Help wanted Solar- Design and Sales- Associate

Solar- Design and Sales- Associate – (4625 N 45th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85031)
Sun Electronics International ( is one of the major the distributors of solar equipment in the nation. Currently, we need someone to help our Solar Design and Sales Team in our office in Phoenix
Title: Solar Design and Sales Associate
Type: Full-Time, M-F 9-5 [ Flexible schedule to meet with the demand of part-time college student)
Salary: $17.40/Hr
Date Required: Immediate
• Minimum of an Associate Degree or currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science/Engineering

• Solar Design and Sales Experience

• US Citizen

• Bilingual (English and Spanish) would be desirable but Not required

• Computer Skills such as AutoCAD (or anything similar), Google Sketch-up, MSOffice, MS Excel, MSOutlook
Desired, but not required:
• Experience with Customer Service

• Experience with QuickBooks

• Passionate about renewable energy and solar energy products such as solar panels, inverters etc.

• Would be great if the candidate has basic understanding of Electricity and Circuits
Please reply to this ad as soon as possible as we are looking for someone immediately. After you reply, if applicable we can set up an interview or meeting during the weekend as well. We need someone to be able to start as soon as possible.

Please email at and

Dreams are always lit up, where does the sunlight come from in our minds?

Weird title right? Anyway here is another one of my very different not about solar blogs.

I’m on another trip to buy solar deals. I’m looking at a batch (about 7 containers) of modules, inverters, and BOS. It’s going well but I just woke up after a dream at 3 AM.

It was a remarkable dream so I’m going to write about  it  so I don’t forget  it. In the dream I was in a temple, I was with about 150 Jewish men and was listening and learning (something I’m not that good at.) I was surprised they’d let me in.

I was raised to be catholic by my parents, 13 years in catholic schools. I’ve drifted away from it but still say my prayers most nights, just an Our Father or a  Hail Mary.  I don’t think I could ever let that part of me go. It seems like my prayers  actually work like 75% of the time.

So in th dream I was in like a study session, with some people who seemed to know me. They were like sponsors and there was another guy who they got permission from to let me in. He was watching me closely, like a guard who was  hopeful and sceptical at the same time that I should be there. Frankly I was really amazed that they were allowing me to be there. There were about 150 men in the room. The discussion was pretty deep, at least for me, but surprisingly I seemed to be able to follow it.  When I looked to my left, there next to me was that Dr. from the old, almost forgotten TV series, Ben Casey. Not Dr. Casey but Dr. Zorba, you know the wise old doctor in charge of the hospital with that very different  long white hair combed straight up and straight back. No one has ever had hair like that since then.

Everyone was intently listening to him. Every word he was saying seemed so wise. No one made a sound as he spoke. I felt I was in the presence of something very old and powerful, maybe  spiritual. I was an honored to be there. I lisend carefully to what was said there. It was exhilarating and it was very important to me. I was in a place that I had always wished I could be. Then I woke up, it  lasted about an hour . I felt really good . I was very happy. Not like some recent dreams that left me feeling sad, lost, and depressed, right? I hope I’m not alone here, we all have them right? Hello…well I’m gonna take that as a yes.

That dream left me feeling great, lucky, humbled at being allowed to experience something very special. You can say whatever you want, I don’t care, it was great.

Anyway, I wanted to know something more about Jewish teachings and beliefs (last month my sister in law became the first person in my family that I know of to marry a Jewish person, which I’m very happy about, because I admire them very much in case you could’nt tell.

For some reason after I woke up I wanted to know more about the Jewish faith so I googled “do Jewish people believe in Angels?” I was surprised by what I read, it said :

“So, before I answer tonight’s question, Do Jews Believe in Angels? we see from our Torah portion the answer to the question that might precede it, “Are there angels in Judaism?” The answer from this week’s Torah portion must be, unequivocally, YES. And then we get into the most complex part of this exploration: “What kind of angels do we find in Torah and Jewish texts and prayers?

The article was fascinating, as a Catholic I thought Judaism was very different than Catholicism, I never guessed we had so much in common.  I read the Torah, the Jewish bible I guess, and found out its basically  the Old Testament  part of our Catholic  Bible. And, of course, that’s full of Angels.

