Miami, Planet Earth.                –                                              The Creator had but one demand, peace and happiness thru all the land. The Creator had but one demand, peace and happiness for every man.

This earth and life on it is so great. I do love Arizona and California too but our warm clear water of the Caribbean Sea is Tropical. And, I like Tropical fish more than any other, the variety in just a small area is better than California. It never gets cold in Miami. Wet suits, we don’t need no stinking wet suits! And the girls are just as pretty too! But California and Arizona have one big problem. They close down at 9:00 PM! Miami never even gets going till 10PM! And you can party past dawn until the last perdón leaves. Once I went to mass Sunday morning at 8:00AM and stopped off at a night club on the way home. It was packed! Or I can get up before dawn and catch the sunrise as I head out from the beach snorkeling. As I pick my head out of the water I see the most magnificent sunrise 🌅 with all that brilliant red, pink, orange, yellow bouncing across the clouds. Then I put it back down and see thousands of tropical fish and who knows what else. You can’t do that practically every day in California and certainly not in Arizona. But Arizona and California are great too. That’s why I bought a house in Tucson a couple of months ago. It’s high desert what’s that? Look at this:

What a great planet we live on! No matter where you live there’s something to love about it. The creator had but one demand peace and happiness for every man. The creator had but one demand peace and happiness for every man. I meant to write has not had but with the news lately maybe had is better. And no, this blog had nothing to do with solar just the Earth, which may not be around for long, at least not as we now know it. My advice, buy stock…solar panel stock.

Buy more Solar Panels they can’t get any lower. Is there any reason why not?

Imagine, I sold David Katz the owner of AEE a pallet of panels of 55 watts ea. for $6.00/watt. 

(I think that was about 35 years ago. I’d be willing to bet $500 they still work.)

That’s $330 for a 55 watt PV module. 

Right now you can buy a pallet 315 watt panels from Sunelec for  $.25/watt.

That’s $78 for a 315 watt PV module. 

$.25 vs $6.00/watt

25  Cents  versus   6  Dollars

That’s $330 for a 55 watt PV module that had just a 10 yr. warranty.

Anyone who thinks there is any reason not not to buy at these prices right now, especially in light of what the World Trade Organization may be about to do, needs to explain himself.

Here’s mine:

We might actually get another batch of roof tiles for free again. The guy in charge just told me two weeks ago they may have another 25,000 more for us. Is there any reason that might not happen or would not be an incredible deal if it did? It already happened once before just 6 months ago. 

Well first of all these guys are very difficult to deal with. Not that they aren’t great guys it’s just that they have better things to do like install hundreds of homes with PV systems every month. 

Second, these roof tiles have had problems, enough to get them recalled by a federal agency. We’ve found 25% don’t work and  have problems that can be fixed but it’s not easy. The rest work well. And, we will make you sign a statement saying:

 A. That you are aware they were recalled and you have read the background of the reasons for the recall, etc, etc. we’ll send you all the information you have to study.

B. That you will never use them for grid connected systems at high voltage typically 300 to 600 Volts. 

C. That you will use them only for low voltage systems for 48 Volts DC or less.

We used to give them away in pallets of 120. You have to test each one with a volt amp meter first. Expect 25% to be duds. The remaining 75% should give you. appoximately 3,000 watts. 

You will need to pick them up from wherever and whenever they decide to give them to us just like the last time. AND you have to pay for the shipping from wherever they come from to our warehouse wherever that may end up being. 

That’s about the gist of it. 

For updates (they go fast when and if it happens) call me. I hope to hear from them in a month or less.

Oh and why do I do this?

Because I can’t stand to see them buried in the ground. 

Technologically speaking, recycling them economicaly is impossible at the current time. And, we, Sunelec, have found that solar panels are almost impossible to destroy. You have to just about blow a hole in them the size of baseball to make them stop producing electricity. Everyone knows how long solar panels last, I like to say, 30 to 40 years or more. The very first solar panel produced by Bell Labs approx. in the 60’s is in a museum and is still producing electricity I have been told. Cases are numerous of people having newer more modern modules that have lasted 40 years and are still producing approx. 80% of their power. Yes, it is estimated by scientists at SolarWorld in the USA plant in Oregon that  they will lose about seven tenths of one percent of their power a year naturally. You can do the math, but that is very little power loss and technological improvements in manufacturing have decreased this small loss even further. 
Keep in mind that the standard warranty is that in 25 years the power loss of solar panels will not be more than 20%. 

