Sunelec Forms Bond With Suntech

Sun Electronics is privledged to announce that it has received a large shipment from Suntech’s Chinese Factory. They are a mixture of Grade A and discontinued models. These modules were purchased months ago but we requested the light tower tests for each module which slowed the shipment down considerably. We provide light tower tests whenever possible for every solar panel we sell. Certified SUN VS modules have the list attached on the top of every pallet we sell.  We got great prices on these Suntech’s but since December the PV module market price has dropped about $.08/watt. They run from approximately 180 watts to 230 watts. Suntech is a great company and all of their modules qualify  for the Federal 30% tax credit, as well as, the Treasury Dept. Refund which you can take in lieu of the tax credit if you don’t happen to owe any taxes.

We are off to a great start working with our old friends at Suntech, we have had a few bumps, but hopefully we will be able to offer you these great modules from China to our off grid and on grid customers. Suntech is the largest manufacture of PV modules in the World and their prices are excellent as well as the quality of their modules. They deserve to be treated equally with any other brand on the market today. They are good trading partners as well. Like Kyocera (Japanese -  worked there 6 years) they opened a manufacturing plant in the U.S. in Phoenix.

John Kimball

P.S. If you are interested in these newly Suntech modules please call us for a quote 305-710-9645.

Headed for Ontario, Italy and Paris

My daughter is going to open a European Office in Paris, its better than Phoenix she said. She will move on June 1st.

I am going to the PV Show in Italy next month to look for suppliers and buyers of appropriate modules, cheap ones, of course, and to meet with the African connection.

We are sending a team Farshad, Louis, and Joe to Ontario to participate and attend a series of seminars by SMA and to do our own series for potential installers and investors. Louis Prophete will visit our Mennonite friends, Farshad ,something or other, (Persian solar engineer) and Joe Otavnik, accountant and solar pioneer from Ontario will give the SUN FIT Systems and Financial Analysis seminars.

Hopefully something will come of all of this expended time, money and effort. As long as its all enjoyable and we can all get back to our family  and friends soon it should be more great solar stuff. The PV market in all of these areas is booming. With everything else that’s going on people are talking about shortages again.


Laminates coming soon at World record price per watt

We have 2000 laminates coming any day. World record price per watt, again and again and again.\n\nWhile the rest of the guys promise less than a dollar a watt for the last two years Sun Electronics has been supplying it. his is mono crystalline and polycrystalline. Call me for more information.\n\nCall me / John 786-521-3049.

The Solar Roller Coaster

We just installed the first solar roller coaster, just kidding, but it would be a neat project, and a good analogy of the solar energy market. I just went to PVUSA, it was great so was Philadelphia! The most incredible thing I saw was the world’s largest thin film module. it was about 10 feet by 10 feet, well a little smaller, but not much. It would be great to just have one around just to blow your friend’s minds.

Great people at the show, great companies and of course we were there pissing everyone off including the show management by handing out our brochures. All they stated were our prices starting with 84¢/watt for crystalline laminates w/o J-boxes (got to put them on yourself), then 98¢/watt for thin film with MC4 connectors, 9 cu. ft. PV refrigerators for $448 (they only need 1 – 80 watt module and 1 battery to work), a beautiful Colombian girl in a bikini with the caption “Notice the Blemish?, B Grade modules from Sun Electronics” (my daughter is threatening to quit over it and she’s right, but I’m hanging in there for us male chauvinists as long as I can), oh yeah and the $1.78/watt systems we have that include everything except the racks.

They put yellow wrist bands on the all the potential customers on “Public Day” which made it like a turkey shoot for us. We headed for every yellow wrist band like they were gold and handed them out with the exhibition management in hot pursuit (you just have to keep moving), Christen (my assistant from Craig’s list and I had a blast for about 3 hours) Christen showed up like a blind date, about 250 lbs. African American and sweet as sweet potatoes, she was beautiful, funny and a great sport worth every penny $33/hr.

