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Solar’s future by the Wall Street Journal 1/16/18

It said 10% of California’s Power comes from renewables, that’s incredible! That a way to go California!

Unfortunately, approx. 50,000 jobs have been lost in the nuclear and natural gas power plant industry because solar farms and wind farms need very few people to run them. That was the main theme of the article, oil, gas and nuclear utility job losses. That’s news and it could be good news in away, it seems to indicate that the other side of the coin says renewable energy used for solar and wind based power plants have substantially lower maintenance costs. That’s a good thing, right?

It said for solar farms to be cost effective it must come down from 1.00/watt to approximately .25/watt.

The main cost after the solar panels and mounting racks are the soft costs. That means permitting, EPA Approval, and other bureaucrats type of approvals are adding approx. 60% of their cost!

So now what ? It said there are some ways to solve those problems like with lower cost and higher efficiency cells. The examples pending and about to happen, they are coming it said. And they added economy of scale would also continue to lower costs, which had been greatly increasing and lowered prices by approx. 30 % just in the last 7 years.

It said however, storage was a big problem at night for all those solar systems without batteries or  grid tied. the fact that solar farms produce power mainly in the middle of the day and not at night is a big headache for the other types of utility companies, the non renewables. Nuclear of course still hasn’t been able to find a place to store their spent fuel rods for a thousand years either. Who the heck wants a nuclear waste dump in their state!

It said that people will eventually will probably want to use batteries in their homes. This would eliminate the storage and need of the infrastructure the utilities have to build. However people would still probably want utility power when the sun doesn’t shine because of bad weather. It also said utilities are getting very tired of being used to supply infrastructure and just back up power for grid tied solar systems. The article said some  are even billing customers heavy charges in many states for installing grid connected systems or even totally independent systems on their homes. They’re charging fines for using your own power system. That’s really stupid  because 1. A Backup generator only has to be used a couple times of year to solve that problem. And 2. Independence from a utility company is worth a lot. Independence and freedom are particularly important especially in the crazy age we are living in. And I thought independence was supposed to be a good thing. I guess they’d like to see the Fourth of July cancelled as well. Talk about a conflict of interest. The only reason they allow solar and wind is for the positive image it gives them.

The people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic all have batteries that last 5 to 7 years. They have power outages that last for a dozen hours or more hours every day. It is true that You have to water them once a month. They cost approximately $100 ea. And ea. One provides approx. two hours of power. A typical house there needs approximately 8 to 12 batteries, 20 solar panels and one approx. one 2,500 watt inverter with a 75 amp automatic battery charger. The system is approx. 90% or more totally independent 365 days a yr. here’s the basic system diagram for almost every middle and upper clase home in these two countries. After 35 years of selling to them from our Miami warehouse I estimate there are approximately 4 million of these systems installed on this one island with two countries. Yes it’s just a small two country island but the population has approx. 25,000,000 people, Basically, every single house has one of these systems. Of richer people have larger systems and poorer people have smaller systems but they all have the ability to be 100% ELECTRICALLY .INDEPENDENT unlike any other countries in the world! 

The typical independent set up in each home , as well as for tens of thousands of small business’ looks like the diagram below. Keep in mind that Just 8 small batteries can keep their average home supplied with back up power for approx. 24 hours just in case the sun never shows up some day.

That would run your home approx. 20 hours if the Sun never came up that day. Half sun would extend it to approx 24 hours . So we could do it america if we accepted the idea of being 100% independent from our fossil fuel based utility companies. Which by the way are helping to potentially destroy our world.independent of

8 typical approx. $100, 6 volt 220 amp hr. Would be capable of running the Home or small business if there was no sunlight whatsoever. Again most people installed their own system. And yeah yeah yeah you have to keep the batteries full of distilled water so you need to top off the batteries approx. once a month. That is considered very easy to do unless your really really lazy. Best regards, John

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Hi John, 

I love looking at the old ads and the USEFUL diagrams. If anybody doubts the utility of these systems, send them to me.


When I was building my house, we had a hurricane and an outage of 4 days, the longest I had ever experienced. So when I wired the house, I put all the lighting circuits and some outlets for business stuff on a sub panel with a PS2524 Trace inverter fed by a stack of 8 golf car batteries, just about like what you have in the diagram, for a design runtime of four days. This was 20 years ago, when solar was not so affordable. This was just a battery backup system and it worked great. Being the last house on an REA line you have to expect outages from thunderstorms and suicidal squirrels, but not us. The lights stayed on!


Then we had that big run of hurricanes a while back and Hurricane Ivan gave us an outage of 5 weeks! When it was obvious the power was not coming back for a while, we brought an extension cord to the kitchen to keep the basics running. We could keep the battery bank topped up by charging the 24 volt bank in halves with the car or pickup, but dragged the old diesel out of the barn to run the whole house.


We just ran the generator in the morning before work and in the evening before supper. We could cook and do laundry, heat the water heater and charge the batteries with just 2 or 3 hours a day of generator time. The generator ran at a heavier load, operating more efficiently than the neighbor’s Briggs and Stratton that was busting a gut and guzzling gas, just to run a ceiling fan. OUR ceiling fans ran all night on quiet inverter power!


Total fuel usage was 43 gallons of diesel for 5 weeks off the grid. The neighbors had given up on finding fuel after just a week.


Now, thanks to changing times and great prices from Sun Electronics, we have updated the system. The lighting circuits are the same, but the kitchen basics have been brought on full time. The big difference is that there is no AC connection to the inverter to maintain the batteries. We have 7kw of solar online, so far, and growing it as time and money permit. Your Sun AMS230 batteries, 8 of them (plus the solar boat in parallel), have brought us through 4 day cloudy spells and the coldest week I can remember.


I do not regret for a moment spending the money I have invested in my backup and off grid power systems.


Folks, this stuff works.


Neal Collier