Renesola 300W Auction starting at $.04/W.

We are about to start our second auction in the next few hours:

Of special interest are the above modules. They were involved in a hail storm that hit a solar farm.

After de-installing  16,400 – 300 watt modules, that were taken off a two year old 5MW farm, the Sun Electronics’ team sorted them into 3 types. A 3rd of the modules had broken glass and those were recycled. These are not in the Auction 

A third however were not hit at all. They are in perfect condition, have UL, a 25 year warranty and produce full power of 300 or more watts. These are Grade B only because they are 2 yrs. old. These are in the second phase of our Auction.

A third  of the modules got hit, did’nt break, are Grade C and they all produce their full rated power of 300 watts. They are sold as is but we will refund or replace any that don’t produce full power if contacted within 60 days. These are in the second phase of our Auction. 

A Grade of C means they are cosmeticly imperfect. To see the video of them go to You will see they have micro-cracks, dark snail trails, white worm lines, MC4 inter-connectors, and  can easily be cleaned. They have a minimum auction bid of only 4 cents a watt,  normally sold for .11/watt. For use in off grid, low voltage applications of 12, 24, or 48 volt systems or in grid tie applications that use micro-inverters.

For More info I recommend you google “IEEE studies on micro cracks, snail trails and worm lines” and read the abstracts and summaries for more information. These particular Grade C modules have a lot of them.

The Auction also includes modules of GCL, Suniva, Sonali, and many more, from 12 volt – 30 watts to 340 watts, as well as micro and central station inverters.

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