So check it out,  if I haven’t bored you off the page so far, it’s pretty cool.

Who didn’t like Angels? It’s nice to think that they exist and we all have been given our own guardian angel,  Jews  believe that too. I’ll take an Angel any day, besides I love free stuff, who doesn’t right? But both religions believe in bad angels as well.

I think that the word religion comes from the word realization, they sound so similar.

It’s a nice article to read for a change, actually a Jewish sermon, taken from the Bible I think,  just like the sermons given at a Catholic mass.

I miss not going to mass, I used to go all the time when I was in grade school. But I have to tell ya, I didn’t get up at 6:30 before school to ride my bike a mile and a half in the cold  just to go to church. It was also the fresh warm donuts and cold milk they served in the school cafeteria afterwards.

I get a good feeling when I think about those days. Religion is good, it makes me feel whole. We need to try to find out more about ourselves. It provides hope and that alone solves what may or may not be real problems. It can also help you to realize your dreams, I  think, which brings me back to the strange  title of this blog, “Dreams are always lit up, where does the sunlight come from in our minds?” After all you never have dreams in pitch dark. I guess you could say that when God said, “Let There Be Light” the sunlight reached all the way into our hearts and minds. is where I found the article about angels in Jewish religion.


Wow that was a weird blog right? Great seeing Dr. Zorba again after all these years. I’d love to see them run it again. Ben Casey was a really good show, I think.

By the way the auction Will be over by the time you read this, if we won we will have a ton of new inverters dirt cheap: brand new Enphase, Fronius, SMA and ABB, plus solar modules: Hanwha, Trina, Shuco and SUN modules, but I don’t think we’ll win. People pay way too much out in California for solar panels Louis and I found out. The bidding was way too  high for us. Definitely not a world’s lowest price module deal or even inverter deal. But we sure did make some good contacts at the preview today. The people in this business really are fascinating!

Thank you for reading this blog.

By the way, I wish they could come up with better high tech words like google, tweet, web, and uber,  it sounds like baby talk.



I have the inventory, I have the price, and I have the right products. What I don’t have are enough PV system designers and sales engineers, purchasing agents, shipping managers, and web masters, online PV sales managers and solar marketing and advertising geniuses.
We could also use PV system designers and sales engineers in locations wherever we currently have inventory. 
Our current Sunelec warehouse locations:
Miami, FL; Phx., AZ; Sacramento, CA; Trenton, NJ, Denver, CO; El Paso, Austin, San Antonio, TX; Bahamas, and Kingston, Jamaica.

Call John if you can design or install PV systems. Salary based on experience.

Cell 305-322-1086 after you send your resume to

Thank you.

A guide on how not to get ripped off when buying a solar system.

  • If anyone hands you an estimate that doesn’t itemize what your paying for, your getting robbed. 
  • Let me provide a simple guide.


Avg. a $1/watt. = $5,000




Solar panels are $.28/W. = $1,400



Inverter is $.40/W. = $2,000

(5,000W grid tied)
Mounting structure is $.15/W. = $500

(Ground or roof mount)


These are not average component prices, they are actual prices. If you don’t believe me look at


Contrary to popular opinon, solar panels are no longer necessarily the most expensive part of a solar system. 

To compare panel prices just divide the cost of one module by the number of watts, it gives $/watt. It’s the measuring stick.  If you don’t know it, you can’t compare the price of your panels.

There are now hundreds of modules to choose from. Their price is dropping so fast it’s unbelievable. However, prices can change quickly. It’s a volitile market. 

The good news is that if you’ve ever looked at solar modules, you can see they all look the same. That’s because, they are.

Solar panels last 30, 40 even up to 50 years, in fact the first solar modules ever made by Bell Labs are still working, and their over 50 years old!

Panels are made the same way, with crystalline silicon cells, rock that makes electricity when exposed to light; tempered glass, the same type as on your car’s windshield; an anodized aluminum frame and plastic to laminate the cells to the back of the glass.

The only thing about solar panels that actually changes is their efficiency. However, the higher the efficiency is the more you will have to pay.

The avg. price for the lower efficiency modules of 12%, is now approx. $.25/watt. For the avg. efficiency modules of 17% its now $.38/watt (NOTE: Our GCL 290W panel is only $.28/watt) and for the highest efficiency of  21%, its now as high as $1.50/watt (if you can even get them). They’re used up by massive solar farms.

