1. World PV prices are going up end of March!

Don’t ask my why but it’s a Fact.
2. $.11/W Renesola 300 watt UL – C modules aren’t good looking!

They all meet specs, that’s a Fact.
My brother just walked in.

That’s a Fact.
Gotta go. More later.

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Random thoughts at 4:30 am

Life is awsome. If not, you need to ignore what’s bothering you to the best of your ability. (Like poor behavior in little kids and adults acting like a……s.)
On the other hand, if your just stupid, persistence almost always enables you to get first place ūü•á 



My backyard and my aquarium. 

I’ve been here a thousand times over the last 30 years. I skin dive and scuba off the rocks. I know every fish, their parents, their grandparents, and their great grandparents. I know when and where I’ll see them. And I know their names too. In an hour and a half, I can see a hundred thousand fish every morning before I show up for work. I’ve seen Giant two hundred pound Sting Rays, Lemon Sharks, Nurse Sharks, one thousand pound Manatees, schools of 50 or so… hundred pound+ Tarpons, Octopuses, Lobsters, Eels, Starfish, Whelks, Electric Stingrays, ten pound Scorpion Fish, thirty pound Baracudas, Queen Angel Fish and Queen Conchs, and Sea Turtles. 

I follow the Jetty (giant rocks piled up 30 ft. high) out for half a mile to its tip. If the wind and the tide are right I hardly have to swim. The wind and the current will push me all the way out, and as I round the tip, I catch the the incoming high tide ride back into the cut and right back to the opposite side of the rocks where I started from.
Sometimes instead of sealife, I hunt for Shells a mile and a half down the beach. You have to know where they gather. I no longer tell people where my spots are. Every time there’s a storm you wait a day for the visibility to return and it’s a whole new ballgame. You can stuff your pockets to the brim with a hundred perfect shells in less than an hour. Each one is an architectural masterpiece. They are all empty, cleaned and polished. There are hundreds of species, Cones, Turkey Wings, Olive Shells, Whelks, Scallops plus many unique species of Coral. There’s also small polished bits of colored glass that look like Gem stones. It’s all Treasure to me. And I never keep them I bring back every one of them. One night I pulled my car right up to the water and emptied all the boxes in my trunk into the ocean. I must have had five thousand perfect Shells. Why stop the fun when everyone can find them if you return them, right. It’s great hunting for them. Besides, if you ask me, (and I have a story I’ll tell you to prove it some time) it’s Bad Luck if you don’t.

So what do I do when the weather is bad and you have no underwater visibility, why surf, of course! Ok I never learned to stand up but Bogie Bording and Body Surfing is damn close and almost as fun. Yeah I know there’s no surf in Miami but when the wind kicks up there’s plenty. Even when it’s barely blowing it’s possible to catch waves with your body. I can catch one foot waves, why? Because I love getting stuff for Free and you catch little waves the exact same way as big waves. And they’re a lot easier to walk back out to catch another one. I’m like a dog chasing a stick out there. Some guys get to ride 90 ft. waves. We don’t have them on Miami Beach but we have something else…Hurricane waves. I went out the morning after Hurricane Wilma. There were dozens of surfers. I had fins. The wind blows the beach sand so hard it stings, leaving the beach looking like the surface of Mars. As soon as I swam out (without getting hit in the head by a surf board), nearly past the break line, I found myself looking up at surfers twelve feet above me on waves the size of a two story building. I’m getting the fuck out of here, was my first and last thought. I turned immediately and kicked hard as I could for shore. I caught a great wave that damn near tore my fins off and rode it half way back. EXCELLENT!, I thought. I did it! There were four high school guys sitting on the beach as I came out holding my fins watching me and the surfers. They all started clapping for me. I’ll never forget that day. I’m not bragging cause I was scared out there, but like I said, I surf too. Everything in life is relative. A lot of it depends on what your used to. Ya know what I mean? Ya know what I mean?

And, just hanging out, sitting, walking or even driving around on Miami Beach ain’t bad either. All the people are in a good mood, for a change. It’s like there’s just something else, it’s practically indescribable, in addition to the view, all that fresh air and Sunshine. Little kids freaking so happy squealing, and running in and out of the water, no one cares what they look like and everyone is in swim suits and almost nothing. I can’t tell you how many beautiful girls modeling clothes I’ve seen in that spot or girls posing for pictures let alone the gobs of them just being themselves laying in the Sand, Soaking up the Sun and playing in the Surf with all the Ships Sailing by. At that spot huge Cruise Ships and Commercial Steamships pass by just a hundred yards on the other side of the rocks in the Cut. 

Oh and there’s the model on the Jetty, see I wasn’t kidding. They’re all over the place.

Thank you for letting me bloviate.

Solar is right here right now! It’s REAL!

Westward Look – High Desert Gem

When your passionate about your profession, it’s hard to take a vacation. My destination? my hometown Tucson, Arizona. My hotel, the Westward Look, in my humble opinion, the best hotel in Tucson. Nestled at the base of the surrounding Catalina Mountains it’s situated at the entrance to Pima Canyon.

In the foothills with it’s lush high desert flora and fauna you look straight up 6,000 ft. from the desert floor to the snow capped peaks. The sounds of desert birds, trickling water as the wind whistlesd through the giant thousand year old Saguaro cacti dotting the little canyon was simply a step away from my beautiful quarters to my balcony. Whatever time, morning, evening, during the full moon, in the middle of the night, it was there in all its grandure. I loved that view.

I was born in Tucson when the population was 80,000. Even though it’s grown to a million you can easily find your way back to this desert city and relive the same delightful feeling that you only get from nature and everything it offers.

Like a kid again as soon as I saw the sign, “Stables,” I jumped for the chance instinctively. My reservation was at 8am. No stinking pony ride for me. The was the real thing, I ran full out, galloping as fast as my horse would go. Two lovely girls met me at the valley stables just below the Hacienda del Sol, the old 1940’s girl’s school for the rich girls from the East. The little canyon we rode in was covered with mesquite trees, thousand year old  creosote bushes, jumping cactus, and an arroyo wash with its precious water from the snow melt on the Catalina’s towering above us. A Bobcat den was hidden in a overhanging outcrop just above us where she and her kitten stayed safe. Even our conversation seemed something special when as we walked the horses peacefully through this high desert collection.

An hour and a half later we dismounted at the stable and I was off in my rented BMW with the top down, windows up and the heater and music turned up. Driving back to the hotel to one of three deep  pools then a jump into the jacuzzi then the pool then back. Time for breakfast, steak and eggs over looking Tucsons 4 surrounding mountains ranges into the distance all within 30 minutes. Three of which were snow covered. Add 30 min. and you could be in Mexico. Throw in the history, the wildlife, the food, all my friends, my family and you had one happy camper in Bldg. 1, Room 347 on the incredibly groomed desert grounds of the Westward Look. 

On top of all that I just happened to show up during the world famous Tucson Gem and Meneral show. They had the best of it right in the hotel in a private showing.

Thank you Lord for this vacation and thank the staff of the Hotel for one of the best vacations I have ever had, right at home. If I told you the price you wouldn’t believe it, even the car.

Oh and just before my 2 week stay in Tucson, I stopped in Phoenix and bought enough solar panels for 1,000 homes at, you guessed it, “the world’s lowest prices,” ever paid.





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      I know, how much? My guesses are usually fairly close but all I can do is guess, approx. .34/watt.

      Call me. They could get sold any day.
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      Price will be negotiable.


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