The Lord only knows what I’ll write about.\n\nIt’s not just about solar see. My  blog is famous for me saying whatever I’m thinking about with tons of spelling and punctuation mistakes. Every night when I go to bed I hear these scratching sounds in my closet, it’s my blog telling me it wants me take it for a walk, always tempting me, sometimes to the point of getting me in serious hot water with the police, customers, suppliers and my wife.\n\nOne night I came home after a night out with the boys at a local topless club and I recanted the whole hilarious and unbelievable evening, Including a lesbian dwarf that jumped a dancer and detailed descriptions of dancers covered in whip cream and attached to sky rockets.\n\nOh well who wants to write about solar energy there whole life, right?\n\n(Just purchased 1.2 MW of Suniva Grade B MADE IN THE USA! Arriving in 1 week.)\n\nJohn

Thank you everyone. It’s like a dream! First, I’d like to thank my Mom and Dad…

I could never say enough about how much love they gave me and all the amazingly wonderful childhood memories the created for me. But I’ll sure try (later)…\r\n\r\nAND\r\n\r\nMrs. Cele Petersen my friend and advisor for 60 years even till the final day at 102 and even now.\r\n\r\nMy special teachers. 12 years of Catholic schools. Nuns are incredibly beautiful people.\r\n\r\nMy friends. I’ll never forget them all. “Never forget your friends.”  It’s also voted the number one regret on your deathbed, not having kept up with them. So give one a call.\r\n\r\nMy 3 brothers. I’d like to forget one of them, but I can’t, even though I try sometimes. If you ever want to talk Bill, call me any time, I’m here. I think of you a lot.\r\n\r\nMy super great employees. Just the ones that didn’t rob me, after all, it is Miami, oh yeah,  and all the interns. How much fun it has been, best work related memory of all: the Evergreen Solar auction. We learned so much, as painful as it was for everyone. Thanks for putting up with me and us.\r\n\r\nBest memory ever: the after work football games in the 511 parking lot. God that lasted years I think throwing the long bomb with the mini football, as many as 20 guys playing in a parking lot only a 100 feet long.  Bounce pass off the 511 office wall. The sky rocket dodgeball with Louis the death defying  volunteer target. The Roman candle fights and the annual monster Christmas tree blazes in the middle of downtown Miami! I do love being a kid.\r\n\r\nSo many more:\r\n\r\nAt this point I’d better say goodnight.\r\n\r\nJk\r\n\r\n 

35 cents

I sold my first pallet for 6 dollars a watt, now I sell them for 35 stinking pennies.\n\nAt this rate soon solar power really will be \n\nFREE! (soon to Sun, I think and hope) The operas not over till ….!\n\nHaitian NGO’s on deck!\n\nJk

no need to measure

When you are in that state, and there is that contentment, a scale isn’t required. You don’t need to measure it. You don’t need to weigh it.\n\nIn other words, happiness is happiness is happiness and contentment is contentment is contentment. When you feel this way you don’t need to measure how happy you are, your happy and content, period.\n\nWe’ve all felt this way at one time or another. Is there any way to stay that way?\n\nWe want the same thing, everlasting peace and happiness, while we’re here. As far as after that, I don’t know, but I’ll find out and I’ll let you know.\n\njk

I’ve been freaking out.

I called Mrs. Petersen my mentor in Tucson years ago to ask for advice. “Cele”, I said “everything is a disaster,” and I laid down a line of whiny complaints how I was loosing money, employees would’nt do what I asked them to, my competition was killing me, and on and on. “What should I do, doesn’t it ever get better?”  I asked. She replied, “Johnny it only gets worse.” She was 92.\n\nCele Peterson was one of the most famous and well loved people in Tucson. She lived to be 102.\n\nShe always told me “Johnny, always remember, God’s in control.” She told me “never give up.”\n\nWell that was a good lesson, but I forgot it, and  I wrote some recent personal/business related blogs that I shouldn’t of.\n\nWell I erased them. And as Cele suggested, I let it go, Like water off a duck’s back, Shine’em on, Keep on trucking, Never look back, tomorrow’s a new day, and her favorite, “Don’t worry about the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.”\n\nHow easily I forget. Luckily, I’m a logical person. And if things don’t make sense, it drives me crazy till I figure it out, you know.\n\nI guess that’s why I fight so hard to sell solar components that are cheap enough they actually make economic sense. And in a lot of cases, without having to take other people’s money to pay for it. We have to start doing that sometime with renewable energy, so why not start as soon as it’s possible. As my friend Bruce told me 43 years ago, “someone’s got to do it, it might as well be you Kimball.”

Wholesale Solar has a 5 star rating, we have a 3.6, but our prices are so much cheaper it’s crazy!

