The best PV (solar electric) news story ever written. BY BLOOMBERG

      Subject: For Cheapest Power on Earth, Look Skyward as Coal Falls to Solar

      For Cheapest Power on Earth, Look Skyward as Coal Falls to Solar
      By Jessica Shankleman and Christopher Martin
      Global average solar cost may fall below coal within 10 years

      Countries from Saudi Arabia to Mexico planning auctions

      (Bloomberg) —

      Solar power is now cheaper than coal in some parts of the world. In less than a decade, it’s likely to be the lowest-cost option almost everywhere.
      In 2016, countries from Chile to the United Arab Emirates broke records with deals to generate electricity from sunshine for less than 3 cents a kilowatt-hour, half the average global cost of coal power. Now, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Mexico are planning auctions and tenders for this year, aiming to drop prices even further. Taking advantage: Companies such as Italy’s Enel SpA and Dublin’s Mainstream Renewable Power, who gained experienced in Europe and now seek new markets abroad as subsidies dry up at home.
      Since 2009, solar prices are down 62 percent, with every part of the supply chain trimming costs. That’s help cut risk premiums on bank loans, and pushed manufacturing capacity to record levels. By 2025, solar may be cheaper than using coal on average globally, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
      “These are game-changing numbers, and it’s becoming normal in more and more markets,” said Adnan Amin, International Renewable Energy Agency ’s director general, an Abu Dhabi-based intergovernmental group. “Every time you double capacity, you reduce the price by 20 percent.”
      Better technology has been key in boosting the industry, from the use of diamond-wire saws that more efficiently cut wafers to better cells that provide more spark from the same amount of sun. It’s also driven by economies of scale and manufacturing experience since the solar boom started more than a decade ago, giving the industry an increasing edge in the competition with fossil fuels.
      The average 1 megawatt-plus ground mounted solar system will cost 73 cents a watt by 2025 compared with $1.14 now, a 36 percent drop, said Jenny Chase, head of solar analysis for New Energy Finance.
      That’s in step with other forecasts. 
      GTM Research expects some parts of the U.S. Southwest approaching $1 a watt today, and may drop as low as 75 cents in 2021, according to its analyst MJ Shiao.

      The U.S. Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Lab expects costs of about $1.20 a watt now declining to $1 by 2020. By 2030, current technology will squeeze out most potential savings, said Donald Chung, a senior project leader.

      The International Energy Agency expects utility-scale generation costs to fall by another 25 percent on average in the next five years. 

      The International Renewable Energy Agency anticipates a further drop of 43 percent to 65 percent for solar costs by 2025. That would bring to 84 percent the cumulative decline since 2009.

      The solar supply chain is experiencing “a Wal-Mart effect” from higher volumes and lower margins, according to Sami Khoreibi, founder and chief executive officer of Enviromena Power Systems, an Abu Dhabi-based developer.
      The speed at which the price of solar will drop below coal varies in each country. Places that import coal or tax polluters with a carbon price, such as Europe and Brazil, will see a crossover in the 2020s, if not before. Countries with large domestic coal reserves such as India and China will probably take longer.
      China, the biggest solar market, will see costs falling below coal by 2030, according to New Energy Finance. The country has surpassed Germany as the nation with the most installed solar capacity as the government seeks to increase use to cut carbon emissions and boost home consumption of clean energy. Yet curtailment remains a problem, particularly in sunnier parts of the country as congestion on the grid forces some solar plants to switch off.
      Sunbelt countries are leading the way in cutting costs, though there’s more to it than just the weather. The use of auctions to award power-purchase contracts is forcing energy companies to compete with each other to lower costs.
      An August auction in Chile yielded a contract for 2.91 cents a kilowatt-hour. In September, a United Arab Emirates auction grabbed headlines with a bid of 2.42 cents a kilowatt-hour. Developers have been emboldened to submit lower bids by expectations that the cost of the technology will continue to fall.
      “We’re seeing a new reality where solar is the lowest-cost source of energy, and I don’t see an end in sight in terms of the decline in costs,” said Enviromena’s Khoreibi.
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      The form goes on to say: 

      That you’ll recycle and won’t  sell the modules.

