SUN Solar Panels with 30% Tax Credit

The SUN DA095-A 95 watt amorphous module comes from one of the leading science and technology companies in the world. Call me for information. I can’t publish it.\n\nIf you spend $300/mo. on electric Kwh alone (about a $400/mo. total bill) and you pay 7¢/Kwh you will need 355 of these modules (35,000 watts) and 4,500 Sq. ft. of space (roof or ground). The cost will be $26,980 and the payback will be 7 years for the modules only. You will need an inverter, mounting racks, charge controllers and batteries, etc. All that could add another 40% and then there is the installation for at least  a dollar a watt or another $35,000. Now the cost is $72,000 and the payback is 20 years. Yeah, yeah, yeah I forgot inflation, the rising cost of electricity, etc.\n

Solar Incentives in your States

\nIf you have any incentives in your state the cost and payback of just the modules, 7 years, could be half that, just 3.5 years, but incentives are running out. This is a very half ass attempt to calculate payback but at least its understandable, I think, for about anyone. Unfortunately it points to the need to get the cost of solar down to about 50¢/watt. The vast majority of the issues with the cost of solar is the amount of Kwhrs it takes to run our current air conditioners, lighting, refrigerators and freezers, water heaters, etc. If we could use this energy more efficiently and less often it could make a world of difference but…\n\nNow I will turn off the Christmas tree lights that have been on all day and night, a half dozen lights that have been on all night ( couple all day), my computer, oh yeah and the idiot box, all day and night as well.\n

$1.20/Watt Modules

\nYou know when I started this I thought the $1.20/watt modules above with the 30% tax credit, hence 80¢/watt, would make some great numbers appear. I know my simplistic calculations would make allot of people cringe. But apparently, unless you are off grid, especially with the Federal tax credit, which does not restrict non UL modules and do it yourself installations, off-the-grid solar is for real because running a generator costs about 40¢/Kwh. or 6 times the cost of the average Kwhr from a U.S. Utiltiy Co.\n\nStill allot of off grid people have put off solar, even for off grid, because of the up front cost, but that cost is likely to come down because of: oversupply of modules, inverters, solar batteries, etc. in the grid connect market (this may happen sooner than you might think). We will sell anyone a solar system regardless of whose paying for it but there is no secret that we enjoy the off grid market sales the most. The installations, locations, and especially the people who install and own them are fascinating. Most importantly,  they are for real.\n\nMaybe if you live in some place where the peak hourly rate for electricity is like 28¢/Kwh or 4 times the national average then with all the available incentives the payback would be 5  or maybe 3 years, then it sounds very good. There is such a place, parts of Los Angeles. There might be more.


Conservatives take control in U.S. mid-term elections from top to bottom. STOP THE SPENDING – that may mean solar incentives. Just in the last couple of hours we have answered received  emails from Chinese manufacturers, received over the last two days, with new lower prices, even a couple companies in the U.S.\n\nEuropean Companies from Spain and Germany are also trying to get rid of product to us. It may be only a couple of cents lower per watt but we think the momentum is building for a major price decrease.\n\nWe are rethinking our strategy and we may be lowering our prices for BOS (inverters, batteries, charge controllers) (our SMA inverters are already below cost) and maybe panels as well, in some cases to “at cost” because we carry so much stock ($7M), and our financial situation is good, so we can afford it. In fact we have just hired 5 more people and added 7 new phone lines. However, unlike anyone else, we sell mostly overstocked, discontinued, slow moving, and blemished inventory we buy from suppliers such as Evergreen, GE Solar, BP Solar, Kyocera Solar, Schott, Sanyo, etc. at substantially cheaper prices than Grade A (not that we don’t stock and sell tons of Grade A). We have learned to keep less of Grade A than the discounted modules to avoid potential severe inventory devaluation when we there is a volatile drop in $/we PV prices because of a political change.\n

PV market

\nThe PV market is volatile and politically motivated (it gets votes). Who knows, maybe even conservatives will allow solar incentives to continue for fear of touching the general public’s generally hopes for a solar world. It’s hard to find too many people who put solar down except for the talking heads on MSNBC. Perhaps because the general public doesn’t understand how truly expensive it is, without the incentives. Even then you have to keep the costs at the bare minimum for a solar system to make economic sense and affordable to most people.\n\nIf you live in Haiti where electricity no longer exists or in an off grid home in area where no incentive exists, its worth it. Even our UL listed 42 watt module that only produces 2 cents of electricity a day is actually worth $42 ea. because you don’t have a choice and a Haitian can have a radio and a light. An off grid would have to turn on a noisy and very inconvenient diesel generator. But if the option is paying one cent a day in the city most people would as soon use it and flick the switch that’s already there,.. certainly least from an economical point of view. There are some great other reasons to buy solar like protecting our natural environment and ecosystems. Although a few people don’t seem to care about that as much, usually adults of course and never the kids.\n\nWe have this idea that one day a year it should be kids day (I think I have written this before),  on this day kids get to run the world. It could be sort a of a cross between take your kids to work day and a nice Halloween day of pretend. They could write down and we adults could take notes on what they would do if they were in charge. I think we would lean a lot about how messed up things are. The best ideas could then be consolidated and organized into a a great book every year for all of us to think about. If you don’t think so just ask any 4 year old what kind of house they would like to live in and then to draw a picture of it.\n\nYeah, yeah we know we’re way off the subject but I don’t think anyone reads this thing anyway. We just do it for fun. Very similar to the company, we think. What a great place to work or do an internship.