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Solar Security Light 5W LED

Brand: SUN
Product Code: WS602B
Availability: In Stock
Dimensions: L: 14in  x  W: 13in  x  H: 3in
Weight: 4.00lb

Solar Security Light 5W LED

5W Solar Security Light

Instruction Manual



Possible places to install: • Garage • Entrance of your house • Patio (pool and back) • Mail box • Driveway



l  Rain-proof, reliable for outdoor installation.

l  Highly Integrated includes all components without extra wiring outside the unit.

l  Combine latest solar power and LED lighting technology.

l  High capacity, long-life Lithium Battery, with excellent high temperature characteristics to ensure the whole product life span.

l  The main structure is made of material with anti-corrosion treatment.



There are two ways of mounting, on wall & pole. Mounting hardware for both way are included. Mounting hardware can put the solar panel tilt upwards or downwards.

On wall mounting: solar panel should be put tilted down or horizontally.

Remarks: horizontally mounting are adjusted by hand after mounting.

On pole mounting: You can use iron prop, wood, bamboo, or plastic material etc. on the spot as the lamp pole. Make the solar panel face to the sun after installation, and you need to make choices on the site for where to install and which area sensor will detect, and which area the lighting will cast.




Solar panel

Crystalline silicon solar panel 5W

Lithium Battery

2000mAH, 7.4V

Infrared sensor

Detection distance: 5m

Detection range: a 90 degree spread (left to right),

a 120 degree spread (up to down).

Ambient brightness < 500 LUX to turn the light on

LED Light / Luminance

64PC LED / 5W / 350 Lumens

LED light visible angle


Power button

Upspring = Off

Push down = Auto

You must push power button switch down to activate to lighting mode.

Lighting Duration:

60 seconds for each sensor lighting


> 100 times lighting can be activated per solar charge

Charging Time

6h under full sun and ideal installation condition

Working temperature


Installation advices

Height: 2-3m

Waterproof Class




l  When the ambient temperature rises close to the human body temperature. The detection distance will be shortened.

l  Clean solar panel surface with a soft cloth periodically.

l  Prevent the solar panel being covered by buildings.

l  The total lighting time is based on full sun and ideal placement of light. In winter or on cloudy days the ideal lighting time may be affected. 

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