My only three regrets about Sun Electronics:

1. That Louis won’t order a pallet of solar ovens. 

2. That Adam left.

3. That Louis won’t order one of every of the most energy efficient appliances they have at Home Depot, practicaly right next door to our Miami Lakes store, and place them in our showroom as a guide to how to lower the cost of a solar system.


Don’t worry about the International Solar Trade Deal to penalize all foreign made solar panels.

I’ve been in this business 45 years and the one thing I’ve learned is every time solar takes a step down, it takes two steps up.

I’ve also learned that approximately every 5 years something remarkable happens that dramatically increases this business, i.e.  Financial incentives, Technolgical advances, Natural Disasters, Power outages, Power shortages, Price reductions, Environmental catastrophes,  Volume increases, Politics, even Fashion i.e. We want our independence! We want our Fredom! All of a sudden, Everyone wants to become 100% Energy Independent!, Getting back to a Nature, Caring more about it, Our Spiritual Lives, Protecting nature, Loving Life, Loving one another, Lets all get tan! Just Enjoying being alive, Let’s get rid of all the stinking Plastic ! Getting healthy and naked in the Sunlight, Or whatever turns u on! 

Here’s some motivation to get things moving. Read the five biggest regrets of the dying:

Slap! …. Slap! Snap out of it!


My latest DEAL ALERTS on new solar power products! Here they are:

Just obtained:

2,000 Astronergy modules, any qty.,  from $.38/watt, approximately 250 to 350 watts, Grade A, UL, Mfg. Warranty 25 years, Brand New. 

Solar water heaters, unpressurized from approx.  $250!

Solar water heaters, Pressurized, standard 60 PSI, from approximately $450!

Sylfab Grade B modules, 3 containers approx. 1,500 modules, approx. $.28/watt. Brand new, not used.


We can help you get some emergency solar electric power. From simple 12 volt systems for lights and fans to full blown commercial systems and complete residential packages.

We’re also a Honda Distributor.

Thank you.


Owner, Sun Electronics 




If you or your family are in a hurricane zone, you need to read this.

I’ll keep this brief.

Normally the best protection for your power supply after a hurricane is a generator. However, if it’s going to be a long time before the electricity is back on, as in months i.e. 6 months – Puerto Rico for 3.5 million people, solar is the best solution. Just 6 – 300 watt panels can provide you with enough power to run a refrigerator, fans, water pump, lights, radio, TV, microwave, computer, cell phone, etc. 24 hrs. a day, practically, forever.

The Air Conditioner is a problem. It’s over over half your electric bill in the summer. Evaporative cooling in dry climates or Split AC’s anywhere, help to reduce this largest of all loads. Using fans as well and using a smaller size of AC is, of course, very helpful. Even for a small AC you’ll need to double the solar array. But the panels will last a lifetime.

Inexpensive, 6V, 230 amp hr., wet lead acid deep cycle (standard golf cart batteries) last five years and are readily available and the cheapest you can find. You’ll want at least one for every 300 watt panel.

Our Miami Warehouse is loaded with inventory of everything you need to assemble your complete PV system. We will design it for free and we ship anywhere in the world. 45 years in solar. We have the worlds first brand new warehouse, (30,000 sq.ft.) And it looks exactly like a brand new Home Depot. It’s in Miami, Fla.

Check out the photos at



Cell 305-322-1086

In PV, FINDING PV PANELS IS THE MAIN CONCERN. It’s a seller’s market, to be sure. It’s only the 2nd SOLAR PANEL SHORTAGE that has ever even occurred, Not only that, but it’s also the SECOND SHORTAGE IN LESS THAN 5 YRS.

Unfortunate as well, is the terrible timing.

As now, it’s practically illegal, to bring Chinese and all foreign made solar panels into Puerto Rico. I’ve had 15,000 brand new grade A UL listed 230 Watt modules sitting in a warehouse in Freeport, Bahmas that I’m willing to sell at below my cost to the People of Puerto Rico who will not have power for 6 months, but can’t! It’s simply because they’re made in China. What if you lost your roof and couldn’t replace it because the roofs that were available (and at an unbelievable price in today’s market)  were’nt  allowed because of where they were made. Fine you and your family sit there, in the rain, no power, no light, no protection , you might say, “WHAT THE HELL, IS GOING ON!

But that’s the current situation, I couldn’t even give those modules away to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico will not have power for 6 months?!

Really?, SERIOUSLY! OMG Snap out of it SLAP! 
WE HAVE TO HELP! Sunelec will send another $5,000 to the Red Cross help. 

Please , make a donation to your favorite Chairity. What if it happened to us?

Its so horrible that it’s  too much for us , It’s sooooo badddddddd that we’re all in denial, we’re trying not to think about it. It’s just too horrible. 

Seriously, consider, donating, something,

We can help!

Do it!

Do it now!

Good news in Sun

I had a dream last night that the government would open the door completely to solar modules world wide. n open market in an effort to help victims of hurricanes and all natural disasters. Would’nt that be great .195/watt module prices and plenty of it!!!!