The word religion comes from the word realization (of the Truth), I think.

Wouldn’t it be great if the truth was just being conscious of the state of happiness when we’re in it, (Bliss) and everything else was just a bunch of B.S. or small stuff?

And, if we just practiced a little bit every day to be in that place it might make the rest of our day pretty nice. Of course, the tide will rise and fall, but that would be a good rock to have to keep us centered. That might be real knowledge, the good kind.

Why and How do most solar companies try to keep you from comparing solar panel prices? The normal way the PV industry compares costs of solar panels is by comparing the price per watt.

How and Why they don’t want you to know that:

1. Panel sellers don’t give you the price up front. They tell you everything else, except the price.

2. They try to get you to make a decision to buy panels based on fluff rather than shopping around for the best price. Did you know that contractors often charge you more for the installation than for the entire PV system?!

3. They don’t point out that all solar panels are much more similar than different.

A. Essentially, they all, every single one, last a remarkable 30 to 40 years and even longer!

B. They are all made of the exact same components: 36, 60 or 72 crystalline silicon solar cells, one sheet of tempered glass, two sheets of ethel vinyl acetate plastic laminating film, a Tedlar white back skin, an anodized aluminum frame, an electrical junction box, and two MC 4 cable connectors. They are all structurally the same!

C.  They act like the price per watt isn’t an important consideration when buying your electrical power. They try diverting your attention, just like a magician does, somewhere else, to other substantially less important subjects. It’s as if your cost per kilowatt hour rate on your utility companies electric bill isn’t important! They don’t want to make it easy for you to compare their panels with anyone else’s. Otherwise, you’ll just Google “lowest price per watt solar panels”. Go ahead try it.

D. If you could line up all the solar panels made and you had a race like the hundred yard dash, they’d all come in within a few feet of each other. But the one who won by an inch would be advertising how they were so much better than the rest.

E. The efficiency of today’s solar panels ranges from 14% to 21%. However, the 21% efficient module is a $1.50 to $2/watt and the 14% one is $.35/ watt. And to even get the 21% ones you have to either be an installer or use the installer the manufacturer selects and buy all the rest of the system from them.  You pay substantially more per watt for the highest efficiency module. Maybe 3 to 4 times as much! And that’s not the last of your issues.

F. Efficiency is only important if you have limited space like a boat, RV, space satellites, etc. or your putting in a huge number of modules like a solar farm.

G. If the American general public would learn they must get the cost per watt of solar panels, and even inverters and systems, to be able to make an educated decision when going solar they could lower the cost of going solar by half, I believe. They need to do exactly what the solar companies do when they go to buy their panels, the first thing they do is look at the cost per watt SO THEY CAN COMPARE AND SHOP AROUND!

OMG this blog is way too long! I’ve got to learn to shorten these blogs.

Anyway, I hope I didn’t confuse you and saved you a lot of money. Trust me I’ve seen all the other web sites and you know when a company doesn’t give you the cost per watt of their solar panels, there’s a reason; they’re gouging you.

The worst offenders are the companies that do installations and don’t even bother to give you a price for the parts and then a price for the labor. How can Americans act so dumb?!  They wouldn’t let the auto mechanic get away with that.

Thanks for considering what we’re saying here.

We always give you the price per watt, location, delivery time, shipping cost, inventory, what’s in stock or an honest ETA. And we dont play games or perform magic tricks to get you to go solar.

I’ve seen and read the 3-ring training binders the biggest PV companies use to train their salesmen. They are deceitful and misleading like you would not believe. I’d never let one of those guys into my house. I feel bad saying that, but I had a guy walk into my office and hand that manual to me, to make copies. I still have it. He was demoralized and he was scared to do it. He was really scared the company would find out. That was about five years ago; I doubt it’s all better now.

Thank you for reading my blog, and yeah, I know, it’s way too long. I apologize and I’ll  try not to do it again.


It’s a miracle.

I found two of these cowrie shells snorkeling last week, two days in a row. First time I ever even saw one practically. And, I’ve collected shells on Miami Beach for 35 years. In fact, I snorkel for shells, so much that the paper just had a story on “Where have all the shells gone? someone told me this week.

One night I drove my car up on the beach at South Point by the Jetty, then I backed my car right up to the water’s edge and dumped about six big grocery boxes of them back into the ocean for other people to collect.

It’s bad luck to take shells out of the Ocean. Trust me you will pay dearly.  I have a whole another story to prove that.  I was in the middle of the Sonoran desert with the Seri Indians on the coast of the mainland side of The Sea of Cortez across from Tiburon Island when it happened.

Look it up.

It was weird. Check out the history of the Seri’s that’s really interesting!

Thanks for reading my stupid blog.

Sun Electronics, Employment Opportunities – Sales Engineer

We’re looking for a PV Sales Engineer to work in our Miami Lakes office.

Send resume to: [email protected]

Would like someone who is:

1. Honest

2. Easy to work with

3. Religious

4. Has a family

5. Oh yeah, is married

6. Has no criminal record

7. Is legal

8. Is flexible like me, John

9. Will show up on time

10. Will not leave early

11. Understands English

12. Speaks Spanish, Creole, or Mandarin

13. Is passionate about protecting the environment, solar, renewable energy, and people

14. Is smart, witty, funny, entertaining and just an all-around good guy.

15. Likes the water, body surfing, skin diving, traveling

16. Likes sports.

17. Likes gems and minerals.

18. Has a boat.

19. Has a car.

20. Is an artist.

21. Can cook.

22. Will iron and clean windows.

23. Can fix cars, do plumbing, electrical, carpentry, build furniture, fix air conditioners, run a small store, and drive an 18 wheeler and a plane.

