Used Modules

Used modules are excellent deals for off grid solar installations and sometimes grid connected systems.

For example we just got a call from Indonesia where they had a full container of 1 year old Solar World modules 230 watts ea. The time of use was certified and we know they are in perfect condition from an inspection by a qualified solar guy there who worked for us. We saved 70%. We also didn’t hesitate to buy another container of 1 year old Korean modules and some laminates. My guys don’t want me to tell you the price we paid but I will anyway we got it all for less than $1.00/watt and the laminates for .35/watt! I worked as a sales engineer for Photowatt for 4 years and for Kyocera for 6. I know about modules and this was the best deal aside from FREE modules I have ever gotten. I am just waiting for someone to pay me for their modules, of course the Government and Utilities are already doing that. I, like allot of others in Florida, got my $150,000.00 system for free and I could sell it right now for $100,000 easy . See photo of our office/showroom system on our web site

Chinese Modules

Chinese modules are just as good as modules from the U.S., Germany, Japan, or any other country. Suntech, Canadian Solar and Trina are excellent modules. Don’t be fooled by scare tactics that need to resort to modules bashing to sell their product’s quality, its bullshit. End of story.

Solar Panels becoming hard to get because of Obama

Obama is putting on pressure to require American made modules to be eligible for USA funding. Will China react? They’re prices were already going down. Right now the U.S. PV Project market is demanding the highest efficiency modules they can find that are American made and  it’s becoming somewhat scarce. American made Solar World in Ca. is basically sold out for the rest of the year, I believe. We are setting up more suppliers with high efficiency American  product and things are going surprisingly well. We have several multi  megawatt bids out there.

On the edge of another oil embargo

Looks like we are on the edge of another oil embargo. Middle East Political Shifting, pushing solar up.\n\nThe Sun also rises (Whatever that means, I never read it but it sounds good, Hemingway I think, loved the Old Man and The Sea). Our SUN module sales are doing good. We even had a pretty good January.\n\nWe now have hundreds of them (210 watt Ribbon Crystalline Modules just shipped in from Massachusetts stocked in Freeport, Bahamas. It will make shipping to the Caribbean easier, cheaper and faster. Keep an eye out for special deals on these revolutionary SUN modules ( a solar module on the roof does not have to be flawless visually to produce the exact same amount of electricity0 and please keep sending in your SUN  photos with a little info. The SUN and Evergreen solar installations are really impressive! We have some very clever and interesting dealers and individuals, we are very lucky. We never thought we would get more than 20 now we have around 150 (80% SUN modules) you know the ones that are ”crappy, used and from China NOT ! Try 20 to 25 year warranty, same output and expected lifetime and made in the USA and Germany, Only small modules from 125 watts and down to 10 watts are assembled with Evergreen, Sun power and other American cells . It get’s better they have a power output tolerance of 0 to +5% of the labeled power.\n\nWho would invest in Egypt. What a mess. We wish the Egyptian Children, Mothers, Fathers and all people there the best and we hope they can all just get along some way. Why did God create thugs and terrorists or did he?

