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The Old Solar Pricing.

  1. “Excellence is never an accident, it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.”

Making the jump from earth to space as in going from fossil fuels and nuclear power to solar is at hand. It’s because of the excellence and devotion of the solar Astronauts in this industry and the people who supported them in their efforts.

Look at this price and spec sheet from one of the early solar small business pioneers below showing what the price used to be. Then consider that contracts are now being signed for massive PV utility power plants at $.03/kWhr.

These massive solar farm contracts have been signed. They will be in Mexico, Chile, and Saudi Arabia. They will be completed in 2025 that’s only 8 years away. Coal, the next cheapest alternative. will cost $.07/kWhr.! This info comes from a recent Bloomberg Report.

If there was ever a time for me to swear, it would be now and man can I swear. But this is a message with the promise of peace for mankind, and hope for the preservation of the Earth 🌏.

We all worked together and used the power we ea. had to do something good and guess what, it worked. Solar will take over. Trust me. A lot of Good WILL eventually triumph over evil. As long as we don’t blow ourselves up, burn the place down, kill each other, riot, panic, abuse our selves to death, etc., etc. this is going to be great!

Don’t blow it now and you know who I’m talking to.

Support the solar industry in the United States just a few more years and we will regain our rightful place in a world we actually started, thank you Bell Labs.

I hope:

1. We will someday get rid of those awful power poles and lines that constantly scar our views.

2. That we still work on developing roof and ground mounted systems that enable anyone the ability to produce their own power .

3. That we stop salivating over possessing our neighbors oil. So we don’t have to sacrifice our children to go get it for us.

4. That we develop new uses for fossil fuel and nuclear power including recycling spent fuel rods like medicinal uses, fertilizer, etc. etc.

And 5. That it slaps us in the face so that we wake up! And we see we’re destroying our environment i.e.  Amazon Forest, air, food and water, incredible beautiful beings we live with, And finally, My favorite: NOTHING because NOTHING MATTERS! Nothing is simply awsome it’s everything, it’s simply just being here. Being is cool 😎 calm and collected, being peaceful, being content, being in the FEELING of just being alive, right here on this little perfect planet with everything it offers us with our incredible heart ❤️.

Oh god this is getting disgusting. Or, is it?

Thanks for reading my solar blog. Hope you enjoyed at least some minute part of it. I know, I can be extremely annoying. It doesn’t bother me because I’m too old and I still don’t think more than five people read this.

“I’ll be back anyway.”



Life can be beautiful.

Whether it’s a solar powered home, a gushing solar water pump spewing thousands of gallons of cold clean water or a solar oven baking thanksgiving’s turkey or snorkeling IT’S NATURE MAN!
You can escape the plastic life if your patient and you never give up.

My aquarium sucks when I put fish in it. I’m lucky I have found a better box in my backyard:

The Jetty SOBE.

I have seen all of this on the Jetty. I’ve been to the end of this Jetty 500 times, alone. It blows my mind wide open and shuts out all the bad in life. Sort of like flying.


I never saw so many solar systems in one city as I have in my home town, Tucson, Arizona.

So last weekend I went to the Home Show and talked to people who bought and sold systems. And this is what I found out:

The Buyers:

1. Not one received an itemized quote for their system, just a flat price for the whole deal.

2. Not one got a seperate prices for the system and another for the installation.

3. Not one asked for the price per watt of the modules. Or asked for seperate quotes for labor vs parts.

Why not, I asked?

1. That’s just not the way they sell them.

2. We never thought to ask.

Then I asked, “when you go to get your car repaired, don’t you get parts and labor, why not for your home’s Solar system? It could easily be 10 times the cost of a car repair?”

The response was the same for every one I asked, dead silence.
The problem is people don’t realize the system has only 3 basic items: modules, inverter, and racks. Their combined costs are over 90% of their parts bill.

A typical car has about 30,000 parts. A typical grid tied solar system has only 3! So why don’t they give those 3 prices to the customers? Simple, if they do that, the customer will be able compare his module, inverter, and racking prices. Chances are, if their unwilling to give you those prices, you’ll probably be able to find better prices for each, right? And if you can’t  shop around and you don’t know the price of those products, they can charge you whatever they want. So you’re pretty much up xxxx creek without a paddle.

The solar panel and the inverter price comparisons are easy to find. At there are over 40 different companies with their prices to compare it to.

For solar modules and inverters they give it to you in cents per watt. That’s the way every every reseller, be they a contractor, dealer, distributor and manufacturer buys and sells solar modules and inverters. Cents per watt or $/W is the common way you do your comparison shopping. Just like when you pay for electricity, it’s cents per kilowatt/hr. Or $/kWh. k stands for 1,000, W stands for watts and h stands for 1 hour. So if you used a microwave oven, which typically uses about 1,000 watts, for 1 hour you used 1 kWh.  By the way, 1 kWh, costs 12 cents, that’s the national avg. rate, $.12/kWh.

The avg. cost, for a solar module is $.50/W and for a typical grid tie inverter it’s $.30/W. And, most of those resellers of inverters and solar modules for home systems will gladly design your system for you for free. The average cost for the installation is a $1.00/W or less.


The Sellers:

I also talked to a dozen salesmen at the Tucson Home Show.  I asked, “I’m looking to open a solar company here and I’m looking to hire people what about you? Do you know how to design a solar system?” Only one of them could, Charlie O’Dowd of ABCO SOLAR. The rest either said, “we have a computer  program for that or, we just show them how much they can save on their electrical bill. You don’t need a computer to design one. It’s simple math at best, to size a system. Most PV component sellers will design your system for you for free.