Most rooftops offer plenty enough space for even a 12% eff. system to power the home. Panel efficiency is not that important, unless you live on a boat, RV or on the Int. Space Station.

I buy my solar modules from top tier PV module manufacturers from all over the world.

However, I also look at other secondary sources from factories. I learned 44 years ago , when I got my first PV module from Spectrolab, the first PV manufacturer in the United States, (they  made PV modules for NASA’s space craft), that reject cells can be used to make excellent modules at an unbelievable savings. At that time modules we’re selling at SIXTY DOLLARS/watt. I paid less than $1/watt for that panel. Because it was made by a do-it-yourselfer, a retired engineer, who simply took a sheet (approx. 1 ft. by 2 ft.) of tempered glass, Grade B cells, adhesive, who just soldered the the metal tabs together to make it. I ran a big portable stereo with it. It was enough to bring out a TV crew and put me on the evening news with it and my solar oven, home made thermosyphon solar water heater and my 4′ x 8′ parabolic concentrator.

To this day, I can’t say enough about many of the millions of  do-it-your-selfers, from all over this planet, that I have had the great privilege to know. Not only have built their own independent solar power system, they who have designed and built their own homes many using power tools and even welders powered by the sun! These guys definitely understand that PV systems are not that difficult to understand or to install with a little reading and help. The average residential PV system can be installed in as little as couple days with just 2 or three dsys.


Obviously, the $1/watt above is dependent on the type of roof you have. And, yes there is the local bureaucracy that wants to profit off your solar system by trying to control, limit, and tax your solar system using licenses, memberships, certifications, duties, penalty fees, construction freezes by bureaucrats and suspensions and the occasional bribe.


To help avoid unnecessary injury, accidents and even death, I can tell you I have known three real nice guys, who have died painfully; one, Fred, a horribly prolonged death,  by falling off their roofs installing PV systems. And, I’ve known many more who’ve fallen several times.

If you’ve got the space to install them on the ground, do it. Going on your roof to install or de-installing them one is always dangerous. More people get seriously injured by falling of ladders and roofs than any other way in regards to solar. Since you should check them from time to time and you might need to service and perhaps clean your system and, of course, replace your roof, keeping it on the ground will make all those things a lot easier and safer.

You might even like to show people how the system works and how it was installed. Maybe even enjoy the beauty of the solar panels. Some types of crystalline silicon modules are actually quite beautiful, (multi crystalline cells using phosphorus gas) and common.

Be careful when buying new high tech batteries. The new super hyped up batteries are much more expensive. Conventional deep cycle 12 and 6 volt wet lead acid and sealed maintenance free batteries, are mass manufactured, locally available, low cost and easy to handle, maintain and recycle. A typical 6 volt, 220 amp hr. deep cycle battery that lasts 5 years costs a little over a $100 and it weighs only 60 lbs. and you can pick it up and move it relatively easily. That combination is hard to beat.

Look this blog is long enough, it’s Sunday  maybe I’ll come and write some more later but I think I made my point. If you are handed an estimate with one flat price and no prices for these four seperate items,  your crazy to sign the contract. It’s not rocket science and never has been (well except for that first panel I got 44 years ago with Spectrolab cells, they’re still making extraterrestrial cells for NASA, at 40% efficiency I might add, only they cost a lot more than you can afford!) google it.

The End.


Thank u very much.




 Don’t tell me of trying to destroy the PV industry with low prices because:

1. I make a lot of money.

2. The early bird gets the worm.

3. Nothing pays as well as persistence.

4. What matters is that we jump to the Sun while we still can.



Renesola 300W Auction starting at $.04/W.

We are about to start our second auction in the next few hours:

Of special interest are the above modules. They were involved in a hail storm that hit a solar farm.

After de-installing  16,400 – 300 watt modules, that were taken off a two year old 5MW farm, the Sun Electronics’ team sorted them into 3 types. A 3rd of the modules had broken glass and those were recycled. These are not in the Auction 

A third however were not hit at all. They are in perfect condition, have UL, a 25 year warranty and produce full power of 300 or more watts. These are Grade B only because they are 2 yrs. old. These are in the second phase of our Auction.

