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Trace Engineering Power Module PM-SW250/S

Brand: Schneider Electric
Product Code: PM SW250/S
Availability: Out Of Stock
Dimensions: L: 48in  x  W: 36in  x  H: 30in
Weight: 69.00lb
Schneider Electric

Trace Engineering Power Module PM-SW250/S

Trace Engineering Power Module (discontinued only 3 units left)

Trace’s Power Modules are complete power packages designed to permit seamless system
integration. The modules allow isolation of components, wiring and safety circuitry in a lockable
cabinet. Modules are pre-wired and ready to connect to AC and DC power sources right out of
the box. Inverters are not included: just add the inverter model you need (SW or DR series).
Features include:
• C40 charge controllers, up to three per individual Power Module
• AC & DC over current protection breakers
• Indoor or outdoor enclosures with or without locks
• Stainless steel mounting hardware and aluminum enclosures with power coat finish
• DC ground fault protection
• Wiring for batteries and all input and output connections
• UL listed enclosure and components

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