Why Do I Need Inverters?

Inverters are used to convert direct-current (DC) produced by the PV array into alternating-current (AC).

Solar arrays produce DC power, in order to integrate panels with the electric grid, it needs to be converted to AC power (A common wall plug is AC).

There are two types of inverters:

Modified Sine Wave:

  • Less expensive
  • Poor quality
  • Not recommended for use with electronic equipment or other sensitive devices

True Sine Wave:

  • Produce smooth power similar to that provided with grid
  • Quality is superior to grid power

Inverters are available in many types. Some of them are designed to work with standalone systems, where some of them are designed to work with grid-tied or grid-interactive systems. Although off-grid systems use battery-based inverter systems with an output voltage of 120/240 Vac. Inverters are rated by the expected continuous load in watts and the maximum surge load in watts.

Note that only some inverters include a DC disconnect and integral ground-fault protection, you should check if your inverters have these features included, otherwise you will need to purchase them separately.

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