Hybrid Solar PV System

In renewable energy field, Hybrid Electric System, is an electric system where you have more than one form of power sources- such as grid power, solar power, wind power, generators (diesel or gas or propane, or others) and micro hydro – for your electric needs.  Solar PV Hybrid system is a system that has a solar power along with at least one of other power sources mentioned above. Grid-tied with battery backup system is considered as a hybrid solar PV system for the places where there is grid power; however, if there is no grid service available, you can have a solar PV hybrid systems by using at least solar power and one of the following power sources – wind power, generators (diesel or gas or propane, or others) and micro hydro. We, Sun Electronics International, Inc. sell all kind of Solar PV Hybrid System.

Some might argue that grid-tied solar PV system with no battery bank – which has two power sources such as grid and solar – is also a hybrid system, and technically it is correct. But the purpose of hybrid system is to find a solution so that you can be independent as much as possible from the grid. That is why to become more independent from the grid and reduce the intermittent issue of solar energy, batteries are used in hybrid system.

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