We have some great new inverters coming out in 3 weeks that we found for on and off grid that include smart grid management for residential or commercial applications. Fed. Gov. Mandated Smart Grid, yeah right, like in 10 years, do it now on your own building or home. It comes with all sorts of great options. I don’t want to give out too much information or we will be copied as of right now we have an exclusive relationship. Did I tell you another company in Miami opened a store right down the street from us on the freeway with a name almost exactly the same as ours and in flashing neon lights. They have this very famous trademark management company that gets paid lots of money. Be careful Chris or you may be turned into a pillar of salt, it seems to happen to everyone who messes with me, I had nothing to do with it, it just happens. There are allot of sales managers for factories out there who did shitty things to us that just sort of disappeared. What goes around comes around endings, I think.

Anyway, it was basically, all the same modules, all the same stuff, all grid tied, all the same guys (allot playing musical employers) standing around looking at each other waiting for the big “Project Developers” to come along and make the big transactions. It was mostly about N.Y. and N.J.’s politically generated incentives, and federal, thanks to the generous tax and utility rate payers of the USA, N.J., and N.Y., with a few other states thrown in for good measure. Oh yeah, and Sun Electronics without a booth, dressed in Levis, handing out flyers for the same stuff for substantially less. A watt is a watt is a watt most of the time, I believe.

It was so easy to see the difference even without all the badges between the installers and the salesmen. The installers were so laid back. The sellers all wore suits and the “Project Developers” reminded me of the carpet baggers in the South sitting around big tables with a half dozen guys in total subservience to some big shot businessman of some investment company or something, with all their drawings, charts, accounting and legal analyses of how they would divide up all the free money. I’m not against it, it just looks so boring compared to building one small solar system at a time for homes with families in them or at least business’. Running off our star, the Sun, 93 million miles away is even better when it comprises a totally self sufficient home or business that can stand on its own independently. But…. I love free anything, so we’ll take the free money as fast as everyone else, but its more so we’ll be around to sell cost effective solar systems when and if the free money ever runs out. We should all hope that won’t happen, not after Japan should have made us all wake up. It certainly out ranked the BP Gulf environmental disaster. It’s hard to believe nuclear waste will remain highly radioactive for over 1000 years?! It’s impossible to realize what that means let alone to be able to take responsibility for it. At the least people should have felt safe living next to a nuclear plant. It’s the waste that is the problem I have been taught.

If you ask me were all on the Titanic and there are just enough boats for a few either very smart first class early birds or a small percentage of the panicking group of late comers who believed in the management. No offense to those who lost their lives on the Titanic intended. By the way, my relatives Mr.. and Mrs.. Edward Kimball were on the Titanic and yes they both survived. I don’t know if he had knowledge that there weren’t enough life boats for everyone as he was one of the first of the first class passengers to be loaded into lifesaving boats, I think. I can only hope so. My other uncle Alton Kimball was a World War I hero and there is a plaque on the chapel at Harvard in his honor. He flew biplane fighter air craft and died on a mission.

It will all work out, Gods in charge.

Thank you for reading this and not making negative comments and/or criticisms. Besides, you can’t, I won’t publish them anyway, ha ha. No I will, because people actually do read this I’m learning and I have seen some good comments that should be shared. Unfortunately, some are really really stupid. ha ha, just kidding, not.


Solar for desperate people.

Sometimes we try to do do much with solar for desperate people. Ok, picture this New Orleans, Haiti, Japan, etc. a massive natural disaster. What do you need: medical treatment, clean water, sanitary conditions, food, shelter, strength, respect, discipline, etc. For solar solutions people think, desalination plant, refrigeration, solar powered emergency shelters, solar powered homes, portable solar generators but for these disasters and for almost all of these you can do a better job with a generator if you still have gas stations open. But, of course, not always, sometimes a hybrid system of a generator with an inverter charger can be very effective and increase you gas mileage (so to speak) out of your generator 300% and if you add solar panels it can be as much as 10 times according to our test results.\n\nWe have been selling Honda generators, inverter chargers, deep cycle batteries, and solar panel systems for many years and we know that these big energy hog applications can make a 100% solar supply VERY expensive, simply too unrealistic. However, the best application I have ever heard of is, dry toilets Clivus Multrum, I think their called. You’ve seen them I’m sure. I had the privilege of using one in the Catalina Mountains next to Tucson at a campground. This public facility was clean and completely order less and used “0” water. I was amazed. So imagine this, you have 300,000 people in a disaster zone there is almost no running water, say you get water, food and medical help coming in and after a week everyone is left in tents with no where to go “literally”.\n\nYou make a 2 story building on the top you have the seating area and on the bottom you have the depository but the solar panels on the roof suck the air down the holes in the seats to aerate it to vents on the roof. This promotes the biodigestion of the wast. The process is super activated by a biological additive to the waste. In the end you end up with nothing but odorless ash. The solar panels provide lighting 24 hours a day. You could do it with two mobile trailers that could be shipped, unloaded, dumped and relocated. All you need to do is keep it clean. Disinfectant and toilet paper would be the coup de gra.\n\nI figure about 500 to 1000 watts of power would handle it (maybe less), fans and lights are good loads for solar panels. You have to admit it would keep contaminates out of the water in the area when it rains. It would be allot more healthier.\n\nI think it’s important for people to share ideas that could save lives, as fast as possible. Why not send in yours here and I will post it on the site and start consolidating them, eliminating the really stupid ones,ha ha, not, and organizing them into a section people can put on heir websites.

