Islands, Haiti and Vietnam. We have hired several of them. It’s great having these guys around although it’s difficult sometimes keeping them all busy.

If you would like to work with us an an intern we would like to hear from you. Miami is a great place. You can’t beat South Beach for the weather, beaches, the Caribbean, the people (from everywhere), sea food, art, music, etc. We have an excellent internship coordinator [email protected] and you just have to contact him to get set up. We will help you find a place to stay and you’ll learn not only about solar and renewable energy but all aspects of the business.

Actually you don’t have to be an intern, just being motivated to help us is good enough. You can even work out of your home as an intern or rep.

23 years ago Kyocera sent me from San Diego to Miami and to work out of my home as Sales Engineer for Kyocera Solar in charge of the Eastern United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. No one visited me from Kyocera for 6 years but sales were $300K /mo. Anyone can do it, it’s easy.

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  1. Hi, I am doing a Master degree MS EE in Alternative Energy at Arizona State University in Phoenix. This will be my last semester of class, and starting summer I will be doing an Applied Project towards graduation. I want to become familiar with the commercial side of Solar and Wind Energy products. I would like to participate in an internship if possible in your Phoenix office. I already have a MS in Computer Science and Telecommunication. I have worked previously as a Telecom Sales and Support Manager for Caribbean and South American markets, so I want to do something similar in Renewable Energy. I am from Dominican Republic so I speak Spanish well. My cell number is (480) 319-1980. Regards, Pedro

  2. John,\n\nI want to be an at home intern/rep. to learn all I can about this solar field. Congrats on your website, it is chocked full of great data. I want to install these systems in the Carolinas and elsewhere. I have a potential client that we may have to start that would like to use this power for many of their offices. Can I come to Miami to see your operations and meet some of the system designers? I would like to actually tour an install and a control room. How long would a crash course on solar installations take?\n\nTHanks,

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