You have to admit, solar panels are simple and extremely long lasting compared to any other energy source you can name. It is this one factor alone that makes their potential for serving humanity and the natural world itself so well . Truely the benefits of their unbelievably long life had been greatly underestimated and even stupidly ignored by people for some time. In fact it is hard to estimate how long solar panels will actually last because no one had ever lived long enough to actually know for real as opposed to artificial lifetime testing . 

Technology is killing us.

Just saw the movie Valerian, so futuristic, realistic and high tech. Pretty good. I highly recommend it! I dont go to too many movies anymore. Neither do many others. I worry about the future of movie theatres and all theatre 🎭. Technology is killing us. You don’t think so…check this out: 

Yeah, check this out…The other day I was in first class, a Jet plane ✈️, a 777, the latest in high tech travel accommodations. Very different plane design. It reminded me of a prison barn for animals. I didn’t like it as soon as they told me “oh no your not in first class your in first business class, that’s different”, “huh” I said. . 

My first time in first class was last year, it was neat. Good good great service, comfortable roomy fluffy chairs. Not this time. They put me and John Jr. in like a plastic bath 🛀 tub isolation cubicle for solitary confinement in a North Korean Prison cell. I felt so isolated I wanted to confess. Couldn’t hear or see my 12 year old and he was sitting right next to me! I hated that! I couldn’t even see out of a single window on the plane either because you couldn’t  see any open windows and they were so damn far away you could’nt make anything out in them anyway.  Everyone just wanted them shut to watch their private TV screens. It was claustrophobic like being in an airplane without windows, might as well been in a carry on pet cage. Like being in a plastic shoe box or like a 1960’s space capsule that was just…well … just weird. There were so many controls for  the seat 💺 and or bed you were afraid to use them.  There were even more for the phone, the remote control, and of course the monitor screen with with its array of computerized touch keys. After 10 years  I’ve still never yet been able to completely figure that out . 
When I boarded the plane as far as I could see No Seats, just CUBICALS. I was tired so, after several attempts I reclined the chair into bed mode, immediately the stewardes comes over and starts talking to me, I felt like an accident victim.  “Can I get you a drink sir?”, “Christ I’m lying down lady, get out of my cubicle!”  I felt so impolite laying on my back like that I didn’t know how to act or yet talk to someone. I might as well been paralyzed and laying in a in a hospital bed, she was like standing 5 ft. above me, just standing there staring looking down at my body on display in a casket.. I felt like saying “do you give happy endings?” The heck with the Sprite, right? So there I am laying in a hole looking up at her asking for a Sprite. It gets worse fast, the new fangled seat belt lock is like an industrial double heavy duty lock, to figure it out ,  you have to be Houdini … manipulate in some entirely new way from the second lock and so and so on, and just to enable you to be able to use it , so you can lay down during take off, great ! Like who wants to be laying down during take off, right! finally, when you actually need instructions on how to use a seat belt, forget it, no instructions! First I feel rude ordering drinks laying down, now I feel like an idiot taking off in a passenger jet while laying down. It made me remember the time I was an idiot teenager with another idiot teenager . There we were,  going 35 down main street in Showlow Az. standing on top of his mom’s station wagon. I ended up in the hospital. Here I felt like I was returning from combat in Vietnam 🇻🇳.

The announcements came on for how to go about locating the nearest exit which was nowhere in site, and left me clueless as to where it was since I couldn’t see anything part partitions everywhere . I might as well have been laying down in the lavatory. Furthermore, had there been an emergency, you’d be totally unable to see, hear or touch your family, even though they were just 2 feet away in the next series of isolation cells. It would have been so utterly terrifying, alone in the dark!  First class my ass? World’s worst flying nightmare death trap. Of course Johnny loved every second of it, cruising thru all the controls like a seasoned Top Gun while I tried to figure out where the head phones plugged in. Never did get them to work right either , had to use 4 ear plugs  to hear out of just two ears , sat there with wires all over me.

