This is something I hate about this business, scare tactics:


I just checked to see what was happening on Google and searched solar panels and choose the first solar company to see their prices (all much higher than Sun’s) but happened to see this at the very top of their website:



Are you buying B grade panels “with cosmetic damage only”? Was the cosmetic damage caused by pallet damage during shipping?  Like falling out of  an 18 wheeler goin 80 or driven through by a fork lift?  This is absurd, no comment.


Read the fine print. Does your quote contain language that permits bait and switch.  ______ reserves the right to substitute product types and quantities as may be necessary without prior notice.  One, it’s illegal and two it doesn’t even happen, at least not in the last 40 years.


What will you do if there are problems with the panels after purchase? Does the company you are buying from have a stable history in distribution? Are they profitable? Is it simply a guy with a warehouse who bought solar panels as an investment and now needs his cash out of his investment?  If I were Wholesale Solar, I wouldn’t even bother to talk about “problems with panels,”because , relatively speaking, there aren’t any. I have sold literally hundreds of thousand’s of B grade and A grade panels.

Wholesale Solar, Inc. is proud to carry only top tier solar panels. This is incorrect. Wrong, they’ve sold B grade modules and lower than Top Tier besides Top Tier means almost nothing, all solar panels are almost identical, think about it. SUN sells them all the best A’s and B’s. 

None of the manufacturers we buy from have ever been implicated in switching cheap defective modules for good. What the fox,  “implicated in switching cheap defective panels,” The only thing  that’s been implicated in switching to cheap and defective here is this article. If your going to drag PV companies and their panels in crap you should back it up with facts.

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