Review over Solar panel prices

Solar panel prices, inverters, grid connect systems, wind power, solar panel sales, renewable energy sales will increase dramatically if Middle East does not Stabilize fast.\n\nPress Release For Release January 31, 2011\n\nCNN, MSNBC, Fox News, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic and Sunset Magazine all agree Sun Electronics Int., Inc. is in the top industry  position to assist people who want to GO SOLAR and be cost effective.\n\nSun Electronics Int. Inc. located in Florida, California, and Arizona with $7,000,000 of Renewable Energy Inventory including low cost super efficient solar panels from Sharp Solar, Evergreen Solar SUN Solar, Suntech, BP Solar, Trina Solar, Kyocera Solar, Yingli Solar, REC Solar, LDK Solar, as well as low cost super efficient inverters from: Schneider Electric, Xantrex, SMA, Magnum, Outback Power, Sunelec, Fronius,  as well as Honda Generators, super efficient home appliances from: Sears Kenmore, Sunelec, SUN Solar and Danby including refrigerators, freezers, refrigerator freezers, store display refrigerators, and washing machines, as well all sizes of solar batteries like Rolls and Trojan solar batteries and wind generators, charge controllers, and mounting structures.\n\nAfter detailed and scientific analysis by NASA Scientists in cooperation with the CIA, they have identified Sun Electronics Int., Inc. as the true source of the World’s Oldest and Lowest Renewable Energy Prices.” How they did this”, said President Obama,” is beyond me?” and “their prices are so low it’s crazy man!” Recently, John Kimball the CEO of Sun Electronics Int., Inc. said on ABC’s Meet The Press, “I predict solar energy will become as common place as the air we breath”.\n\nIt is also noteworthy that over three thousand Chinese solar module manufacturers voted Sun Electronics Int., Inc. as the company most likely to take over the world wide PV market in 2011. According to China’s Supreme Prime Premier Che Po. “we will own the SUN with our lower prices”. However, according to SUN “we buy best name brands in the world but our own SUN modules are 30% cheaper than Che Po’s,  are made in the U.S. A. as well as Germany, brand new and have the same life span and power output as Che Po’s from China. We are not afraid of Mr. Che Po’s cheapo’s” .\n\nThis Special Report was prepared by UPS Associated Correspondent Udo Crap ( I actually knew a generator salesman with that name).\n\nP.S. I wrote this as a joke but also because I am so frustrated with our placement on Google’s “solar panel” search. Our search optimization techniques have been failing us for the last 5 years. If any of you engineers, programmers or web masters know Google’s scrambled robotic placement criteria we could sure use help. Most of the companies on the first pages of the best key PV related keywords on Google don’t have a warehouse,  their own inventory, or any engineering staff.  They have nearly all their customer’s orders drop shipped by companies all over he place (not a good way to control your customer’s orders). Finally they have great and very knowledgeable staff who know all about computers and Google marketing.\n\nOur team continues to work on it and hopefully someday we’ll be there. In the meantime the best I can do personally because I am not smart in this area, is to write a joke about it and hope that all those juicy words above get the Google algorithm to glace our way and move us up 1 slot for a day.

There goes the third world again.

We all know the changes in Egypt and Tunisia and Yemen are causing parties around the camp fires of the terrorists across the world. It’s all to their benefit. Who’s next Saudi Arabia with their oil at stake, Pakistan with their nuclear weapons. This is for real.

There is a reason for everything and I believe one of them for this is to get us back on track moving the renewable energy and defense agendas. It’s better to have independence from oil and fight the terrorists on their own soil than on ours.

I’ve been doing this solar thing for a long time and every 5 years something has happened to make renewable grow like crazy, it slows then boom another growth spurt. I predict shortages of solar panels again within 4 moths and you know the price per watt is going to go up. I am already making plans to raise prices. My inventory just increased in value by 20% overnight.

A lot of people are thinking about jumping into making money on solar one way or another. There are so many seminars on every aspect of solar you know some of them have to be totally worthless. Nasty rumors about companies are also flying around town. Recently I received a call from an old friend of 40 years who is developing a public/private 1.3 million sq. ft. development and someone told him we only sold USED solar modules and he was one of my best friends! Jealously is alive and well out there so [people are having more trouble than ever believing anyone about what’s real in solar because these solar guys are all bad mouthing each other as rip offs. Why is it that everyone wants to be king of the hill in solar so bad. I know I do. Its the Sun’s fault, its too overpowering.

Well I keep thinking about going out and buying guns, ammo, medicine, food, water filtration systems, remote land and maybe even a hideout just in case to go to. Look at Egypt, Haiti, and Hurricane season that’s coming my place in the world is due for a major Hurricane, I said it is a fact we are due for a Hurricane, overdue and the third world is already going nuts, it could be Chavez, weather, nuclear, earthquake, war, ….and a lot more solar that seems more  for real .

