Incentives, You want Incentives, I’ll give you Incentives

According to the U.S. Treasury as reported in the New York Times, Oil companies will get 8.2 Billion in Tax incentives over the next decade. The Deep Water Well Horizon (blowout well) has gotten a tax break of $220,000 per day since their lease began years ago. Five other companies with well deep water wells created “corporate inversions” (let’s hear it for intentionally obscure language!)  that has saved themselves $4 billion in taxes since 1999. Look for yourself at\n\nOne cost estimate totals the entire HR.6 boondoggle at about $70 billion. The nuclear section totals a minimum of $15 billion.Continue reading

Solar Grants To Continue For One More Year!

It’s Official the House, and Senate have signed off on continuing the Treasury’s Solar Grants. Most people don’t know that they were about to end or that it even existed, oh sure they knew the federal government would give you a  tax credit of 30% but few people believed you actually had the option to just ask for a check instead if you wanted to. Are you kidding me that’s like saying you can go to a free 5 star restaurant or you can camp out under a bridge and cook your free dinner there, tough decision. Of course the big guys and their PPA’s and Solar farms all knew, other wise they could not have done it. The whole industry was freaking out over the passage of this extension. Thank your lucky Suns this industry doomsday bomb has been diffused.\n

One more year for Solar Grants

\nAny way Solar has one more year to live if you are one of those big guys. As for the rest of us, now that we know too, we can make hundreds of thousands of dollars just not the millions the corporate solar farms do or the billions the fossil fuel industry makes in tax breaks. By the way, someone said on the news today, that Exxon, the world’s most profitable company, paid 0 dollars in taxes last year after making hundreds of billions of dollars. Actually, they got a refund. No one says a word. I will “That totally sucks!”Continue reading