Solar Shingle Shed – Using the free panels

I got the first section of the Solar Shed topped out! 70 panels up there and I didn’t fall off a single time (this week). 6 on the Solar Pump and 7 at the barn. I’m using them up! My wife was wondering why it was so big. I had to break it to her gently that this is only the first quarter of it.

I’ll move the solar boat and all spare parts into the shed and start wiring things up. There is a discrepancy between the two labels on the panels, so I have to figure out that issue. I don’t want to waste power and I certainly don’t want to burn up controllers. The small power size of these panels really makes it easy to fine tune the power supply.

Has anybody else done anything with their solar shingles, yet?—Neal

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  1. Will you please put me on your list for free solar panels. My property is 10 acres with lots of room for panels. As of now i have a small 5th wheel that’s being set up for two 100 watt panels, the BOS is bought, now needing new 100 watt x2. By the way John I would put them up in short order. My welding and wood working skills are very good. Picking up the panels is easy for me as I live 50 miles away from your location in Phoenix. Have pickup and trailer. These free panels would run everything but AC and well pump, welder and air compressor. Thank you John. Kevin, south of Maricopa Az.

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