New warehouse in S.F

FYI:  We just opened up a new warehouse in S.F. We put about 3 containers of Canadian Solar Panels in there to start off with (very low prices). Contact or for more information. We will be loading it up with inverters, Suntech Modules Len May,( Pres. of N. American Sales) has been great there to us, SUN modules for off grid applications (best price worldwide, we believe), probably Evergreen A and B’s ” Probably” since we miss our old support guy there Alan King). I always say now that if you have a good relationship follow the man not the company if you want good things to continue to happen, Alan was a straight shooter and still is as well as Sunelec refrigerator/ freezers and  Sunelec inverter/chargers (sine wave and modified sine wave, we think we have worked out the bugs). As usual our prices are unbelievable. Continue reading

We will lower our solar panel prices because we are overstocked

Now it’s up to 20 (2MW)  containers of SUN and Evergreen B’s in just 3 weeks all unloaded into our warehouse from Evergreen, B’s Mass. and Germany  and there’s more SUN’s on the way  from Europe and China.\n\n92% Crystalline and 8% poly. from 10W to 440W ea.! (the largest module ever made). All of them are certified.  Available to you from $75¢//W to $1.68/W. Watch for new announcements as fast as we can put them up.

Get Ready On And Off Grid System Buyers!

We scored big time with Suntech and Canadian Solar. It will take 30 days for the Suntech to get here but we have about 1 MW coming and also from Canadian Solar about 1 MW, Great product, the best they have to offer at spectacular prices. Absolutely below anyone else’s prices and We are working on an unbelievable deal for Solar World Used Modules. It’s so fantastic I am afraid to talk about it. Its the lowest price we have ever paid for modules. We new the end of the year would produce great deals but this is fantastic.\n\nModule manufacturers really gave us some great support. They like what we do and who we are. Thank you to all these great companies.Continue reading

Off-grid Home Products

If you are working on an off-grid home or any thing else off grid (telecom, water pumping, etc.) you have hit the mother load. No one has what we have. You can get the lowest price per watt on high quality modules. For any solar panel to be poor quality is very difficult since they are all designed for 20 to 40 years of life, actually no one knows for sure, it cold be more.\n\nIf you just need a couple hundred watts we still  have about 300 mixed laminates. We feel people should smart enough to be able to work with laminates (no frame) without much of a problem. You can glue them to blocks and then mount them using the blocks others have made or found clips with rubber gaskets. Some laminates don’t come with junction boxes so you may have to order those off the internet or put something together from your local electrical/hardware store and perform some very basic soldering then coat with silicone.\n\nWe purchased most of them for$.50 to a $1.00 a watt! So you see its worth the hassle. Most of the 1000 we ordered were sold in the first 3 weeks so it’s important to stay tuned in. The best place is to read my blog as keeping up the web site is difficult. Here I can just tell you. For instance if you have an off grid project you have been dreaming about like:\n


  • A hunting lodge in the mountains like in Idaho, Montana or Colorado.
  • \n

  • An island home in Panama or the Bahamas
  • \n

  • A huge solar powered remote home on the Southwestern coast of Fla..
  • \n

  • A small solar powered remote home next on the edge of a huge U.S.national forest.
  • \n

  • An ecological hotel in the rain forest. say Costa Rica or Ecuadorian section of the Amazon.
  • \n

  • A remote home with an airstrip for your own small plane. Say Prescott Valley (a lot of pilots have remote homes)
  • \n

  • A solar powered home in the Swiss Alps.
  • \n

  • A solar powered home on the islands in Cyprus
  • \n

  • A remote resort in Belize, Roatan, Tanzania.
  • \n

  • A cabin in Canada.
  • \n

  • Your sailboat anywhere.
  • \n

  • Your RV in Quartzite, Arizona.
  • \n

  • A medical clinic for vaccines in the jungles the Congo.
  • \n

  • A backup power system in Haiti (the power is on about 1 hour a day for 8 million people).
  • \n

  • An orphanage in Haiti (who knows how many but there’s hundreds of them) with no power lines.
  • \n