I’m not afraid I just am excited about this enth rebirth of solar. I can’t wait for tomorrow morning. It’s like waking up at 10 years old and running out to continue working on your tree house/clubhouse. I couldn’t be happier than selling solar and helping people to get the power they need and to go green if that’s their thing.

By the way the photos and stories that you sent us are all posted on our web site under systems with SUN panels, etc. We have received a ton of them and each one is fascinating to me at least. Check them out ant the people I bet they look a lot like YOU.

I just read an article that blew my mind

The DOE is giving a Billion Dollars to First Solar in Loan Guarantees to build a plant capable of powering 100,000 homes and that will provide 400 jobs. 400 JOBS are you kidding me!!\n\nDivide 400 into 1,000,000,000  that’s TWO MILLION FIVE HUNDERED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER JOB we just spent, PER JOB. Oh yeah we got this huge power plant but with thin film modules that are still unproven to last 25 years in even the best of climates let alone Yuma. I’m from Tucson. Have you ever been to Yuma in the summer, its hell on earth.\n\nSo much for all the touting of  the advantage of using thin film modules in cold climates.\n\nThat could have been 100,000 systems on top of homes or 300,000 systems partially running 300,000 homes (they need to be weatherized and re-applianced first anyway). This would have generated 25,000 to 75,000 rooftop home system related jobs instead of 400 on a remote flate plate field surrounded with barbed wire in the middle of NOWHERE. It could have produced an immeasurable amount of public education and  human interest via word of mouth between homeowners (YOU) and your friends, family, neighbors, etc. talking about and trading technical info on solar electric power. Oh yeah don’t forget the value of a 100,000 news stories on Google, newspapers, magazines, TV, etc.  So many kids would  see that we aren’t total losers as adults running this country. Thats an exaggeration of course their bragging about it, 400 JOBS, come on give us a break. It sounded like a sweet deal for the Secretary of Energy himself. If this plant fails or any plant this size fails the investors in solar will get fried and the taxpayers will get stuck holding the bag. At least they could have used crystalline silicon (30 to 40 year+ life) and given the power to the people who are guaranteeing and paying for it and would love to put it on their own homes. God that would have been a ton of jobs. tens of thousands, and the training, the timing (the PV industry is in a little trouble right now) oh man.  How many times do we have to see this happen before someone stops it.\n\nNo one will ever see this system (or the wildlife habitat it destroys – yes there is life in the deserts of Arizona) except in boring dull photos of a huge black field of possibly soon to be solar panels losing power from the heat and degradation of thin film’s output. Thin film in YUMA, its like putting ice cream in the oven, nothing survives intact for very long, the desert destroys everything. Thats why no one lives there unless your tough as nails. You can’t be made of thin film and expect to survive in my opinion. What the hell do I know I am no engineer that for sure but something stinks here. I’m probably just jealous, I am, but at least that’s logical. We need to get the people involved and they are reacting to all the incentives so we positively asking questions to find out how they can get a system from coast to coast and even world wide.\n\nHave you ever been to Phoenix and tried to visit First Solar, I challenge you to even get a meaningful response over the phone or email out of them. We had to have my daughter Christy to sneak in. She walked backwards into an elevator (on my orders). It didn’t do any good, no one would even talk to her its like the algorithm of Google advertising, top secret.\n\nSome people who haven’t seen all the promises of thin film, “the solar technology of the future”, materialize solidly for the last 25 years, must really find this strange. We, you and I are guar ranting it now! Some companies in thin film took investors to the cleaners due to their ignorance thin film degradation over the years. The media helped hype the thin film solar material of the future story to make it seem like it had already arrived, go to any major solar trade show it’s represented by about 10% of the exhibitors there still.. Sure you can get cheap thin film, we sell it, but you this is like Daniel in the Lion’s Den (or something like that) but more importantly we are supporting putting solar in the wrong places. If we always talk about how many houses these systems will run then we should put the damn systems on the houses in the first place. I predict Yuma will eat any thin film you put out there alive before its time.\n\nI am not anti First Solar (they make a good product), thin film (hell we sell it for 98¢/watt  {I doubt First Solar does}), solar in the desert or solar in general, but some solar criticisms have more to do with our government’s solar support and should be directed more at rooftops for homes, doesn’t the word independence turn people on any more? At least on a grid tied home you have that option some day and there’s nothing like turning off the utility company even if its only half the year and running deep and silent off a freaking star 97M miles away or am I crazy. Better crazy happy then sane and sad anyway, I believe. I wish First Solar and all its employees al the luck in the world but beware of the SUN in Yuma, Arizona. If things don’t work out we would love to buy your used solar modules for use in Canada.\n\nBy the way I found out at least 5 people are reading my blogs. We are going to get Adam and Louis our engineers, writing  tech stuff on here soon and we might even post your comments and start some thread thingys (I feel like George Bush on a computer) In case you haven’t noticed I don’t post your comments. It’s because I don’t have to, its not illegal, ha ha). But, we intend to change that. We are trying to get the famouse Solar Guppy (well known for his high technological intellect in all aspects of PV) to come visit us and give us some help) He’s the David Katz, Dr. Roger Messenger of the solar blog world at least on Arizona’s Wind and Sun solar blog we we got ourselves kicked off for whatever. NO SOUP FOR YOU!\n\n4:21AM if you ever come to Miami, its a lot nicer than they say (my brother Richard loved to point out how much he hated it every time he ever visited us) we have this very cool little store you should visit. We call it the World’s Largest Solar Store  because it is.

