Using non ul will not affect your Fed. home solar tax credit

Using non ul modules and/or installing your own solar system will not effect your Fed. home solar tax credit of 30%, but it can lower your system cost by 70%!\n\nAlways buy UL listed inverters, breakers, disconnects, etc. and if you are installing your own system MAKE SURE YOU KNOW ENOUGH not to kill anyone. Take a course there are ton’s of them as well as on-line.  Google: solar electric home system training or call us for help, anytime.

Companies who don’t know about Cosmetically Imperfect Modules are missing the boat.

Every panel from Evergreen comes with a 25 year warranty, has all the major certifications for the US, Canada and Europe, and a 0% to +5% Tolerance.

Every panel from Evergreen comes with a complete computerized print out of it’s  results from the Flash Test Light Simulator using a DOE National Testing Laboratory reference cell. The same used by every other factory in the world.

What is a cosmetic imperfection. From approx. 5 ft. it is invisible. It is found on about 5% of these modules. The other 95 panels out of 100 don’t have any visible cosmetic imperfections at all, at least not that can be seen by the naked eye. This imperfection (generally about 1 cm by .5 cm) will only be visible on a couple of cells) again the other 95 out of 100 panels will look normal.

Nearly all modules will develop cosmetic imperfections after the first couple of years in the sunlight. Most people seem to forget this. Nothing stays the same.

Sun Electronics, like many major German and U.S. manufacturers and distributors also sell modules without certification. These modules are safe, especially when they are used for off grid applications, otherwise, I can assure you, companies like AEE, Schott, Evergreen, GE, BP, and many others would not be selling them.

Some U.S. distributors and dealers who either can’t find them, don’t have the time to start searching and learning, don’t want to change or maybe want to take advantage of the public’s inexperience and use it for sort of a solar mud slinging fight). Instead they they try to damage the reputation of the product and those distributors and dealers who sell it. That’s is a big mistake because the truth will always come out.

These SUN modules as we call them, all come with the same test reports on each module. Its funny but they actually have almost 0 cosmetic imperfections. But the real proof is their nearly flawless record of perfect performance. We have been selling them for the last 8 years. I can’t even count the numbers, a rough guess would be a couple of megawatts at least. Maybe 36 – 40 ft. containers a year! Number of returned modules? Approximately 6. We warranty every one of them with a 20 year warranty  identical to Evergreen’s except they have a +5 and a –5%tolerance.  AEE warranties their non UL modules for 10.

If anyone was ever dissatisfied we would refund their money or exchange modules in a second. Please look at our 98% approval testimonials, mostly for these modules, as a Power Seller on eBay. It really bothers me when companies spread lies about our their companies (41 years in solar and their in the next state but somehow I just missed that?), our company (a bunch of trailer trash) and our products (you can’t get insurance on our modules).



Did you know that on the Fed. tax credit for solar you can install the systems yourself and even use non UL modules and get the 30% credit. That saves the cost of installation and gets you a solar system price decrease of about 70% even if you live in a state without any incentives to go solar. You have too know what your doing of course. However, it can be done. There are more educational courses out there right now than you can shake a stick at.

We don’t get it Google. How about a little help here.

How is it that with all the world’s political, energy and environmental problems, when you go to “Solar Panels” on Google, this is what you see:

The number one Google ranked solar website (out of 12,600,000) sells solar yard lights, birdbaths, pathway markers, and fountains. The solar panels they do sell are more than three (3) times the going rate $1,385 vs.. $433. (comparing our Evergreen 190 watt price to theirs).

The second highest ranked solar website on Google is a company who pretends not to be a company. They request donations, ask you to link with their site and then give you the link to the only two (2)  “certified trusted solar dealers” out of the 36 million of them on google.

The third company is Sun Electronics, with Kaneka panels for as low as $.98/watt and systems for as low as $1.82/watt. All UL listed components.

When we say “in stock” we mean it. We have our own 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse they and most of the other solar distributors use drop shipping by   various supplier’s companies hundreds of miles away). We consolidate up to $7,000,000 of our own inventory (not someone else’s) under one roof and under our own control.

Put one computer in the hands of 1  person and you can make people believe you anything you want. As long as no one asks for photos, comes to see you or you live so far of the road no can find you you can get away with it forever.

When I started the Energy Center in 1973 our mission was to disseminate information on renewable energy sources ASAP. There was a possibility of war in the Middle East  involving us and the Arabs. They cut off all our oil imports. Neighbors were stealing gas from each other, lines at all the stations. It was an actual energy crisis. Now we’ve got threats to our energy independence again and this time we have the incredibly fast world wide web to disseminate solutions but Google needs to think of a better way to consolidate, eliminate and organize the ranking of web sites.

