PV Systems Information

How to buy a solar system without getting ripped off:

The typical cost for a solar system installation is $1.00/watt to $1.50/watt. When shopping for a system or for home solar panel kits, get the price of every item and a separate quote for the system installation. The difference between bids may shock you.

Here is a selection of pre-designed Solar Powered Systems. We have Grid-Tie Systems with or without battery backup, as well as complete off-grid solar panel systems! Sun Electronics also has a complete engineering department for the design of custom solar panel systems. If you would like to go back to the homepage please do so to go over our latest Solar Panel Specials, great deals on inverters and systems of all sizes to meet your system requirements.

Watts needed for every appliance in your house.

The chart below will help you give you an idea how much watts you will need for each appliance. We also have a calculator tool that will help you determine size of a solar energy system you need depending on your area by calculating total peak sun hours per day in your area, how much energy you may want to save. However we recommend you always call our offices so one of our engineers would be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Solar Watts needed for Home Appliances

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