A third  of the modules got hit, did’nt break, are Grade C and they all produce their full rated power of 300 watts. They are sold as is but we will refund or replace any that don’t produce full power if contacted within 60 days. These are in the second phase of our Auction. 

A Grade of C means they are cosmeticly imperfect. To see the video of them go to You will see they have micro-cracks, dark snail trails, white worm lines, MC4 inter-connectors, and  can easily be cleaned. They have a minimum auction bid of only 4 cents a watt,  normally sold for .11/watt. For use in off grid, low voltage applications of 12, 24, or 48 volt systems or in grid tie applications that use micro-inverters.

For More info I recommend you google “IEEE studies on micro cracks, snail trails and worm lines” and read the abstracts and summaries for more information. These particular Grade C modules have a lot of them.

The Auction also includes modules of GCL, Suniva, Sonali, and many more, from 12 volt – 30 watts to 340 watts, as well as micro and central station inverters.

Good luck, 


305-322-1086 best cell.

Good Morning!                       Out there where those buildings are on the horizon is Miami Beach!

Joy comes to me every sunrise right thru those windows . Mainly because im still alive,  but also because of the nature of this business: its new every day, it’s healthy, clean and … but then so is the sea. I think I could have almost any problem in the world and the ocean will wash it right off almost every time. I start my day by getting in the water, even a shower or in the tub but it never fails to give me joy.
Dawn: Or to the pool I go in for 3 min. Or I just float and watch the clouds float by our building or….drum roll, I head to Miami Beach to do three things all depending on the weather

1. Shelling. Top secret won’t tell where.

2. Snorkeling. Flat…like glass, 1 mile.

3. Surfing. March is surfing season. Wind.

Of course there are the girls, look but don’t touch.

The kids in pure happiness running along the shoreline, in and out of the water, squealing, yelling like there’s no tomorrow, everyone is happy, no one cares how you look, who you are, how much stinking money you have, birds everywhere, sea life everywhere, colors, liquid life to its fullest . Man I’m a horrible writer but who cares not me cause I’m too old to care, the beach taught me to like myself because running a business can make you go crazy bad. Baptizing  my self, like you can if your catholic, in an emergency, in the ocean or pool or the shower or in a bath is like going to confession. Nothing can hurt you, except stingrays and Portugués Men of War, you cleaned, forgiven and forgiving.
Time to put me to bed. Getting weird again.

Oh yeah something solar to end it with like frosting hmmmm can’t think of anything hhmmmmmm? 

The price of solar just went down 50% for Grade B perfect panels today which we will offer tomorrow on the home page, only 700 320’s mostly 72 cells. 

Were opening 2 new warehouses in Canada, probably Toronto and one in Seattle in one week.

And if you were one of our photo contest winners you should call me, cause during the big warehouse move we lost all the solar toys we were giving away as prizes but now we found them I think so call me anytime 305-322-1086.

The Great Solar Flood Of 2017.

Ever since I can remember, every 5 years something happens that is really remarkable for increasing the speed towards man’s achieving the ability to harvest the sun’s energy cost effectively.

Here are a few of the ones I can remember, the last one is the best, and  it’s happening now, its the beginning of the great flood of 17.

Nixon Energy Proposals: 1971–1974

President Richard Nixon presented his original plan for an energy agency in his first energy message to Congress in June 1971. Citing the “brownouts” which had occurred in recent months, the natural gas shortages, increasing fuel prices, and the lack of an integrated national energy policy, the President proposed that all major energy programs be consolidated in a new Department of Natural Resources. 

The Energy Reorganization Act: 1973

Brought together for the
first time the major programs of
research and development for all forms
of energy. Along with the programs, a
total of 7,222 employees made the
transfer to the new agency, which for
fiscal year 1975 would had a budget of $3.6 billion.

The Energy Crises-Summer 1973

Shocked the Nation when Saudi Arabia had placed an embargo against the United States on all oils shipments. America had to wait in hour long lines to get gasoline.

