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Solar Water Heating System for 2-3 Bedroom

Product Code: AEP-80-40
Availability: Call For Price
Weight: 450.00lb

Solar Water Heating System for 2-3 Bedroom

Solar water heating is simply the best investment available today because it guarantees a return on money that you will otherwise "burn" and helps you develop equity as you bank your savings. 

A solar water heater will generate savings that can equal a bank account generating an average twenty percent (20%) annual return, and the savings are not taxed as income, as is the interest you earn at the bank. Solar Water Heating has a payback period of approximately four to six years,Costs between $4200 and $6000.

This kit includes:

  • 80 Gallon tank (302 liters)
  • One 4'x10' collector (40sq ft / 3.72sq m)
  • Circulating pump (DC)
  • 10 Watt photovoltaic panel

Residential homes and depends largely upon the following variables:

  • Size of the family to be served (and therefore the amount of heat required)
  • Type of roof upon which the panels are mounted
  • Local Building code requirements
  • Orientation of panels
  • Distance from Collector to Tank

Solar Water Heating System Diagram:

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