If you need larger than a 10,000 watt generator buy a diesel one. Kubota make’s the best ones we know. I’ve been selling them for 25 years. We don’t stock them but we work closely with S.E Kubota the largest Zkubota in the S.E. United Ststes. They rarely have problems and those have  usually been caused by the buyers themselves.

For any diesel generator over 300 kW, I don’t know which are the best nowadays, but I will do my best to try and find out what and who to  recommend in the local area, and I will let you know.


For largest projects and best deals, call Lek in Phx. or Louis in Miami.  For Spanish call Pierre, Roberto, Tony, Shelley, Jennifer in Miami and Viviana in Phoenix.  For CREOLE call Fritz, Pierre, or Louis. If you can’t get thru to the person you need to talk to, call me, John the owner, 305-322-1086, I can usually always get you thru to them. 

Ask about large and varried module deals, in stock, in Miami, Phoenix, Bahamas, Jamaica, etc. Also ask free design, international and domestic shipping experience (30 years), inverters, inverter chargers, batteries, industrial battery chargers mounting racking, and all necessary balance of system components. We also do installations and sell packaged systems.