The truth about jealous people, I believe.

I could Google up some clever saying about jealousy but I’ll just wing it.

If you Google Sun Electronics or Sunelec you’ll see how  Google treats us. Go to  “Sunelec”, underneath it you will find how they allow unproven negative comments collected, edited and organized by competitors like Northern Arizona Wind and Sun to slander whoever they choose. And do you think it’s themselves ? Why us ? Because they hate the winner, the company who has the lowest prices for the same thing they offer for more.

And keep in mind, anyone can write anything they want. No one checks any of this crap. You can make any accusations you want not only on the solar forums, blogs, and discussions or anything or about anybody, and google will reprint it for the world to read for years to come right at the top of their worldwide web.
Your guilty until you prove yourself innocent, just great. What businessman has the time to watch the entire internet to defend themselves from those who are jealous. And like dishonest people there are many more than you ever imagined. And…Notice how many negative comments are 7 years or older. Even common law has a statue of limitations, even when your guilty! Did you know the only way to get rid of a comment is to pay tens of thousands of dollars to slime ball companies who are like bounty hunters that use technological tricks to get them erased or not even removed at all. Those false comments can stay on your record for life. But it’s only fair the jealous haters will say. 

We won our first big auction of PV modules in 2011, we sold all of them in 5 days 83 – 40 ft containers at a world record low price, you can’t imagine the number of people who were so happy to get them. We had tremendous logistical problems that no one could have anticipated, and boy did those few people that had problems i.e. slow delivery which we admitted and reported with daily status reports, but everyone got the same low price even if they bought just one panel. We never should have been that generous, it was a mistake and it cost me a million dollars, 800 shipments take time folks, right? Those few people who complained about us are still at the top of page one on google, shinining brightly like it was only yesterday,  but in reality it was SEVEN YEARS AGO.
If you Google “Sunelec” underneath it you will find globs  of negative comments collected, edited and organized purposely placed there by the Northern Arizona Wind and Sun (NAWS) Solar Forum to make us look as bad as possible.  Just type in “sunelec.” I could refute every one, but don’t have the time nor care to bother with it anymore. They just rig up another string. If I did you’d see how rediculous and false they are. Just like the negative reviews on google’reviews. They hate us can’t stand us just like the many Hillary voters who hate Trump simply because he won a presidential election. They can’t let it go. They let it ruin their lives and the lives of people around them.

I had a guy in Brazil buy 12 small solar modules from me and he made like 10 videos showing how the modules didn’t perform to spec . We acknowledged that we shipped him the wrong panels. We even refunded him every penny he asked for. Yet today you’ll see his videos everywhere. That was 7 years ago. Before he would simply work it out he went Bizerk! He was calling my house every hour, threatening us.Why? because i wanted to see receipts for the $5,000 of charges over the $1,000 order he placed. He didn’t get what he wanted fast enough. Instead of ignoring him I fought back. He spread a bunch of lies to every possible corner of the internet. No one was interested in finding out my side especially NAWS, 

If you call most of our competitors like Wholesale Solar, they’ll tell you we only sell Grade B off spec solar panels and they would never do that, as if there’s something wrong with Grade B! Adiós Wholesale Solar.

If you call Magnum inverters they’ll tell you they proudly refuse to sell to us, ask why,  it’s because we won’t abide by their rule to advertise only at their retail price! They want to force you to pay top dollar without discounts or deals, just retail. Adios Magnum. 

More and more the inverter companies, and now the charge controller companies are doing it, it stinks. And we’re upset by China’s trade policies, they do just the opposite! They discount everything. Which would you prefer . A free society or one run by the companies, bogus public accusations, witch hunts, neighbors against neighbors, brother against brother, turning in your neighbor. 
Jealousy is rampant, you can be rich or  poor, famous or unknown, once someone accomplishes something the next guy can’t it’s open season. 

Its made to appear that it, the thing your doing better than others, is upsetting every single person, therefor it must be true. 

It’s no different than a spoiled little kid who won’t shut up because he isn’t getting what he wants even though he doesn’t deserve it. You must make an effort to ignore it as much as possible. And guess what I’ve discovered. Not only does it work but you realize that knowledge is power and most of the people know what the truth is. You are right and they, the vast majority support you for what you do they just aren’t venting hatred and screaming their lungs out, just like we the people support our police and military for the job the do, those other people who try to tear down a good thing because they’re frustrated they can’t have what they want.

They like to cause trouble. It’s a compliment to have so many of them them trying to put you down because they are jealous of what you can do. Learn to ignore them. And, enjoy what you have accomplished thru hard work and persistence. You can apply this approach to a lot of problems in life like out of control hatred, greed, laziness, lust, ego and even jealousy.

The best thing we have is life. It’s everything don’t let all this crap prevent you from working for what you truely believe in no matter what. No fear, no hatred, never quit. You have the coolest thing in the universe LIFE. 
Thank you for all your support it means a lot to me.

Now I’ll go google around for a good comment about jealousy just for the icing on the cake. 


William Penn

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