Why is it that most people seem to want Grade A solar modules

Why is it that most people seem to want Grade A solar modules installed by licensed contractors?\n\nGrade B and C modules are exactly the same but half the cost.\n\nThe licensed contractor is the guy who took a course and who signs the paperwork but the guys below, up and on the roof are most likely illegal aliens with high school diplomas.\n\n10 years ago before there were grid connected systems there were about 500,000 solar powered homes off the grid. Today there must be several million. A vast majority of them were done with cosmetically imperfect modules and were installed by do it yourselfers.

Solar Panels Getting Less Expensive Every Day

We are waiting till we feel we are sure we are getting the absolute best possible price before we buy containers. We are buying only what we know we can sell very fast. We intend to put a low low margins on all of it and just try to match the tide of the market as it goes out. We don’t want to be left on land so to speak. Today we heard a report that by this time next year many factories will be closing and even then the price will continue to erode as inventories will be dumped because they will have no buyers.\n\nWhile it may happen we know from experience that it won’t be long till the market bounces back, it always has for the last 60 years. Even solar water heating almost disappeared in the late 70’s I think. Anyway its like every other business, only Sun has been holding onto too much inventory.Continue reading