\nThe 12 containers of 180 to 200 watt modules we just received, about 1.3MW, is enough for over 4000 3Kw remote solar powered homes. We will sell them for about half of the cost of the current  average world market price for PV modules (see just because of the tiny blemishes they have on them. If you call me personally 305-710-9645 and buy at least 1 pallet (30) I guarantee I will make give you a great deal. Buy a container and I will do even better. Besides I would like to see if anyone reads my blog.\n

EPV modules

\nI think we still have some of the EPV modules that are 98¢/watt if you buy a system we have listed at the top of the web site. They are thin film and under the right circumstances produce more power than crystalline plus, at that price it’s its a freaking world record for UL listed modules, not even First Solar has offered modules below $1.00/watt but they get all the publicity. damn. Anyway it’s a real deal for solar electricity for the next 20 to 30 years. We only have about 200 left of those, I think. We sold a container already and 10,000 of the Unisolar and 2000 of the Kaneka. By the way I am still pissed at how that Wholesale Solar keeps advertising Kaneka at 1.55 and they don’t have it and haven’t had it for the last 3 months. Look at the thickness of this paragraph you can tell when you are whining can’t you.\n

Canadian Solar

\nCanadian Solar (about 500 pcs.) and Suntech (about 900 pcs) are in stock at great prices so I would check those out as well. They are lower than anyone on the internet and anyone else wholesale as far as we can search and we do spend a lot of timje searching.. Evergreen B’s made in Mass. are a good deal for American made modules but the price was recently raised, a mistake, we think. We are trying to sell them by the container load at $1.85/watt so far no takers but we love Evergreen they have been great to us over the years with the exception of one customer they took because “they were too big for us”, I have heard that one before, I wasn’t born yesterday.\n\nWe just purchased 600KW of Suntech at the lowest end of year price we could find. We held out till the bitter end. There are about 4 or 5 different sizes all UL and approved by the California Energy Commission CEC. I don’t think our web site guy has them posted yet but I think they are around 175 watts. You can wait for the pice then call me and I will give you a better deal because I am pretty sure we have another 900 in stock.\n

Solar Refrigeration

\nOh yeah and I love solar refrigeration it’s such a nice contrast: solar and cooling. We had 3 units built for us in China. I figured they couldn’t be that complicated and it seemed strange that one company like Sundanzer could have the whole market. Now I don’t include Larry Schusler’s Sun Frost line because no one could ever do what he’s doing and there’s no margin in reselling it which is fine but we tried and were successful. Our line called Sunelec (really dumb name. I think next time we will just go with SUN) is working real well and boy are they cheap because we are selling them at cost to get them going. Like $490 and they are just  a bit larger than Sundanzer but half the price.From time to time we just haul off and sell something at cost for awhile for one reason or another. People don’t get it but we thin its good for everyone. SMA, Sunelec refrigerators and freezers and ref/freezers, and solar panels like Unisolar, Kaneka, and EPV have all been sold in the thousands on Sun Electronics. I used to tell people “we build pyramids for free” because we never made any money now we make it up in volume and we actually do well.\n

Your going to see a video of our warehouse that’s newer than the one on the home page probably tomorrow if you can stand it. Its going up unedited because I have no patience and I like looking at it. You will see that our concept of a Solar Depot is coming along fast and we should have it together in another few weeks. WE MAY BE OPENING ANOTHER COPANY AT THAT TIME SO CHECK THE BLOG IF YOUR INTERESTED.

Solar Grants To Continue For One More Year!