I was in a restaurant when I saw the news from Japan

It’s a nice restaurant I was there for coffee and a bagel and to read the paper before work. Besides the TV scenes of horrific destruction, I really was caught by surprise by the few number of people were watching it. It was as if they knew something I didn’t. My best guess is people who are well raised by wise and excellent parents teach themselves not to entertain themselves with other peoples suffering. Sure its a surreal act of nature but that not what really makes so many of us watch violence.

TV has become a way, now more than ever, of cheap entertainment at the expense of others. There must be a quote from one or more holy books that would fit this idea to a T. I think, “Treat others as you would have them treat you”.  Can you imagine how it would feel to have this happen to you and yours and have someone watching it munching on a delicious bagel and drinking  coffee. I think I get the idea. Keep your head down keep doing what’s right , work hard, love your family and keep moving forward. DO what you can to help but don’t stand there staring at the agony of others. Donate, volunteer and/or pray.

Waiting for the details on our big score

We send out an email blast to our huge e-mail list about the two best scores we have ever come up with and now we look like we have nothing, oh but that’s not the case, we have plenty for everyone. Just hang in there and you will get your spec sheets and photos. It’s all real, Half is on the water 1 week out and the other has been loaded and is in the process of steaming out of the harbor.\n\nWatch this blog but if you were one of the ones who got our email blast you will be getting another with all the specifications. If you or not on the emailing list please subscribe if you can figure out how. Frankly I haven’t looked for it as I don’t have to subscribe, hopefully it is still there on our web site somewhere. I have already asked Sergio to be sure to put it up where it can be found easily. It reminds me when people ask me where there’s a good hotel in Miami, why would I know, I don’t use hotel’s here.\n\nIf you want to put down a 10% deposit based on our reputation and what specifications we have given you already we will hold the modules or the laminates reserved for you only. The deposit is totally refundable if there are any reasons you don’t want them. Frankly we didn’t ask nearly enough for the Solar Worlds, we think. We may have to increase them a bit but we will wait to see them after they arrive. You would do the same thing if you got the response we did, a sure sign we blew it. We could have sold them ten times at that price. I guess Solar World is sold out till the end of the year, and I even knew that. Anyway it’s not illegal, I think. Buy something else like inverters and batteries and we’ll hold it for you,I think. Thanks.\n\nWe shall see.\n\nJK

The Whole Solar Truth and Nothing But the Truth

The only thing reading in this article is the paragraph at the bottom with the asterisk. FSEC has allot of nice people working there I just got carried away because I’m hiding in front go my computer.\n\nWould you buy a car now that would take 30 years to pay for itself. NO! Good because cars never pay for themselves. Well its a hell of a lot better than walking, I’ll say that and well that was a dumb thing to say no no that’s not what I wanted to say. What I want to say is both stupid and honest so here it goes.\n\nSolar is still too expensive , we need to get the cost down. Allot of people are pissed off their tax money is being spent on it let alone on the oil incentives and tax credits like 80 billion a year. No I am talking about what SUN can do as a small American Company. Anyone could do it if they wanted to , anyone.\n\nContinue reading

A very simple way of looking at solar power.

What if power never increased:

Over 40 years you will spend $3,500 if you consume 4 kWhr/day, if electricity cost 6 cents a kWhr.

An installed solar system will cost $3,000 if you consume the same amount of power over the same period of time.

What are the odds electricity rates will never increase in 40 years?