      That you’ll only use them in low voltage, 12, 24 or 48 volt, PV arrays and never on high voltage grid connected systems (typical high voltage grid connected systems are up to 600 volts).

      Here’s a simple analogy: Think how dangerous it would be to inflate a tire, that’s only supposed to be inflated to 40 pounds per square inch (PSI), to 600 (PSI). It would be substantially less dangerous at 40 (PSI) right? So, the free modules would be much safer to use on off grid systems that use low voltage instead of high voltage PV arrays. You can still get the same amount of power and for the same incredible lifetime of 30 to 40 years or more. Plus you would have a truely independent system. You wouldn’t need the utility company at all! 

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      If you still don’t want them fine they’re are plenty of people who do. Try not to negative post nasty comments like so many people have that I’m ripping them off and calling these panels free makes me a Thief and a liar.

      It amazes me how many pricks there are out there, that are attacking me for doing this! I’m losing money doing this. I just couldn’t stand to see the government bureaucracy in Washington D.C. squander more of our money.

      The biggest critics of all are other solar resellers who are going way out of their way to convince people on their forums, blogs and in person that Sun is some dishonest company that sells cheap Chinese crap. Oh well.

      I didn’t really want to get into this here because it’s turning my nutshell explanation into a coconut shell. But really can you believe that people would get so upset about us giving away solar panels for free. But, it’s true. It was the least of my worries. Oh well.

      Finally, if you know anyone who is connected to a non profit organization please tell them about the free panels.

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      Solar Shingle Shed – Using the free panels

      I got the first section of the Solar Shed topped out! 70 panels up there and I didn’t fall off a single time (this week). 6 on the Solar Pump and 7 at the barn. I’m using them up! My wife was wondering why it was so big. I had to break it to her gently that this is only the first quarter of it.

      I’ll move the solar boat and all spare parts into the shed and start wiring things up. There is a discrepancy between the two labels on the panels, so I have to figure out that issue. I don’t want to waste power and I certainly don’t want to burn up controllers. The small power size of these panels really makes it easy to fine tune the power supply.

      Has anybody else done anything with their solar shingles, yet?—Neal


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            Look closely, “Find Peter!”\r\n\r\n..Give this man some Free Solar Panels. One order comin right up!\r\n\r\nThank you Peter Pilot!\r\n\r\nJ.Greetings John,\r\nGood Grief! I just read your newest blog concerning the free 6v panels…I had no idea so many folks \r\n\r\nwant so many, including the guy who was so bloody rude demanding all 50,000! I would be very happy\r\n\r\nwith any amount, 20, 50 100 etc. All I know is fitting the roofs of our British Double Decker Bristol buses\r\n\r\nwith your panels would be wonderful, very “Green” and I would be happy to put an Advert on each bus as\r\n\r\nwe get them operational stating the lighting / music comes from electricity produced by Sun Electronics Solar Panels. \r\nI have, by the way, family & friends all over Florida, hence it would be fun to fly down to Miami, get to\r\n\r\nmeet you which would be great fun, acquire a truck, van etc to bring panels back to PA. That is if I am \r\n\r\nfortunate enough to be awarded any. \r\nI ran my red 62 Bristol “Sofia” in the Tampa /Clearwater area a few years back as a “Pub Crawl” bus. What a bloody great time and also a nightmare carrying 60-70 drunk souls on a 4-5 hour trip to 3 bars. My poor bus was trashed every time. \r\nI hope you have a nice week John, it’s dreadfully cold here in the Poconos. I continue to work on Sofia and now have started on Barney Bus. She’s also a Bristol but some flounder painted her with Purple Home Depot house paint years ago. \r\nThank you John, Cheers! Peter “Pilot” Hellgren\r\n\r\n Double D Bus Cafe

            FREE PANEL NEWS (FPN)