Implementing the Energy Plans: Conservation and Solar
Conservation was considered one of the most significant of the near-term solutions to the energy problems of the Nation. In its early months the Energy Research and Development Administration ERDA (I coincidentally named my dog ERDA that very same year) began working on a two-part strategy for informing the American public of ways to conserve energy and for encouraging industry to develop greater efficiency in heating and cooling systems, and in machinery, home appliances, and automotive transportation. Among
the early programs sponsored by ERDA were those to improve energy storage systems and to develop batteries for electric automobiles. (Two years later, as his last official act as Administrator, Seamans rode in an ERDA electric car in President Carter’s inaugural parade.) 

The Tucson Energy Center. October-1973

About this time, some guy from Tucson with a crazy idea about solar powering the earth and saving mankind from destroying itself over oil and as well it’s environment, starts a solar company. An article appeared in the local paper: “In a ramshackle shed, along with local artists, Kimball, armed with a homemade parabolic concentrator, a thermosyphon solar water, a PV solar module made from discarded space cells and a solar oven he found in the desert over the summer,  set up a permanent energy display at his new business providing information on solar and alternative energy, The Tucson Free Energy Center.”

As fast as I could, I was literally running, (very similar to Forest Gump, [no car]) all over Tucson meeting with anyone who would listen, giving local presentations at schools, community centers, on radio, and got several articles in the newspaper, all talking about the potential of solar and renewable energy. I’d hitchhike, with $.10 to a $1 in my pocket up to the ASU Library in Phoenix to get my information. Lucky for me, the American Solar Energy Society had its collection there. I used this great source of information to make a book, of sorts, on solar energy. I made copies of all the most interesting solar info, history, pictures of systems, etc., stuffed them into manila envelopes, and glued a cover sheet on it. Unbelievably, one of the main bookstores in Tucson actually bought them. To this day I’ve never seen anything so obviously homemade in a bookstore.

John lands jobs in Washington-1974

I packed my bags and headed to D.C. Also fondly called Chocolate City by the local African American population. It’s a beautiful city. Very interesting, good to visit. Great music, nice local people (but not so nice people in politics it’s all about your position. Not all of them, some of them are great people just not nearly enough.)
I started working for the awsome, and often humorous, Congressman, Morris K. Udall, (he was a law partner with my father,  William F. Kimball, and neighbor of ours in Tucson), then some Congressman from Indiana, who will remain nameless, and then for the incredible Congressman George E. Brown, Jr. (Ca.). George ended up being the Chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee. He was a great inspiration to me and helped me to publish two books on Solar and Renewable Energy while there. What a great and fascinating staff!

Under the Energy Reorganization Act and the Solar Energy Research Development and Demonstration Act of 1974, Congress authorized the construction of a Solar Energy Research Institute to support ERDA’s solar program and to aid in establishing an industrial base for solar energy. The agency immediately requested the National Academy of Sciences to provide assistance in defining the scope and structure of such an institute.
ERDA requests proposals for a Solar Energy Institute-1975

Under the Energy Reorganization Act and the Solar Energy Research Development and Demonstration Act of 1974, Congress authorized the construction of a Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) to support ERDA’s solar program and to aid in establishing an industrial base for solar energy. The agency immediately requested the National Academy of Sciences to provide assistance in defining the scope and structure of such an institute.

Everybody wanted it in their state CA., AZ., CO., NM., TX., NY., OR., WA., MA., VT., you name it. 

Again, as luck would have it, I was working for the great U.S. Rep. “Mo” Udall, in Washington, D.C. at the time. I was asked to deliver our State’s proposal for the institute across the street to the Capitol Building. I’ll never forget bolting out of the Longworth House Office Building and, again, running, well sprinting now,  across Indepedence Ave. and into the Capitol to help us win. We won, we’ll sort of. It was so contentious, they split it up between 5 states instead of just one. Good thing too because I didn’t like Washington, D.C. that much, too cold, in more ways than one. I found a job waiting for me back home at The Arizona Solar Energy Commission (ASEC) headed by a great guy, Jim Warnock. And then another one, run by one of the commissioners, Bob McGinnis. He was  President of Photowatt Int., Inc., one of the very first  PV manufacturers in the world. He offered me a job at his PV factory, wow what a break! Thank you Mr. McGinnis.