24. Has a plane.

25. Will do what I ask him the first time and do it perfectly every time.

26. Is forgiving.

27. Doesn’t act like a brat when he doesn’t get his way.

28. Has a good looking cousin who is female.

29. Knows all the best restaurants including a decent Mexican restaurant.

30. Owns a PV manufacturing plant.

31. Doesn’t drink, use drugs or know anybody who does.

32. Doesn’t like rap music or when it be rappin about ghetto shit.

33. Never gets angry, depressed, boring, does anything stupid and is always great to be around.

Pay based on experience.

Call John


I’m not 9 years old. I can spell!

You try writing a blog.

Yeah, I’m fully aware of all the typos, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and misspelled words, and yeah, I don’t even know the difference between the meanings of the words, punctuation, and grammar, but you try writing a blog during your spare time – especially when it’s always after midnight till a little after freaking dawn. Sleep! who needs to sleep, I don’t need any stinking sleep! Who wants to go back and micro proof their work? I know a misspelled word can destroy a sentence, but I’m sorry, I don’t have the time and if it bothers you that god dang much you can just fix it for yourself. “Geeeezzzz,” Napoleón from the movie, Napoleón Dynomite. If you haven’t seen it, do it, and if you did and you didn’t like it, don’t ever read my blog again as long as you live.



The worst thing that could happen to solar might be the International Trade Commission, ITC.

The last thing we need is for the government, the ITC, to muck up the research and development of one of the most important, new, clean, unlimited, energy sources ever discovered, PHOTOVOLTAICS! Either help or get out of the way! But don’t screw it up! (And you know they will.) Better get ready for the worst. They did it before in 2012 and threw millions of people out of work in the USA, EUROPE, AND CHINA!

Is there any reason we just don’t let the Chinese manufacture the world’s PV modules? Everyone else losses money doing it and they all go broke! Because it’s still so expensive to make them. The government of China is willing to disidiré it’s factories with their cheap labor and so they should be allowed to continue. When it becomes cost-effective, we can make them too. We can just COPY the patented processes they use (sound familiar) and build our own stinking pints when it’s right for us! In the meantime, let’s get to work America and install their much cheaper modules. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Thank you,


Note: Oh my God, I sure hope I’m right about this because if I’m not, I’m gonna go down in flames.🔥 So far I’m surviving, and in this business, most companies go broke. Oh well, low cost is where it’s at if you ask me. Seems like everyone else is trying to either hide the cost or ignore it. Even saying we’ve reached the price of utility power with solar energy already. I call bullshit on that, pull the tax payer’s and rate payer’s $ out from paying the bills of systems being sold and everyone will be fleeing the sinking SS PV Industry ship like rats.  Oooh, 😲 I’m getting hyper again, better just say, “I hope solar works out for the world and I’d like to see that happen before I die.” So I can pat myself on the back and say “I told you soooo.” But who really knows, “Ya know what I mean, ya know what I mean, Sonny P.” So I’ll just say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and I’ll let you know.”



Wow, I finished early tonight; it’s only 1:10am!

What is the difference between a Solar Panel Broker and Sunelec?

Basically speaking:

The majority of them don’t stock any products or have a warehouse.They have no shipping facility or packing and shipping experience.

They have no shipping facility or packing and shipping experience.

They don’t have a large comprehensive sales, design, shipping, and warehousing team. Some are just one or two people working at home.

Most don’t know how to engineer, design or size PV systems.

They don’t have much knowledge about B.O.S, mounting systems, inverters, etc, etc.

They don’t employ NABCEP certified Engineers.

They don’t do installations.

They haven’t been in the PV industry 45 years, since 1973.

They only have one office location.

They don’t have 13 warehouses to save tons of time and money for Domestic and International Shipping for their customers (which by the way, is totally out of control. Shipping rates have skyrocketed because of, get this? .. shipping brokers! They’re adding 25% to shipping costs and they do absolutely nothing to help anybody but themselves!)

They don’t offer much else, other than solar panels. They don’t carry extensive inventories of inverters, mounting racks, batteries, charge controllers, solar water heaters, water pumps, cable, wire, hardware, 12 volt appliances, refrigerators, lighting, Honda and Diesel generators, etc., etc. And they aren’t authorized distributors for the majority of major PV products, nor do they know much about any of them.

I don’t have anything against PV brokers; many are friends of mine. (Can’t say so much for shipping brokers, except for my friends Bruce and Gyro.) However, we will always tell people who, what, why, when where and how we do all the good stuff we do, as everyone in business should. It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

May the best solar team win. Let the competition continue. Break a leg, make it happen now! Feel the power, see the light, like crystal clear, cool, clean water drenching your body, ever lasting, life, your SUNPOWER OUR SUN ☀️ EVERYONE’S SUN FEELIN’ GOOD, FEELIN’ HAPPY TONIGHT!

THE WORLD is full of sunlight!