            This project is bizarre, it’s time consuming , tiring, educational as all get out  (talking to all of you), unprofitable (as usual), stressful, super fun, and would have been the greatest advertising scam in PV history if it hadn’t actually been real.\r\n\r\nAs you can imagine I’m lovin it, phone ? rings of the hook (all 48 of them, I kid you not) of kurse i’m including everyone’s cell phones at work.  my employees have no choice, it’s “required” how else can I contact them at 4 am, on a holiday weekend! and every other hour of every day. I say, “if your not crying your not working!”\r\n\r\nI’m thinking about changing the ad, FREE SOLAR PANELS to FREE SYSTEM DESIGN WITH EVERY FREE LOAD OF FREE SOLAR PANELS WITH FREE SOLAR TOY FOR FREE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE WHO WANNA FEEL FREE AND BE FREE!!!!!!!!\r\n\r\nOr, if I could figure out how to reach the plateau of All triple dog dare you’s for advertisers: the grand slamball combo hybrid ad of all time where you use the salesmen’s ancient magic close with the holy grail’s biggest  5 Advertising words of all time:\r\n\r\nSex\r\n\r\nTravel\r\n\r\nFree\r\n\r\n(I can’t remember the other two)\r\n\r\nHere’s my example of a good solar ad that uses sex:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAnother example, for back up power systems :\r\n\r\nPicture this: a magazine ad, it’s a completely black page, in the middle in small white print DO IT WITH THE LIGHTS ON. \r\n\r\nAt bottom of page in fancy small white print it says “With a Backup Power System from Sun Electronics, its business as usual whenever the lights go off.” Ha ha ha pretty funny eh? We’ll sort of but hey have you looked at solar ads lately, they’re still as horrible as when they started. \r\n\r\nJust having fun Thanksgiving morning.\r\n\r\nJohn\r\n\r\nPS I submitted that ad to Home Power Magazine and they refused to publish it!

            Fishing in Tucson

            I have always liked fishing. Randolph Park was right down the street .  There were Large and Small Mouthed Bass, Blue Gills, and ducks, a bait shop too. Besides fishing there, there was a ton of other great stuff to do at the park.\r\n\r\nWe had an arroyo next to the house , after the summer monsoons, it was full of pollywogs and frogs ?. I saw a flash flood coming adown it once. Mesquite  trees and cactus ? surrounded it. So there were plenty of lizards and snakes. Our house was two blocks from the park and you could hit the arroyo with a rock. It had nice deep soft sand to jump into, and if you dug into the brilliant green moss covered banks, that clay made the finest for mud clod fights. They always ended the same way, “my eye, my eye,” someone got hit in the eyes ?!\r\n\r\nEveryday, after school we would play tackle football ? at the park. Totally painless for little guys, even diving catches, no problem. Football was a big deal back then, I mean playing it. My father announced the U of A football games for 23 years. Very funny too . I remember the whole place laughing at his wry humorous side comments.\r\n\r\nAs we got older and bolder we would go at night to make raids on the ducks, and the ice cream ? shed ! At the old baseball stadium, Hi Corbet field, we would go volunteer to be bat boys or chase foul balls as they sailed over into the parking lot. The Cleveland Indians practiced there in winter. Climbing on top of the batting cage nets at night was AWSOME!\r\n\r\nThe neighborhood I grew up in, Colonia Solana, was beautiful, full of paths to walk or bike between the huge houses and the Eucalyptus, Pine ? , Paulo Verde, and Palm trees ?. Every house had a pool, except ours, we had a big cattle tank. Yeah, a big ten ft. wide metal cattle tank, but everyone loved it. It could be stood up empty and and you could walk in it like a circus act. Upside down it was a big drum and on top of a trapped kid,  it was even better ?.\r\n\r\nWe had a basement that everyone of my 3 brothers inherited. 10′ by 15′ with an opening for the crawl space under the house  and an old oil furnace in the back. I loved that old dusty smell. Giant Cactus beetles would get stuck at the bottom of the stairway. It became a Beatnick pad, chemistry lab, fireworks/bomb ?shop,   hippie hang out with strobe lights,  black lights and fluorescent paint ?, loveshack and magical, literally.\r\n\r\nMy oldest brother was a professional magician and he became great at it. The card ♣️ decks: 100+  of them, he’d put each one in a cookie can filled with talcum powder, shake it up every day for a month before using them. He could deal from any part of the deck. Plus, he had and made big stage tricks. Bill Kimball and his lifelong friend Jim Hilkemeyer were well known in Tucson. I got to be the “unknown volunteer”  from the audience. I was very hypnotisable.\r\n\r\nI can remember it all, like it was yesterday.\r\n\r\nStill love to fish here’s my current fishing hole:\r\n\r\n\r\nJk