  So why is this? \nSubject: Google Negative Reviews from October 2011 thru March of 2012\n\n \n\nDear Google Administrator:\n\n \n\nSun Electronics believes we have been treated unfairly by Google. However, we understand that you have never before been approached regarding these negative reviews, so I have prepared an explanation of why we feel this way.\n\n \n\n \n\nAll the negative reviews we received that occurred between October 15th of 2011 and April 1st of 2012 were due to actions that were beyond our control. During this period we bid on and won 7 megawatts of inventory of a major manufacturer’s who had gone out of business: It was called, “Evergreen Solar Bankruptcy Auction.” It was the largest bankruptcy auction of its kind at that time.\n\n \n\nIn October of 2011 we found out that there would be an auction in just a few days for approx.. 7 megawatts of PV modules. All brand new with the Evergreen label, 70% of them were Grade A and 30% were Grade B. They all were UL listed. While the Evergreen warranty was no longer good, Sun Electronics provided its own 20 year warranty. Sun Electronics Int., Inc. has been in the PV industry for 27 years, much longer than most of the world’s PV module manufacturers.\n\n \n\n \n\nThe auction timing allowed very little time to prepare for what follows:\n\n \n\n \n\n7 megawatts is equal to over 80 40 ft. containers, or over 30,000 solar modules. The auction value was $4 million dollars.\n\n \n\nTo my knowledge it was the largest auction of new crystalline modules that ever taken place in the industry.\n\n \n\nWe won the Auction.\n\n \n\nWe wire transferred approximately $4 million dollars to the Auctioneer.\n\n \n\nAt that time the average wholesale price of modules was more than 90 cents a watt.\n\n \n\nBecause of the short notice and our desire to sell the modules quickly, we priced the modules at 78 cents a watt for any quantity.\n\n \n\nThere were too many customers but not enough customers to sell them by container loads only.\n\n \n\nNo one had ever tried to sell this many modules retail, in the time allowed to us, but we sold them all in 10 days to approx. 800 customers from all over the world.\n\n \n\nBecause it seemed everyone wanted to buy these modules at the record breaking low price the following happened almost immediately:\n\n \n\nThere was a massive overload of phone calls, emails and people walking into our store.\n\n \n\nWe advertised for new staff, interviewed them and hired them. We increased our sales team from 13 to 42.\n\n \n\nWe installed 14 land lines and used a dozen or so cell phones. I used 4 myself as the owner.\n\n \n\nThe unexpected work load, was staggering.\n\n \n\nWe had so many credit card charges that the credit card transaction processing company stopped accepting them and put a hold on paying us that lasted 6 months. They held approx.. $1.5 million dollars for this entire 6 months period.\n\n \n\nThe modules were in Belgium. We were in Miami.\n\n \n\nThe week after we won, legal team at Evergreen reported they could not release the modules for pick up because they were not all there.\n\n \n\nA week later were told that some of the modules were in another warehouse and it was also a bonded warehouse in another country in Europe and that they would have to be shipped to be processed out of bond by Customs and shipped to Belgium before they would release the entire load of modules we had paid for.\n\n \n\nThere were more smaller misc. legal problems i.e. people were on vacation or unavailable, that had to do the signing. This is typical of getting any actions completed when lawyers and law firms are involved.\n\n \n\nThe auction company, who made 15%, was irate that the seller had misconstrued the location and that they would not release, as legally required, immediately the day we won the auction. They fought with Evergreen in Germany,  but there was little they could do.\n\n \n\nWe sent two managers to Belgium to look at and count the inventory, there were over 10 different types of modules in the 7 megawatts we purchased there.\n\n \n\nWe were then told by the warehouse in Belgium that the storage bills for them, were not paid in full. This was another breach of the Auction contract we could not have foreseen.\n\n \n\nWe were also informed by the warehouse that every single wooden pallet would have to be fumigated due to international shipping laws. It would have taken months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this, it took another week to find a loophole in the law that allowed us to ship these specific types of pallets.\nIn early December we were informed by our warehouse landlord that we had to vacate the 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse. We had to find a new one and move $11 million dollars of PV module and BOS inventory in our old warehouse of 4 years to a new warehouse. It came to more than 30 containers. The landlord also forced my main staff to vacate 5 apartments that they had been renting and living in. They had to find new homes and move while all the above was occurring.\n\n \n\nThe container ship carrying the product was diverted to Charleston and ended up arriving  on the Christmas and New Years holidays when the docks were closed in Miami.\n\n \n\nDuring the shipment preparations with our broker they failed to inform us that the container ship would not be coming to Miami directly but that it would first go to Charleston to load and unload other cargo. This caused approx.. 10 days delay of delivery to the Port of Miami placing it right before Christmas.\n\n           \n\nThey unloaded the containers into a special US Custom’s holding area at the Port of Miami until the Port reopened for business after the holidays.\n\n \n\nMany customers waited to pick up their orders for months after they paid. In effect they used us as a warehouse while they procrastinated over when they wanted to pick up their orders.\n\n \n\nWe then had a phone system malfunction in early January and then again a few weeks later.\n\n \n\nWe had internet malfunctions. Our 2 IT specialists did what they could with our server companies to keep them up.\n\n \n\nWe had to find and rent a separate 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse just for these auction modules all unto itself. We had to purchase and install pallet racking. We had to find, interview and hire 20 warehouse workers to unload and organize it. All of this just for the Auction modules from Evergreen.