Free modules

These modules are approximately 5 years old. They are only 6 volts have MC 3 connectors. We tested samples and they produce rated power . More details available able . \r\n\r\nUse them only on off grid low voltage systems! Never use them on high voltage gridconnected systems! !Before you use them, test them. A few may have have been broken by the people carelessly deinstalling them (mainly walking on them). So take the good ones and draw a bead of silicone sealant around the edge of the glass to protect against moisture. Make sure they’re dry so you don’t trap moisture inside.

Here are your latest new Solar Electric Module Deals:

I’m not going to be able at this time to give all the detail you require to make an informed decision but I can tell you some big news nevertheless especially if you know something about PV pricing, specs and inventory.\n\nFirst\n\nWe are about to announce at approx. \n\n35 cents a watt, 300 watt, Rene Solar \n\nQty. = approx. 7,000. \n\nSecond\n\n0 cents a watt, 33 watt, Suntech\n\nQty. = 50,000\n\n\nThird\n\n39 cents a watt, 190 watt, Trina\n\nQty. = 550\n\n\nFourth\n\nApprox. 200 dollars ea., 3,000 watt, SMA\n\nQty. 500 \n\nGrid tie Inverters\n\n\nFifth \n\nInverters\n\n200 dollars, approx. 2,500 watts, SMA\n\nQty. 500\n\n\nSixth\n\n250 dollars, solar water heaters\n\nQty. approx. 100\n\n\nSeventh\n\n35 cents a watt, 230 watts, Upsolar\n\nQty. = Approx. 5,000\n\n\nEighth\n\n35 cents a watt, 230 watts, Ningbo\n\nQty. = 5,000\n\n\nNinth: \n\n35 cents a watt, 230 watts, Yingli\n\nQty. = 3,500\n\n\nTenth\n\n35 cents a watt, 240 watts, REC\n\nQty. = 75,000\n\n\nEleventh\n\nApprox. 49 cents a watt,\n\napprox. 300 watts, Suniva\n\nQty. 3,000\n\n\nTwelfth\n\nApprox. 58 cents a watt, \n\napprox. 300 watts, SolarWorld\n\nQty. = approx 3,000\n\n\nThirteenth \n\n74 cents a watt, approx. 75 watts, Sonali\n\nQty. = 340\n\n\nFourteenth \n\n2 dollars ea., various, solar toys\n\nQty. 500\n\n\nFifteenth \n\n300 dollars, White Ford Econoline Van\n\nQty. 1\n\n\nSixteenth\n\n39 cents, 230 watts, Astronergy, \n\nQty. approx. 300\n\n\nWe added some stuff to the list that had been previously advertised, couldn’t help it, it’s too much fun for me to just keep writing about Sunelec’s deals. All of this is ready to be shipped or picked up.\n\nYou need to get the following information.\n\nLocation.\n\nNew or used.\n\nImportable or not.\n\nIs there free freight.\n\nYou need a freight quote.\n\nWhat warranty do you get.\n\nThe name of your sales rep.\n\nThe estimated time of delivery.\n\nWhat safety certification do you get.\nI’ll help you anytime I’m able.\nFeel free to call me.\n\nJohn Kimball\n\nOwner\n\n 305-710-9645

I’m not 9 years old, I really can write correctly, I plan to proof all the mistakes as soon as I have the time. Hopefully Before I die.

In the meantime, I hope you will at least be able to get the basic idea of what I’m trying to say and do.

\nI’m trying to lower the price of PV so it will be lower than the cost of utility power. And,…. and this a really big “and”, I’m trying to do that…. (begin rocky theme song) … WITHOUT sucking money from every single taxpayer in America and the majority of its utility rate payers.\n\nI have to work like 20 hrs. A day to do this. Therfooooorrrrr…. I write alot of  blogs approx. 836 so far, over half of them between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 in the morning, My eyes look like  a whale’s eyes, I need a new face, It’s just too much, and it takes alot of time, to proof. My blogs have to be incredibly long blogs too, because I’m a very big bag of wind and,…. its just no fun to proof at those hours.  And, as everyone knows when your as emotionaly desperate as I am to be  liked, to be one of those witty, clever, honest, guys, while at the same time saying something good about solar that’s honest, making jokes, telling it like it is i.e. “without the tax credits typical solar economics totally suck, just generally wasting time (yeah, you mean like now)  it’s really hard.\n\nAt those hours, in my delirium, I invent new wurds (half word / half turd), I flip a coin to check my gamer and spelin and when I proof one sentence, I just keep writing 50 more words, it’s a nightmare in a nightmare. Then I’m so wound up, I begin my pre-sleep period  from 4 to 5, where I can’t sleep for an hour , finally fall asleep at 6am and dream I’m in a cave in Nogales Mexico, where I’ve just been arrested, get released, then get lost on the Mexican side, lose my passport , get sepersted from my friends, then realize I don’t have any money, water or clothes on. Oh yeah and ive wandered into the absolute worst side of town.\n\n \n\nyou try i’t! Poofing is Hrd and it’s not un. Haha ha\n\nJohn

How to build a for ever battery. Chapter 1.

Working with batteries is always dangerous and wearing safety goggles is always required.\n\nDisclaimer: Sun Electronics has not tried following the assembly instructions which are for the next published Chapter 2. So it will be published here simply as an interest piece.\n\nSun Electronics has no first hand experience or factual knowledge of it actually working. I only just heard Erick’s story today, as he related it to me by phone.\n\nThere, I hope I have said enough to keep from going to jail. I’m always looking at the worst possible scenario first. So just read it and wait for Erick’s directions for assembly don’t try to do anything with it.\n\nEric is a very interesting man I talked with him recently and he seemed to me to be an extremely intelligent off grid specialist.\n\nCHEMICALS INVOLVED CAN CAUSE EXPLOSIONS, BURNS AND/OR BLINDNESS. \nDont be an idiot. Do truck around with this shit or you could end up in perpetual darkness and agony for all eternity .\n\n”Here are the ingredients to build a for ever battery.\n1) Magnesium Rod\n2) Borax\n3) Alum\n4) Epsom Salt, and\n5) Sodium Free Potassium Chloride (controlled substance, be very carful with this stuff)\n\nHow to mix it and the other materials are for another chapter. This type of battery never goes bad or needs to be charged. \n\nI am very interested in becoming a panel installer in my area  and surrounding areas. I also have extensive knowledge in in hooking up battery banks from 12v to 48v systems, parallel or series. Also, I know what charge controllers and inverters to use for each system.\n\nIf I decide to do a book on what I know about living outside the system, a CD would have to be included.\n\n Let me know what we can work out.”\n\nEric     

ALERT!                                     .                                              All Haitian NGO’s                       .     Call me NOW!                           .      URGENT!                            .                                                                                            NGO = HAITIAN ONLY    Non Governmental Organizations.                  i.e. Missionaries, Charities, Red Cross, for orphanages, schools, and clinics, etc.                     .                                               WE WANT TO HELP YOU WITH FREE SOLAR PANELS.                                    .                                           .John Kimball                   305-498-1863.                       . IF you know of any Haitian call me.