\n\nNext time we’ll rent an entire container ship. The ship departed Sunday the 4th, and are now only being prepared for shipping out from our new Miami Warehouse. Hang in there. If you get frustrated call me, John, the owner. Don’t bother with anyone else. 305-710-9645.Please be patient, and thank you again.\n\nAs soon as they arrive at the port they will then be off loaded and they have to go thru customs then trucked to our warehouse. We will ship them out as fast as we can. We have 6 forklifts rented, 6 drivers, and 4 or 5 others devoted to screening them as they come  in and sorting them as best as we can. In order to save time and space at this second new warehouse of ours we will get the containers orders out first. If you have an emergency you can email Vanessa and she will let them know ASAP shipping for your order and we will try to get those out next. We will ship panels out separately from BOS The is no other way to do it. It is impossible for us to combine shipments. All the BOS IS AT OUR REGULAR OTHER WAREHOUSE AND WILL BE SHIPPED OUT SEPERATELY FROM THERE.\n\nThank you for all your orders as well as your cooperation.\n\nJohn\n\n 

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  1. So what caused these massive delays?\n\nI was expecting early December for delivery, not middle December for reaching Miami?

    • Hello Alex,\nI am not sure I understand what you mean by massive delays. Did you mean massive in regards to the amount of panels that are being shipped? We have been informing our customers that the panels will be reaching our warehouse in early December. Although there have been slight delays, as is sometimes the case with international shipments, the containers are on their way and due into port on the 18th of December. It will still take some time after that to check, sort and prepare the panels for shipment to their final destinations. I apologize if for some reason you did not receive the correct information but I assure you that we are in no way trying to hide the truth. We have been placing any updates to the website and the blog as we have been getting them. Thank you for your patience in this matter and now would be a great time to order the “balance of system” items in order to complete your renewable energy system and have them shipped along with your panels.

  2. I didnt mean hiding, rather the expectations werent laid out from the start. I am sure it was tough to organize, sell and communicate a project this size with so many unknowns.\n\nI appreciate your follow-up and look forward as the time gets closer.

  3. I saw the warehouse pics, it is amazing.. 77 containers of panels, makes my little mind pop.. Im sure you guys are working to the hilt getting prepped for this.. Ive got to tour your place, ive got mom north of Tampa abit, and dad down south of Tampa.. I will get down and bring pizza, checkers, or cubans, someday. I will also take you up on the boat stuff. I miss my Gulf of Mexico, the “flats” off of Pasco County, trout/red fishing, sand bar hopping with mimosas, sand in the toes, salt and sunburn, and some really good friends.. \n\nRock on John

  4. How are you notifying customers of their anticipated delivery dates? Receiving a copy of my paid invoice took several days and required your personal involvement, so I surely don’t want to miss the more important delivery date.

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