How To Save Energy

Open Up Your Windows And Turn Off The AC. It’s Winter Time In South Florida You Idiots. First of all that includes me. I’ve told this story before but it’s that time of year again in Florida.\n\nI was up late watching TV and came across some Government Channel where a bunch of guys were sitting around in $5,000 chairs giving out our tax money for energy saving projects. One by one people came up with their giant corporate projects, Wind Generators and Solar Systems, Electric Cars and Buses or factories to build them. All of them wanted millions. Then this guy and his wife got up and suggested an advertising campaign aimed at getting people to open their windows. Think of how many condo owners never open their windows in the winter here. They run the AC 24 hours a day 365 days a year. My wife is one of them, so is my office, Unless I make this simple change happen by getting up off my ass and opening the damn windows or doors. In larger buildings like our office we add fans and control the ventilation by opening and closing certain doors and windows. Watch out for the slamming doors though, very obnoxious but just make the adjustments.\n\nYou don’t have to tell me the arguments why not, burglars, kids, pets, alligators, raccoons, insects, the summer heat and humidity  these are good ones but they only cover a small fraction of the condos.. Yeah you need AC all summer but not from Dec. to March at least. It’s a great idea for a a lot more and very obvious reasons.\n\nPeople don’t like change, me included, but I have always said you can used to anything, even prison, it just takes a few days and you will stop complaining. You can even stop eating, and smoking, its just the first couple of steps and the pain subsides. It’s been said a million times so I will just shut up.\n\nOne last thing. I am sitting here now with my doors open watching the sunrise, its Dec. 1st,  I think. The AC is broken and the fresh air coming in feels great. The Christmas tree branches are moving in the wind.. I am on the 14th floor facing the ocean it’s perfect. That guy and his wife were so right on. Their idea didn’t get chosen of course. The guys who “donated” the most to their campaign’s probably did and the money has been spent and no one knows what happened or cares probably. This is the first day so far this year I’ve opened up the sliding glass doors and its because I had to.\n\nOh yeah and another thing, once when I lived in Phoenix I was late on the bill and the utility turned off my power so just for fun I decided to see how long I could last. It was summer so the main thing was sleeping. I just grabbed my bed and moved it outside into the backyard. They nights the sky was clear, heat would radiate into the sky, its called something like black body radiation, anyway I had to go inside and and get a blanket. In the summer it gets up into the 120’s in Phoenix. I grew up in Tucson with a swamp cooler or evaporative cooler there for my whole life. Anyway this black body thing worked real well as long as you didn’t forget a blanket otherwise you were too cold!\n

Solar water heating panels

\nIn the olden days before air conditioning people would have sleeping porches or move their beds outside. I read once where you could see this happening every summer night on the streets in Phoenix.\n\nSolar water heating panels can freeze if its a clear night and the temperature is still a few degrees above freezing. I will Google it and find out more.\n\nJohn

Liquidate all the solar Energy Star Products

SMA at cost, our cost from the factory for a 3 million dollar order is yours till the end of the month. Ex. SB5000 $2798.\n


  • PV panels at $.78/watt. Laminates.
  • \n

  • SUN (Evergreen cells, identical construction to Evergreen Modules ES-A 200 watt type) made in Germany $1.68/watt (7 containers ETA Oct. 15th). Will probably sell in 2 weeks.
  • \n

  • Sunelec Inverter/Chargers with modified or pure sine wave, 3600 watts (mod. sine), with 60 amp battery charger only $518 compared to $900 for a TR3624 .
  • \n

\nTomorrow I have given instructions to our web guys to put the wind generators, Honda generators and solar/energy efficient appliances on sale at amazingly cheap prices. The solar 12/24 V refrigerator freezers we sell are great.\n

Liquidation on freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and solar ovens

\nI am also going to liquidate all the solar 12V and 24 V and Energy Star refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and solar ovens we have on our showroom floor so call me if you are interested. We bought them all at great prices and I can consider whatever you offer so call and let’s negotiate. I want the floor space back in the show room for desks for interns and sales engineers.\n\nJohn Kimball