SunFrost make great DC and AC refrigerator freezers

Billy called me today and was worried that I was upset at him because of some dumb thing I must have said in one of my late night blogs. I assured him it was a typical cowardly error as I hid behind my computer typing away like I need to have more business than everyone else. These guys are awesome they both make super products and the truth is they are far superior to our own brand but ours is just the  least expensive. People like them all, and they all work, someone just needs to challenge us all to a walk I mean cool off to see the real difference, it would be fascinitating.\n\nSounds like a great Home Power article to me. We’d love to do it but no time. We would donate a refrigerator to home power if they would (much less expensive for us ha ha). By the way hi Larry. Billy and I agree your a very   funny guy. I miss your very  funny  laugh and funny face.

Solar Panel Prices continue to Fall.

By the end of the year solar panels will be $1.50/watt for UL listed modules. Right now they are as low as $1.65. We will be having a huge sale out of our new S.F. warehouse to get the ball rolling faster in Cal. will probably start tomorrow. The above prices are for the largest wholesalers.  We will have the same for retail and wholesale.\n\nSurplus modules are used, just blemished, scratched, dented, slightly lower power, discontinued, remnants of runs, onsey towseys, a container that fell of a container ship or who knows but they are able to produce the same power and last just as long as regular modules because of their construction. They lower the  price per watt $.50/watt to over  $2.00/watt (-70%) of a normal module’s retail price. The best price we have ever found was recently, we got 1 year old laminates (no frames) for .40/watt. Of course sometimes we can get some for free if we order enough containers. Anybody want 2000 monocrystalline glass laminated 2 watt modules? School Since Teachers maybe?\n\nThe world is awash in solar modules. The Government Incentives are working but in reverse as well as forward. The old incentives reached a peak already worldwide and really woke up a great industry rush of growth. As incentives are decreased in Europe and elsewhere Chinese stock is bursting at the seems with no where to go. Prices are dropping and Surplus modules which reached the same cost as utility produced electric power (grid parity) a long time ago, are now even cheaper than the utility. Unfortunately U.S. Companies are closing, both small and large because they can’t compete with China and Chinese dumping. The Government of China tells every single Chinese company what to sell their modules and cells for. You can tell because when you go to the largest PV shows on earth, every Chinese  module talk to has exactly the same price. Of course my comments are a generalization and could be wrong but its my opinion today Jan. 21, 2011 and also if I was China I would do the same thing. To me China is like one huge company, the Dominican republic was like that when it came to inverter/chargers for their power outages, collusion instead of a dictator. All the buyers got together in that case.\n\nIt’s getting late again.\nJohn.