PV Module Price And Supply Catastrophe as of today.

Because of the petition and request by the recently bankrupt PV manufacturers Solar World and Suniva, the World Trade Organization is about to make a decision that will cause the loss of hundreds of thousand of jobs in the PV Industry. Basically it forces all PV manufacturers that don’t manufacture their modules in the USA to raise their minimum $ per watt sales price , when selling in the USA to a whopping $.78 per watt!

The current price per watt for modules in the USA has already increased by approximately 25%, just in the last month. And, it’s still rising.

Solar Farm Developers, Distributors Installers, etc., etc.  have bought up almost all the module inventory in the country as of today. This will be only the second time in history that a shortage of this magnitude had ever occurred. The first was in approx. 2005 to 2008. That shortage was due to the huge PV incentives in Europe, and the USA.
SolarWorld and Suniva  declared  bankruptcy in the last few week’s and are trying to save their skins by going to the bureaucratic idiots in the government sectors, to basically screw everything up in their favor. Everyone knows government  is very good and very persistent at sticking their nose into everything they think they know everything about and are making life miserable for more people that they ever help. And, Yes it will help those two USA giant and great PV manufactures but, they are ruining the short term future of PV with their solution  , giving them a a near monopoly.  They are the USA’s  enadangered species of the USA PV Mfr. industry.
We all know It’s China inc, and they have a surplus of cash like no one has seen in Asia ever. But how do you stop them from using their dictatorship from controlling prices. They’ve boldly built 600 PV factories using government money,  that ALL LOSE MONEY , just like ours and everyone else’s  in the world,  so why didn’t  the USA 🇺🇸 and the World 🌎 Trade bureaucrats ask for help from us, the employees that have to pay the biggest price  for their assumed solutions . Nooooooooo just ask the factories.  Conflict of interest times infinity…. “idiots!” (Nappoleon, from Napoleon Dynamite.)  

Of course if it happened to us we would have found a way around it too, we would have just moved our factories outside of China just like they did.  What did they expect, that they were smarter than the Chinese ? Think 5,000 years made a difference! Idiots!

On the other hand, if we were one of the last two factories we would have appealed to the government, God, anyone who’d listen,  if you were faced with suffocation.  So Who knows.

“Screw it, just let business go it’s own way naturally”, some say. After all isn’t it bigger and better to let them lose all the money making modules,  and just be ready to copy their tecnologhy when the time is right. It will always get bigger.
Frankly aside from all the cheap fall out from the solar farm business we think solar farms are a blight on the natural environment unless you could put them all in one location 🌎 Spreading them around all over is ugly, plain and simple. 

Maybe so, maybe not said the wiseman. If we all had to wait 4 hours Avery couple of days for gas or if the pier started blacking out in this heat oh God help us if that happens…CATASTROPHE! Screw the election crap, and every other problem you thought you had it’ll be raining bullfrogs, (if you saw that movie you know how stupid our problems really are. You will have to  buy a gun!

GO BUY A 40MW PLANT OF MODULES AND YOU’LL PAY 40 cents a watt right now , its up by 20% In the last month since they started this whole nutty thing. Besides they aren’t there anyway, there’s a major shortage in the USA!

Of course some people will be better than others at finding them but it’s not looking good .

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