Look closely, “Find Peter!”\r\n\r\n..Give this man some Free Solar Panels. One order comin right up!\r\n\r\nThank you Peter Pilot!\r\n\r\nJ.Greetings John,\r\nGood Grief! I just read your newest blog concerning the free 6v panels…I had no idea so many folks \r\n\r\nwant so many, including the guy who was so bloody rude demanding all 50,000! I would be very happy\r\n\r\nwith any amount, 20, 50 100 etc. All I know is fitting the roofs of our British Double Decker Bristol buses\r\n\r\nwith your panels would be wonderful, very “Green” and I would be happy to put an Advert on each bus as\r\n\r\nwe get them operational stating the lighting / music comes from electricity produced by Sun Electronics Solar Panels. \r\nI have, by the way, family & friends all over Florida, hence it would be fun to fly down to Miami, get to\r\n\r\nmeet you which would be great fun, acquire a truck, van etc to bring panels back to PA. That is if I am \r\n\r\nfortunate enough to be awarded any. \r\nI ran my red 62 Bristol “Sofia” in the Tampa /Clearwater area a few years back as a “Pub Crawl” bus. What a bloody great time and also a nightmare carrying 60-70 drunk souls on a 4-5 hour trip to 3 bars. My poor bus was trashed every time. \r\nI hope you have a nice week John, it’s dreadfully cold here in the Poconos. I continue to work on Sofia and now have started on Barney Bus. She’s also a Bristol but some flounder painted her with Purple Home Depot house paint years ago. \r\nThank you John, Cheers! Peter “Pilot” Hellgren\r\n\r\n Double D Bus Cafe

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