I have been in the solar industry for 37 years but it took us until just last year to get from (we couldn’t even find ourselves) to the first page of Google. Many of the other companies that are on the front pages haven’t been in the business for more than 5 years. They have no store, warehouse, catalog, almost no employees, do no shipping, and provide no design, engineering or installation services. And, at least one claims to be the oldest business in the solar industry (41 Years). We’ve never heard of them. It’s statements like that, that make me want to put our history on line for more people to see what we have been doing for the last 37 years in Renewable Energy.

The real pioneers over the last 40 years were David Katz, CA., John Schaefer, CA., Gene Hitney, AZ., Peter Talmadge, ME., Joel Davidson, AK, Wendy Dankoff, NM., Ron Kennedy, CA., Sam Vanderhoof, CA., George Newberry, FL., Don Osborne, AZ., U.S. Rep. George E. Brown, Jr., Jim Warnock, AZ., Roger Effird, Md., Erick Daniels, Md., Dr. Roger Messenger, FL., and others.

We never heard of most of the companies at the top of Google’s “solar panels” but we won’t lose sleep over it, we just think Google should use some of its recently gained profits to more effectively guide consumers to the web sites who best serve the needs of the consumers. We would like to see a site that did not force you to go to “pay per click” advertising just because you didn’t have a lot of web page ranking experience. We are ashamed to say we spent $500,000 last year or we should say wasted it. You don’t even get improved ranking on free ads from it. Think of all the help we could have given to Haiti. We hope Google is helping.

The U.S. should take the controls in Haiti

Sailboats for Haiti were loaded with generators, food,  and medical supplies to sail directly to small Haitian ports to avoid ridiculous customs rules, (peroxide and rubbing alcohol are illegal to import), and unbelievable inland freight charges (30 mi. for $23,000) .  And, the government has closed non-profit organization’s private schools because its “unfair to children in public schools” which, by the way, are still closed because of the earthquake.

second container sails away


After problems with the customs in Haiti the container was picked up and everything looks good. The signs around the building are still up and we are still getting a few donations. We will try whole foods tomorrow.They need food, lot’s of food. The American Government should run Haiti according to the majority of Haitian/Americans in Miami recently surveyed.

Evergreen CELLS ARE not made in China

It seems every time I turn around there is someone attacking one of our solar panels. Here’s a relatively indestructible clean energy source and of all the people to be knocking them for tiny little issues are the competing solar dealers.\n\nFirst of all some Evergreen Solar confusion needs to be cleared up. Evergreen was going to get back into and make the old ES line of small modules in China, just their small ones (120 watt and down) but they changed their mind about 4 months ago. Too bad for China and too bad for the rest of us because Kyocera was one of the very few if not only companies who still made the old J-box style Grade A small modules for off grid applications. From what I understood Evergreen was going to use slightly blemished cells to make them with a UL certification that would have been significantly cheaper.\n\nEvergreen, however,  is still moving forward with the assembly of large modules there (200 watts and up), who isn’t, in order to be the most competitive. They will still be manufacturing the cells in Massachusetts. (By  the way  did you know they use less, substantially less, silicon in the manufacturing of their modules than any other mfr. in the world). Yet, they deliver more power on hot days and has a faster energy payback. It’s al in the cells, anyone can do the assembly.\n\n Continue reading

If you want the least expensive, Same quality system, and you need it fast, you have come to the right place. And, we practice what we preach.

We can’t help to notice why so many companies put the price of their modules they sell in the total$ cost per module. For instance: Kyocera 210 watt $578. They don’t tell you the $/watt cost. We know why, we believe. They are hoping new consumers will concentrate on other things besides the detailed price cost of the module, however, in most system the cost is usually 60 to 80% of the entire system cost.

We can’t help to notice why so many companies refuse to publish their inventory on hand, say they have it all in stock, but they have no warehouses? We sell the exact same modules, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, mounting structures but we have it in stock, in fact as much as $7,000,000.00 of inventory on both sides of the United States and Puerto Rico.

We can’t help but to notice how many companies brag about how they live with solar energy but their stores and office buildings don’t use it. At Sun Electronics we are totally 100% independent of the power company.

More good news

(The second container in the story below was picked up and should sail for Haiti this week. Fritz will go down and install the solar system, We are working on container #3 now.)

Thank you to Carlos Abas and the girls on our staff who went out with a 30 ft. truck and filled it twice with donations from the warehouse district in Doral as well as a huge quantity from the City of Doral and their Fire Department. At least $200,000 of hospital testing and medical equipment, pallets of blankets, shoes and water, etc. They are doing a good job. Thank you City of Doral and the Doral Fire Department! Donations are really coming in fast now, even the neighborhood is still contributing supplies from their condo’s.

They will go back and pick up more loads tomorrow.  We have a new shipper that is cheaper and a new port that is closer to Mercy and Sharing.

Our first container cleared customs yesterday and is headed to Mercy and Sharing.