It’s Official the House, and Senate have signed off on continuing the Treasury’s Solar Grants. Most people don’t know that they were about to end or that it even existed, oh sure they knew the federal government would give you a  tax credit of 30% but few people believed you actually had the option to just ask for a check instead if you wanted to. Are you kidding me that’s like saying you can go to a free 5 star restaurant or you can camp out under a bridge and cook your free dinner there, tough decision. Of course the big guys and their PPA’s and Solar farms all knew, other wise they could not have done it. The whole industry was freaking out over the passage of this extension. Thank your lucky Suns this industry doomsday bomb has been diffused.\n

One more year for Solar Grants

\nAny way Solar has one more year to live if you are one of those big guys. As for the rest of us, now that we know too, we can make hundreds of thousands of dollars just not the millions the corporate solar farms do or the billions the fossil fuel industry makes in tax breaks. By the way, someone said on the news today, that Exxon, the world’s most profitable company, paid 0 dollars in taxes last year after making hundreds of billions of dollars. Actually, they got a refund. No one says a word. I will “That totally sucks!”Continue reading

Solar Wholesalers, Where are they are even located?

What is email or where are they are even located?\n\nDoes anyone know if they have a warehouse or if they just use a drop ship service. Ditto for Wholesale Solar, Mr.. Solar, Affordable Solar, AltE, Parts On Sale, and Solar Biz.\n\nDoes everyone now now they don’t and does everyone now know we have two in Miami and Phoenix with $7M worth of inventory, totalling over 100,000 sq. ft.?

SUN Solar Panels with 30% Tax Credit

The SUN DA095-A 95 watt amorphous module comes from one of the leading science and technology companies in the world. Call me for information. I can’t publish it.\n\nIf you spend $300/mo. on electric Kwh alone (about a $400/mo. total bill) and you pay 7¢/Kwh you will need 355 of these modules (35,000 watts) and 4,500 Sq. ft. of space (roof or ground). The cost will be $26,980 and the payback will be 7 years for the modules only. You will need an inverter, mounting racks, charge controllers and batteries, etc. All that could add another 40% and then there is the installation for at least  a dollar a watt or another $35,000. Now the cost is $72,000 and the payback is 20 years. Yeah, yeah, yeah I forgot inflation, the rising cost of electricity, etc.\n

Solar Incentives in your States

\nIf you have any incentives in your state the cost and payback of just the modules, 7 years, could be half that, just 3.5 years, but incentives are running out. This is a very half ass attempt to calculate payback but at least its understandable, I think, for about anyone. Unfortunately it points to the need to get the cost of solar down to about 50¢/watt. The vast majority of the issues with the cost of solar is the amount of Kwhrs it takes to run our current air conditioners, lighting, refrigerators and freezers, water heaters, etc. If we could use this energy more efficiently and less often it could make a world of difference but…\n\nNow I will turn off the Christmas tree lights that have been on all day and night, a half dozen lights that have been on all night ( couple all day), my computer, oh yeah and the idiot box, all day and night as well.\n

$1.20/Watt Modules

\nYou know when I started this I thought the $1.20/watt modules above with the 30% tax credit, hence 80¢/watt, would make some great numbers appear. I know my simplistic calculations would make allot of people cringe. But apparently, unless you are off grid, especially with the Federal tax credit, which does not restrict non UL modules and do it yourself installations, off-the-grid solar is for real because running a generator costs about 40¢/Kwh. or 6 times the cost of the average Kwhr from a U.S. Utiltiy Co.\n\nStill allot of off grid people have put off solar, even for off grid, because of the up front cost, but that cost is likely to come down because of: oversupply of modules, inverters, solar batteries, etc. in the grid connect market (this may happen sooner than you might think). We will sell anyone a solar system regardless of whose paying for it but there is no secret that we enjoy the off grid market sales the most. The installations, locations, and especially the people who install and own them are fascinating. Most importantly,  they are for real.\n\nMaybe if you live in some place where the peak hourly rate for electricity is like 28¢/Kwh or 4 times the national average then with all the available incentives the payback would be 5  or maybe 3 years, then it sounds very good. There is such a place, parts of Los Angeles. There might be more.

How Much The Oil Industry gets Every Year In Tax Credits

Report Coming From Sun Showing How Much The Oil Industry gets Every Year In Tax Credits.\n\nWe thought it would be interesting to see the comparison between solar and oil. Next we will do Tax Credits For The Coal Industry, then nuclear. So far it looks like $8 Billion a year just for the Oil Industry.