The Old Solar Pricing.

  1. “Excellence is never an accident, it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.”

Making the jump from earth to space as in going from fossil fuels and nuclear power to solar is at hand. It’s because of the excellence and devotion of the solar Astronauts in this industry and the people who supported them in their efforts.

Look at this price and spec sheet from one of the early solar small business pioneers below showing what the price used to be. Then consider that contracts are now being signed for massive PV utility power plants at $.03/kWhr.

These massive solar farm contracts have been signed. They will be in Mexico, Chile, and Saudi Arabia. They will be completed in 2025 that’s only 8 years away. Coal, the next cheapest alternative. will cost $.07/kWhr.! This info comes from a recent Bloomberg Report.

If there was ever a time for me to swear, it would be now and man can I swear. But this is a message with the promise of peace for mankind, and hope for the preservation of the Earth 🌏.

We all worked together and used the power we ea. had to do something good and guess what, it worked. Solar will take over. Trust me. A lot of Good WILL eventually triumph over evil. As long as we don’t blow ourselves up, burn the place down, kill each other, riot, panic, abuse our selves to death, etc., etc. this is going to be great!

Don’t blow it now and you know who I’m talking to.

Support the solar industry in the United States just a few more years and we will regain our rightful place in a world we actually started, thank you Bell Labs.

I hope:

1. We will someday get rid of those awful power poles and lines that constantly scar our views.

2. That we still work on developing roof and ground mounted systems that enable anyone the ability to produce their own power .

3. That we stop salivating over possessing our neighbors oil. So we don’t have to sacrifice our children to go get it for us.

4. That we develop new uses for fossil fuel and nuclear power including recycling spent fuel rods like medicinal uses, fertilizer, etc. etc.

And 5. That it slaps us in the face so that we wake up! And we see we’re destroying our environment i.e.  Amazon Forest, air, food and water, incredible beautiful beings we live with, And finally, My favorite: NOTHING because NOTHING MATTERS! Nothing is simply awsome it’s everything, it’s simply just being here. Being is cool 😎 calm and collected, being peaceful, being content, being in the FEELING of just being alive, right here on this little perfect planet with everything it offers us with our incredible heart ❤️.

Oh god this is getting disgusting. Or, is it?

Thanks for reading my solar blog. Hope you enjoyed at least some minute part of it. I know, I can be extremely annoying. It doesn’t bother me because I’m too old and I still don’t think more than five people read this.

“I’ll be back anyway.”



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