\n\n \n\nWe discovered that we had a module shortage when they arrived. We had to recount the inventory several times to find out we were missing several containers.\n\nSince that meant we had oversold, we had to offer Canadian Solar modules at the same price or refund their money. Over 90 % took the Canadian Solar modules. These modules cost us significantly more.\n\n \n\nAt this time our Phoenix warehouse manager and sales manager for the Western half of the U.S. along with a couple of our staff in Miami quit and opened their own PV company in Ft. Lauderdale. One of them we discovered had been stealing money from us. Later,  we found out this same person had stolen our mailing list and sold it to a competing company in Ga. We stopped them from using it, however. He then moved to the west cost of Australia.\n\n \n\nSome of the 30+ employees we had tohire quickly, didn’t  work out and we had to hire replacements. Miami isn’t Northern California where there are plenty of people with PV sales experience. There a few installed PV systems here. We also had to find, interview, hire and train 3 new employees for the 3 trained and knowledgeable  ones that abruptly left without notice.\n\n \n\nCompetitors attacked us, They published comments on their blogs and forums saying the modules were made in China and were illegal to bring into the U.S. They also denigrated us and the quality of the modules we had won causing more problems for us and upsetting the customers. The customers were almost 800 solar resellers and end users. The world of solar enthusiasts is a small one bad news, true or false, travels fast.\n\n \n\nWe sent out regular weekly updates in over 23 Sun Electronics’ News Letter Auction updates. From day one, we kept everyone updated on all aspects of the process from Oct. of 2011 thru March of 2012. We also published updates continuously on the home page  of our website www.sunelec.com.\n\n \n\nI sent out 14 newsletters with a request in everyone,inviting anyone with problems to please call me personally ASAP anytime. These were published with my 4 personal cellphones numbers so they would have no problem contacting me. Because we were selling internationally right from the beginning, I announced I would accept calls 24 hours a day, including holidays and weekends. \n\n \n\nWe worked straight thru through the Holidays using family members and volunteers from the staff.\n\n \n\nEven though they could have easily called me to help with problems, many people simply did not call me. I have been in the solar business 43 years, at that time it was 39 years, and as the owner, I could have helped many people and resolved their problems quickly, for whatever reason they choose not to call the owner which only slowed down and complicated things.  Using less knowledgeable and less experienced staff increased problems. I was and still am devoted to taking calls from customers having difficulty solving problems. I very good at it, I think, after all these years, you’d hope so.\n\n \n\nSince no PV distributor had ever done this before there was no road map, course to take, precedent or example for me, my staff or the new employees to follow. It was as they say “baptism by fire.”\n\n \n\nHowever, despite all the problems, caused by forces beyond our control, outlined here, we still managed to ship every single order we received at a price of only 78 cents a watt for any quantity, for brand new modules with UL, at a price that, at that time, was unheard of in the retail and even wholesale PV module industry . Approximately 800  PV module customers, still to this day, say it was an unbelievable price.\n\n \n\nOver the last 27 years, we have received so many people’s thank you’s for making it possible for them to “go solar” not only from the Evergreen Auction but also from nearly a hundred other great deals we’ve found. Because of our low prices and efforts to find great deals from around the globe we have consistently broken $/watt price records year after year. We are well known for our tireless efforts to bring down the price of PV modules and systems. Our slogan “The World’s Lowest PV Prices” is not marketing fluff, it’s the honest to god’s truth.\n\n \n\nNevertheless, in the end we received many bad reviews on Google during this exact same period, between October of 2011 and March of 2012, all over 4 years old now. In just a few months they will all be 5 years old. They have cost us an unfair and inordinate amount of damage. We are asking Google to take the time to carefully review this report and consider removing the bad reviews we received during this time period.\n\n \n\nIf you need exact dates, numbers or any other information, we have all the records to substantiate this report. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.\n\n \n\nYour consideration will be greatly appreciated.\n\n \n\nSincerely,\n\n \n\nJohn Kimball\n\nOwner and CEO\n\nSun Electronics Int., Inc.\n\nCells: 305-710-9645, 305-498-1863 and 305-322-1086\n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n 

The company that once said they’d never sell a grade B or C module.

In one fell swipe they are now called \n\n”SCRATCHED”\n\nOh and their prices are sky high. Anyone who would buy panels from them at their prices is crazy!\n\nNice people though, except watch out for owner, he’ll stab you in the back in front of a room full of friends and colleagues.\nI worked for Kyocera for about 6 years, great  ? company. But one time Louis and I  went to a Kyocera distributors meeting including every executive at Kyocera America as well as the ones from Kyocera Japan including the President of Kyocera Japan. Friends and colleagues all.\n\nHe stood up, and staring at Louis and I, proceeded to denigrate us for selling Grade B Evergreen modules, insinuating they were garbage. \n\nI’ll never forget that. Unbelievable. Got no beef with anyone else there. Oh yeah, never apologized, not even a worthless one, like HRC or the Donald.\n\nMake lemonade out of lemons ? right?\n\nWe used it as motivation to figure out better and faster ways to buy more of them and lower your prices, it seems to have worked. We have sold a thousand containers of them since then.\n\nWhat you throw out just come right back to you.\n\nJk