About 1977 Marijuana Growers 

My sales first trip in my life as a PV Sales Engineer for Photowatt was very exciting. It was like Dec. 28th and they asked me to go find out what was happening in N. California. I made some calls to Real Goods in Ukiah one of the,  if not the very first,  PV  companies  in the USA. I asked a few questions and it was like there was a gold rush going in there, actually two golds, Acapulco and Sun. The Marijuana growers had created the largest and first residential  PV market in the USA. Almost all the early pioneers were involved there. It was a great trip. The company even paid to let me take my wife and 3 year old daughter with me. First stop San Francisco then we drove straight into the Giant Redwood Forest, Thank you God! Man do I love the West and especially Arizona, Sonora and Baja, Southern Cal., and ALL OF CALIFORNIA! It’s (here I go again , aww the hell with it, totally f….n awsome! Actually the word does sound sexual, right ? Hopefully I’m not the only one. 

Oops getting off track.

Totally Free PV Systems-1980 

I was went to N.M. to check out potential business for Photowatt. I found a solar water heating company in Santa Fe called WEBA, and met their engineer Ken Wood. He told me they had discovered the legislature there had passed a bill to support solar energy research at UNM Las Cruces for the cattle industry to promote the use of solar powered water pumping. At the bottom of the bill with the funding provision for the university the bill’s author’s included this: 

“The University or any taxpayer of the State of New Mexico, who installs a solar water pumping system,  is entitled to a 100% refund for the cost of each system installed, up to $10,000 per system.” 

I’d bet ya $50 that once the other State Legislators found out that the Rep. for Las Cruces was getting UNM funding for solar electric research and development, they all wanted in, right? That law helped to inspire other solar research, but most importantly it, accidentally, created the first large demonstration of off grid residential solar electric systems in the USA. Let me explain:

[For a year I was like a little kid in a toy store where I knew the owners and they liked me so much they said, “Johnny you can have anything you want in the whole store. Merry Christmas!” (That actually happened to me once.)]

Anyway, I went nuts, I made a hundred copies of it. It was so simple. The entire actual bill, with its large legislative type, fit easily on one, 6′ by 10′ page.  It took the legislature a year before they figured it out that many more millions of dollars were pouring into solar homes instead of water pumping systems for cattle.

Due to an oversight they created the country’s  first tax payer funded Residential PV Demonstration Project. They finally managed to re-write the legislation, but not before hundreds of homeowners installed their large arrays of PV panels with and all necessary BOS (including racks, inverters, batteries and a very small token pump). Dozens of businesses there bloomed into one of the countries first real PV residential markets. Of course, the state hired an engineer/inspector who stamped and approved the required drawings. It turned out he was just like me, a big nut, environmentalist and PV enthusiast.  I just didn’t drive a Harley and have hair down to my waist like him. He invited me to his home and we talked solar and had a smoke together. We did not inhale, of course.

Anyway, he’d also go out to certify the PV pumping system installation. In most cases there was another conduit with a cable connected to the system that ended up being connected to a house as well as that very small pump, as no cattle were anywhere in sight. You see most systems were installed in the middle of the city not out on the range.

 He probably  knew after very soon after it started what was going to happen but he wanted PV technology to grow too. He stamped any system the was properly designed about as fast as he could. He was a great and wise young man, because, almost all those systems ended up on remote independent homes right were they made the most sense. All the homes (and some pumps) were all cost effective applications of PV. Today those very early examples of cost effective PV systems have grown into one of the largest concentrations of cost effective off-grid independently powered homes probably some grid connected homes and water pumping systems. In fact Dankoff Pumping in Santa Fe is one of the finest and largest solar water pumping companies in the world. 

When I met Windy Dankoff (he once was a hippie) and his lovely wife, they were living in a school bus in a grove of Cedar trees in the gorgeous hills outside of Santa Fe. Windy invited me in. It was neat. It had a wood stove in the bus, it gets cold in Sante Fe. I couldn’t believe he was feeding his stove pure cedar! 

[We used to have a ceder chest to store clothes in the upstairs of the Tucson home I grew up in. I first smelled cedar upstairs when my mother opened it up as a child, will never forget it.  We cooled that big house with coolers aka swamp boxes., using cedar wood fibers, fresh cedar smells insanely good. In the summer, people in the Southwest still use evaporative coolers to cool their houses, a simple metal louvered box with water dripping all around over these pads and a drum spinning around in the middle drawing air in thru the wet pads and into the house. Anyway,  I also remember  the smell of the fresh cedar pads right after they’d been installed  in those coolers, man that smelled fresh and well great? It’s an impossible smell to describe , maybe sweet in a way.
NOTÉ: I can’t keep up with time, the dates have been approximated for my convenience.

