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Phocos CML Charge Controller 12/24V - 20/20A

Brand: Phocos
Product Code: CML20-2
Availability: In Stock
Dimensions: L: 4in  x  W: 4in  x  H: 2in
Weight: 1.00lb

Phocos CML Charge Controller 12/24V - 20/20A

The CML charge controllers are equipped with a number of outstanding features like status display, warning, and protection functions. The temperature-compensated three-stage PWM charging algorithm(boost-equalization-float) is adjustable to sealed and vented lead-acid batteries. The CML series also allows either SOC- or voltage-controlled low-voltage disconnect function. The battery status is clearly indicated by three LEDs. This was the first controller in its price class available on the market to incorporate an alarm signal for low-voltage disconnect. 



  • Battery State-of-Charge display with 3 LEDs
  • Acoustic load disconnect pre-warning
  • PWM-regulation (series type)
  • Boost, Equalize and Float charging, also for VRLA
  • Automatic 12/24 V detection
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Large terminals (up to 16 mm2 wire size)
  • SoC and voltage controlled LVD
  • Fully electronically protected

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