Global Warming

We often hear about the effects of global warming, and the dangers of the climate change. Some people believe in global warming and in the knowledge of the change happening over all the globe, and some people do not, but in order to have this discussion of whether to believe it or not, you have to have some knowledge of what is going on. Here I am today, making it your lucky day, to explain some basics of global warming. No need to worry, I will make it simple, like everything else. Let’s take a look at what I will review on this article:

What is global warming?

What are greenhouse gases?

Environmental and health impacts of global warming

What can we do about it?


What is global warming?

Global warming actually has one simple definition –increased surface temperature of the earth (which is the reason of climate change). So, how does this happen? Burning fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and this is the main reason to increase earth’s average surface temperature. Does human activity have anything to do with the climate change? Well, most of the time, after all our most consumed energy source is fossil fuels.


What are greenhouse gases?

When we hear about global warming and climate change we know the next phrase coming up is greenhouse gas or greenhouse effect. People have asked me “what is the difference between carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases?” and I understand that sometimes it gets confusing because every time global warming is explained scientist or writers usually say that “global warming is the increased level of carbon dioxide” or “global warming is the increased level of greenhouse gases”. Greenhouse gases are the chemical compounds found in earth’s atmosphere, therefore, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, as well as water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane. These compounds occur in nature although other gases like the ones used in aerosols are made by humans and they are also greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse effect is the process of a greenhouse gas that absorbs and traps the heat (radiation) in the atmosphere.


Environmental and health impacts of global warming

We have talked about a bunch of chemicals now, if there are chemicals we know the results are not so pleasant. We will take a look at the environmental and therefore, health impacts that we face and (might) keep facing because of global warming in a little but first here is a question that we often hear about, “if it is global ‘warming’, why is it so cold?” Before we move on there are some explanations that I need to make, first, there is a difference between weather and climate. Climate is the pattern of weather measured over decades and weather is what happens outside. Second, just because United States is not having the warmest weather lately does not mean other countries are the same. You shouldn’t be mistaking that the global warming effects the whole world and not just the United States. Although there is another explanation for “global cold-ing”, we experience very warm days seasonally, and the warmer the air around the world causes more moisture to be held in the air than in prior seasons, so when we have storms, the moisture added can fuel heavier precipitation in the form of more intense rain or snow.

The changes of the weather overall the world is undeniable, and these changes have their environmental and health impacts. Let’s take a look at some of the obvious impacts. Number one of all is the natural disasters, well in this case we would like to call it “somewhat natural disasters”. There is not much of a reason to explain health impacts when the subject is hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and tornadoes, etcetera, most of the time the results are death or like the Fukushima disaster (which happened because of a tsunami) caused slower death. Hey, don’t think that this is all, the climate change causes many more impacts. Like poor air quality, with the help of power plants and burning fossil fuels, we have sarcastically excellent air pollution, and if we add sunlight, as well as warm air to this we get to produce ground-level ozone, and there, we experience poor air quality. Ground-level ozone can damage lung tissue and this can increase respiratory symptoms.

Heat waves are another impact, it can lead to dehydration and heat stroke which are the most common cause of weather-related deaths. Spreading diseases that we have seen lately, too, is a result of the climate change. See, the warmer the weather causes a change in disease vectors, which causes the diseases to spread at a higher level. We could count many environmental and health impacts that global warming is causing. After all it is the air we breathe in and the earth we step on. Well, hey! Don’t be so negative here is a positive effect, because of global warming there is longer growing seasons for crops, but this will not save lives. Seeing these samples, do you still not believe in global warming? You must be frustrated by all of this information, or you might have already known about them. Whether you believe in it or not, my hopes are that you might like to help out to put a brake on the increasing amount of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


What can you do?

Our lives are about energy, everything is energy. The electricity in your homes, driving your car, even throwing away garbage lead to greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some tips that will not only help reduce air pollution but will also help you save money!

Start using public transportation, ride your bike to the places you can, by doing so you will save money, burn calories, and stop burning gasoline, it is a win! There are other simple methods that could be energy efficient. For example, changing your light bulbs to fluorescent or LED bulbs, using “Energy Star” appliances, putting your electronic devices on power strips and turning them off when you are not using, recycling, using less water, or a better one try to use renewables as an electricity source like wind turbines and solar panels.

I cannot force you to believe or not to believe in global warming, but the results of the climate changes are real. The things we need to do are so simple, just start somewhere from the list. At least you will feel good about it and save money. Basically, whatever is the case, you will not lose but gain! It is never too late to take an action to do something for your and your children’s future, and help avert the worst potential consequences of global warming.


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