So…just a couple years later in Carrizo Plains,CA., the world’s first 1MW power plant was installed by Atlantic Richfield Co. (ARCO Solar). It was huge, monumental, ahead of its time. The 35 watt! modules were all mounted on big heliostats with reflectors between the modules. Awsome [(I’m running out of good adjetives, and  I’m not supposed to swear. My brother Bob tells me it’s a  sign of ones lack of vocabulary and probably mediocre grades in school.]

They screwed it up though, the first modules at Carrizo Plains had to be de installed because the little V shaped reflectors turned them brown from the extra heat . A guy named Kusianavich in New Mexico bought all the used and re packaged them into sets of four. They were called quad lams and the they nicknamed them Carrizo Golds. There’s a nice guy out in the desert in Southern California I known for 25 years  who bought a ton of them and still makes and sells them and he says they’re  still working after 40 years as brown as the EVA turned. EVA , the film they use to laminate the sells to the glass, is now much more resistant to yellowing .

A few years later after Carrizo almost the same thing happened in Cal. like it happened in N.M. for water pumping systems, not free, but when added to the federal tax credit of 35% it got you back 75% . But it was a big help in promoting PV’s big Cal. boom that came just after it because of the huge population compared to the  population of NM.

A few years later, the first grid connected subdivision, in the world, was installed by The Sacramento Municipal Utility District. That project was pioneered by my friend Don Osborne. Don and I shared desks at the Quaker Society at the UofA one of my offices from the Tucson Energy Center Days. We also worked at the ASEC together.

A few years later California, under Governor  Jerry Brown, Sr. CA. PV funding exploded.

 Then a few years later under  Governor Arnold Schwartzenager, it really exploded! That led to a nationwide explosion of funding from city, county, state and federal funding, and not just for solar but for energy conservation as well. And that pushed more legislation and Corporation Commissions to force Electric Utilites all over the nation to offer solar incentives. 

At the same time N.J. Governor Chris Christy created huge incentives there as well as the Governors of Arizona, New México, Mass., Con ., N.C., GA., Co., and on and on. Even little HI. has exploded wher PV was is cost effective.

A now under Cal. Governor Jerry Brown Jr. the state has half the PV installations in the US. and there seems no end in site of PV’s growth there. Yes, it continues to have exploding growth . 

So what’s the next big boom?: 

Well let me scroll back to the title because I forgot, oh yes, (how did I forget, must have been all those Perino beers and Mojitos (yeech!) with Adam and Louis last night. That Perino beer is good but it goes down like water too, watch out!) 

Hey Sun’s coming up, better hurry, so the answer is Surplus PV modules and BOS and Used (grade B and C ) modules and used BOS. I new it was big but it’s a lot bigger than I ever saw. It’s the volume it’s overwhelming. We’re talking thousands of MW’s! It’s a catacylizmic flood from every corner you can imagine, your next door neighbor’s system de-installation cause the new owners wife wants Spanish tile to match her hair color to forgotten failed gigawatt PV projects of the richest companies in the world on Wall Street to Shanghi.

Oh in case you haven’t heard, PV kWh in 2025, just 8 years away, is already being sold for $.02 

Your probably paying $.12 now. So what does that mean. Think life on other planets. Think free electricity, think free electricity without toxic cancer causing nuclear waste for 200,000 f…… years !!!!!

And be happier or I’ll personally kick your ass because billions in China will be  breathing clean air again, and you’ll be able to see the mountains again in Los Ángeles, and not only that but don’t forget we share this planet with a few animals, what’s left of em. They will probably get rain again, when it’s supposed to come. That goes for us humans too.
So the Sun just peeped out. Amazing isn’t it, as the world slowly rotates floating in space like a microscopic spec of dust.
The light, the light, follow the light, go ahead and go into the liiiigght, its ok, it will bring you back to life.

Good bye, God bye, go by…….*