One last thing, after you find suppliers for your modules, inverter and racking at a much much better price (like 30% – 50% less), and you call an installer to do the installation. Don’t be surprised if the first few tell you, “not unless you buy the system from them as well,” think how rediculous that is. Would you buy your dishwasher or washing machine from your plumber? Or, refrigerator or stove from your electrician? Just keep calling around, you’ll get one. A typical solar system takes three guys, two or three days to install at most.

E D U C A T I O N is still the biggest deterrent to buying a solar system. I think, most people just want it like a TV dinner. They don’t want to think about it, they just want it now, without any hassle. They’re really not nearly as complicated as some, i.e. salespeople for installation companies, make them out to be.

Over a million people in the United States have installed their own systems. DIY systems qualify for the Federal 30% solar tax credit too! There are many online courses available that teach you how i.e. Solar Energy International (SEI) is one of the best.

I started in the solar business in 1973, I’ve spent my entire working life, 44 years, in the solar industry. By the way, if you ask me anyone who buys a PV system without at least a small bank of batteries is nuts. And, so is anyone who doesn’t consider factory seconds when it comes to PV modules, just make sure you get a warranty of at least 20 years. They’re 50% or more of your system cost and they’ll save you 30% to 40% over standard modules. Same power, lifetime and warranty.

Finally, and I get paid to tell you this, if you don’t look at my website, after you’ve done your comparison shopping, your also nuts. But, thanks for taking the time to read my blog at least that shows your making an effort to buy solar the right way, after all, a job worth doing is a job worth doing right.

Best regards,

John Kimball, Owner

Cell 305-322-1086

PS: When I was visiting Nogales, Mexico, just an hours drive from Tucson, yesterday, I was approached by a vendor as I was walking back to the border crossing to the U.S. With a great big convincing smile, he said, “Hey why don’t you come inside, so I can rip you off again.” That’s what’s happening in the PV business, it’s time the industry and American buyers started fighting back because its will dilute PV’s exploding growth. Help make PV cost effective and an honest legitimate business enterprise.

Haven’t we done enough damage to the environment. Snap out of it Tucson and America! PV is the way and it’s inevitable, do it, do it; do it now!

By the way this may be my last blog for awhile. Someone who doesn’t like me or my blog,  has blocked me from writing it on two of my cell phones, I only got one more back up and then I’ll have to buy another one, I think. No one seems to know how to fix it 😶.

There’s something solar for everyone.

Even though unwanted PV salesmen are knocking at our doors and calling us right when we’re really busy, we’re still interested in it. Why? Because solar energy is natural, it’s like the Ocean with its waves, surf, tides, constantly cleaning and renewing the earth. And people are just kind of in awe of its power, but in a subtle way. 90 million miles away but look how much brighter it is than all those dinky stars at night. It’s so close right? Not! It’s humongous! But to us it’s just light, weak light, until we get sun burnt, but even that, doesn’t say much for what really does for the Earth.

So I’m thinking why should we just sell solar farms, homes, and businesses? So I think it’s time we expanded its applications to help mankind and our environment. 

What if we built a solar megastore with something for every age from one to a hundred. We can start with solar toys and end with solar farms. And inbetween we can use it for education, teaching and promoting it to kids as they grow up. Kids are so innovative, imaginative, fearless and fast to learn new technologies. Don’t just put it on top of the schools, bring it down to the ground level and bring it into the classroom.

So let’s put on a show, so to speak, a solar science fair and try to develop this technology like it deserves to be. We’re going to start sourcing NEW SOLAR STUFF. Not junk but stuff that will give people that good feeling of DISCOVERY. God didn’t make us to sit around taking it easy, just look at your hands, how incredibly intricate they are, unbelievably versatile tools we were born with them to use them just like everything else we were given.

So we are now beginning By offering prizes for innovative ideas that promote PV. $1,000 for the best NEW SOLAR STUFF. You design it, we supply it and build it. There will be two prizes to start, one for students and one for everybody. We want to come up wth new applications for solar energy. I don’t care if it’s a new toy or a new type of water purification system. 

Before you think this is some stupid pipe dream (my hobby-stupid pipe dreams) you’ll think back just a few years ago when PV didn’t even exist. 

Watch the Sunelec website and blog for details, Very simple ones.

So ….slap! Snap out of it! and start thinking, and then start making it come true. Have fun with the Sun. Hey not bad. Come on I triple dog dare ya! Here’s a great idea….You send me money and I’ll put it in an envelope with your name on it ha ha ha, no you just kidding, you design something solar for your age group and I’ll help you make it a realty. Trust me I know a lot of guys who could turn water into gold. These Do It Yourselfers could build anything and I know a ton of them. A lot of great appliance and entertainment ideas already exist, all you have to do is figure out how to solarize them, i.e. Actually I can’t think of a thing cause I’m too tired right now, but I bet I wake up with an idea, I always do it seems.

To be continued in the morning.


P.S. There’s a big blast about to go out we’re calling it Something Solar For Everyone.” It will have a whole lot of new solar products like solar AC , solar distillation , solar fruit dryers, newer cooler solar toys, better solar refrigerators and freezers of all sizes even one for the back of your car or boat, new solar planes,  new solar boats and on and on and on…