I’ll take sitting side by side in 2 nice old fluffy  chairs with my kid to best up at will, any day.
Technology is killing us.


PS You know their still studying putting massive solar farms in space and beaming down all those gigawatts of energy via microwave beams. Pretty high tech. right? Unless of course the beaming part gets of track…hormigas tostaditas! Reminds me of when I was an idiot pre teen attacking the ants with a lit can o hair spray!

Sunelec opens new office in Tucson, Arizona

Yes now you too can be a successful PV company and be part of the flock. The congregation meets every SUN day. All you have to do is, raise your left hand, repeat after me and say, I pledge allgence to John Kimball and solemnly swear to uphold the constitution of the united solar industry and will look at and follow the video above.

How to go to a solar conference and make money.

Ingredients: Take 4 good people, mix 3 engineers with 25,000 exhibit and conference attendees. Add one young fresh beautiful administrative assistant and beat throughly. Add a truckload of passion, persistence, and good manners. Make several thousand fliers with the lowest Pv prices in history and add 1/2 a dozen CRAIGS list kids. Beat thoroughly. Bake on high for 3 days. Place in “The Top Of The Mark” at The Intercontinental to cool every evening after every day.

My best summer vacation ever.

La Jolla, lunch with wife Graciela, daughter Christy and son Johnny.

At Denny’s in Del Mar, after body surfing, try the Chicken Fried Steak!

Right now we’re in Little Tokyo in LA, it’s cheaper than the one in Japan and it’s awsome.

Went to S.F. for Intersolar, so did flying saucer.

Tucson, born and raised, love Tucson!

Toys and stuff from Tokyo is so weird and different nice!

There’s no place on earth like S.F.!

or Catalina Island!

PV powered club house in LA with rope ladder too!

Ooops repeat

Unbelievable bullet coming out of real gun!

Where I lived when I worked for Kyocera Solar for 4 years. On the beach st Del Mar half a block from best beach in S. Cal.

Hanging out in La Jolla.

Tucson Jewish Community Center artwork, sweeeet!

Frozen Trick’s Cereal in Little Tokyo, I’m not lying and I paid $6 for it!

Tan, tired, and tried….kids will do that to ya!

Best memories, 

1. My wife!

2. Surfing in Del Mar all weekend with Johnny and Christy ( alright so we can’t stand up, but Johnny is a kick ass – no fear – body surfer ) the waves were fricking huge on the last day, my kid took one of the biggest. 😝<Dad!

3. Kayaking/snorkeling around Two Harbors, Catalina.

4. Leaving my heart in S.F.

5. This guy:

They look even better when there asleep, right? Kids are everything!

How not to get ripped off when buying a PV system.

Always get an itemized estimate so you can compare and shop around. 
You have to receive the cost per watt of the solar modules i.e. A 100 watt solar panel that costs $100, that comes to $1/watt. Now just google “solar panel prices.” You can see who has the lowest price as everyone selling solar panels in the world prices them this way. It’s simple to compare module costs. 

If a supplier or an installer won’t give it to you there’s something wrong.

Do the same for the inverter.

Those are the two most expensive parts of your system. Together they come to approx. 80% of its cost.

Get a seperate estimate for labor (just like for your car repairs) always get parts and labor estimates. After all a solar system costs tens of thousands, 10 times the average car repair bill. 
The average cost of a typical installation is $1.00/watt. And a typical installation on a typical roof without shading or Spanish tile takes 2-3 days with 2 to 3 guys. 

Finally, the average cost of a typical system of 4,000 watts is approx. $12,000 or $3/watt installed. 

Bottom line, never buy a system without getting a parts and labor estimate first, so you can get a fair price. Otherwise your shopping blind and you’ll end up getting robbed.

By the way, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) and Financed System Purchases (FSP’s) are two of the most uneconomical home PV systems.

Best regards,

John Kimball, Owner

Sun Electronics Int., Inc.

45 years in Solar

Tel. 305-322-1086