Solar and Back Up Power System Schematics

Schematics are very helpful for understanding how the systems operate.

Because of the massive power problems in the Caribbean Islands, We thought it would be good to bring out the old ads from 1998 when the people of the Dominican Republic were just beginning to see the logic of using INVERTER/CHARGERS  with generators. They quickly realized the beauty of a solar and back up power system when used with an inverter charger. Here they are:

This is a schematic of a hybrid electric system generator. It’s can be used in whole or in parts to prevent power blackouts or be totally independent.   You can also substantially improve the performance of a gas or diesel generator if you add just the inverter and batteries for now. Then later you can add solar or even wind generator to be totally independent from the utility company forever.

Inverters are 98% efficient compared to a gas generator that averages 20%.

 We have many diagrams by the way of every type of back up and independent and grid connected homes and businessses.

You want to use 4, 6, 8, or even 12 batteries. Each battery SUN 6V, 230 amp hr. Battery can run a typical house load  for about 2 hours. 

By typical I mean enough to be comfortable. 

1 refrigerator/freezer

10 lights






All this can be done with a 2,000 watt inverter with a built in heavy duty battery charger.  This inverter with the high power battery charger is only about $699 and in stock at our 30,000 sq.ft. Miami Warehouse 

You will be so happy not having to constantly go get, buy fuel, store fuel, breath fumes, and listen to that loud generator all day and night .

We know this is the best system to use because we sold over 250,000 systems just like this. The big inverters with battery chargers are the key to the system.

Over 250,000 emergency hybrid electric back up power systems to people in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Panama, Colombia,  Honduras, Nicaragua, Phillipines, USA and many other countries suffering from constant power outages. We’ve been doing that for over the last 30 years. 

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We have these 120V ac air conditioners that will run on just 3 – 300 watt modules, approx. 7 hours a day. $190ea. It only needs a 1,000 watt inverter charger ($390,) and it includes an automatic battery charger with automatic  transfer switch. With a 2500 watt inverter charger, with 6,000 watt surge power and 50 amp automatic battery charger, you can also run your refrigerator/freezer, lights, microwave, computer, fans , entertainment, refrigeration, etc. You will need a small bank of approx. Six 4 to 6 volt 220 amp hr., batteries, $ cast for LG Airconditioner with 3 modules, 4 batteries cable s and in line 175 amp fuse (between battery bank and inverter on positive  cable line. We will design your complete system for free.  Call John 305-322-1086 especially if you have power supply problems. All sises solar panels, batteries and inverter / chargers.worlds lowest panel prices and worlds largest supplier of back up power solar systems.

1,000 watt 

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All PV modules are a tried and proven technology. They are all made the same, they are practically indestructible and COST is always the most important consideration. The PV industry, worldwide, buys and sells by the price per watt. All typical glass PV crystalline modules all last 30 to 50 years. 

Our prices range from $.19 to $.59/watt. Look around and compare us with any other solar supplier. You will find most companies won’t even give you the price of their modules in cents per watt. That’s weird because that is the most important single factor you need to compare PV modules.

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You can’t go wrong with golf cart batteries. they have been proven work horse of solar batteries. Good for 5 to 7 yrs. with min. maintenance. They are readily available, portable by hand, low cost, and totally recyclable.

Basically all the newly developed  batteries are extremely expansive. The Sun golf cart batteries cost $120 ea. compared to $150 and up to $30,000 for a competitive battery. That’s up to 250 times higher for a battery that is relatively unproven, extremely heavy, and difficult and dangerous to dispose of. And you don’t know if they will even be in business in 5 years. High tech battery companies tend to come and go, like American PV factories.


If your going to buy an inverter your Safe buying any Outback or Schneider inverter for almost any grid or off grid PV system. Fronius and SMA are also good but mainly for grid connect systems. Freedom inverters are great for lowest cost on-grid, off-grid and back-up Power Systems. Kisae inverters are best for being the lowest cost off-grid inverters and back up inverter charger inverters. 

You can’t go wrong with these brand and types of inverters for each application named, and oh, we stock and sell them all, for the last 25 years.



If you need larger than a 10,000 watt generator buy a diesel one. Kubota make’s the best ones we know. I’ve been selling them for 25 years. We don’t stock them but we work closely with S.E Kubota the largest Zkubota in the S.E. United Ststes. They rarely have problems and those have  usually been caused by the buyers themselves.

For any diesel generator over 300 kW, I don’t know which are the best nowadays, but I will do my best to try and find out what and who to  recommend in the local area, and I will let you know.