The legacy of solar energy.

HAPPY 4th of July!

Independence via solar powered mini homes – (way down below).

For me anyway, it’s all about nature and the beauty of being independent. The ability we all have to APPRECIATE things is one of the best things we were ever given in our lives, I believe.

Our life is extremely short but a very long trip. That’s strange huh?


You all know peace is inside you not outside. Inside us is the real peace and happiness. What helps you and me to feel happy, calm or crazy. Inside each of us is the ability to or not to appreciate things. Thank you, God, for this free gift. I love getting free stuff. Doesn’t everyone.

At least try when you think of it, try to make every day count, every hour, every minute and if you can do it every breath.

It’s just our forgetfulness that prevents us from being happy all the time. We lose touch with it 90% of the time I think

My favorite prayer is “The Lord’s Prayer” because it says, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”, now that’s interesting, hmmm a prayer that’s as old as time, saying Heaven is on or suggesting On Earth.

Also, the part that says, “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” That’s fair, I think.

Any way, before I show these photos,  I just have to say thank you to these nice people who loaned me these photos of their beautiful homes and tell you to just google solar powered mini homes or just google independent solar homes. Also, you can buy these photos and use them to show the kids in school that solar energy is really cool, it’s a solution of unimaginable potential.

Again, you guys who made these beautiful homes are my heroes! Remote independent homes are a trip. You find that feeling again of appreciation for peace when you go inside and stay a couple days in an independent solar powered home. The appreciation you feel inside these homes just might be enough to get you to build or buy one too or, at least, stop leaving the lights on all over your grid connected home. But that is the simplistic way to start. My mother used to say to us when we were kids “oh, look at all those nickels, quarters and dimes falling out of those lights”, whenever she saw a light that we left on.

You know, how you feel guilty about throwing out food you let sit too long in your refrigerator. That may just be because we all have these huge refrigerators. We have these 10.5 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezers that use 78 watts which you can buy at Home Depot. Now, if you like fresh food that’s the ticket, a smaller refrigerator/freezer that uses a sixth of a normal 24 cu. ft. one.

So, leave the legacy that lasts forever by going solar. Is kind of like that and best of all it could happen before we die :).


HAPPY 4th of July! Independence via Solar-Powered Mini Homes – See below. For me anyway, it’s all about nature and the beauty of being independent. The ability we all have to APPRECIATE things is one of the best things we have in life. You all know peace is inside you as is the true happiness. Slat helps you and me to feel happy, calm or crazy inside each of us. Thank you God for this free gift. I say try to make every day count, every hour, every minute and every breath. It’s our forgetfulness of this act that prevents us from being happy all the time. My favorite prayer is the “The Lord’s Prayer” because it says “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” and “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. To the nice people who loaned me these photos of their beautiful houses, you are my heroes. Find that peace to go solar!

Im having a revelation!

I wake up sometimes so full of Crazy ideas I think are great ones.

Now it’s get the cheapest possible booth at Intersolar SF. It’s one of America’s largest PV power exhibitions. July 11 to the 13th.

Ok now listen before I say more, remember I’ve been in solar since I was about 21, if you don’t count the Radiometer on my desk at home in first grade: placeholder://

Just got Intersolar’s booth deal and oops they want $4,600 ! For a 10 by 10′ booth space. The contract they want you to sign for that honor will make you go blind. Add in all the other costs and it will take approx. $10k! Yeah rrrrright…

I’ll pass but I’ll go . I hate to waist money and follow rules. These German guys are tough to deal with and I’m half German . They run a half dozen solar shows every year.

Besides we’re doing well. I’m always satisfied if we break even. And my idea was too much work and money as it turned out. So I’m on the sidelines enjoying watching our team play hard thru the fence. And, we’re all very happy, especially my family. So that’s the most important thing. It’s great to be alive and well.

Ok ok I’ll tell you my plan, I was to get booth for around $3k, bring Louis for professional engineering assistance and a lot of laughs and fun aaaaaaand this is a big AND, maybe have Esme my niece start her modeling career by standing at the booth being beautiful and very funny honest as she is beautiful, yes, handing out flyers with more unbelievable prices on PV panels.

So basically we’d try to Reach as many people at the show as possible with me doing what I do best, teaching teaching potential buyers everything I know and think about PV after 45 years, as fast as possible oh maybe in 5 min or less and I’d try to make a presentation by speaking from our booth with a PA system and tell anyone who thought I was interesting , what I honestly think about solar energy from A to Z. Oh yeah and Take questions, debate, have fun, make people laugh, provide them with some new ideas and listen very hard to what they had to say. I also have a secret weapon, the truth, and one more, both of which, have helped our little company survive for all these years.

I can talk about solar energy way past the battery limit on my cell phone and probably for an hour or two to hundreds of people who like to talk up solar. Their smart, willing to try something new, live in the middle of nowhere, have money, and want to disconnect from the power system we have and live on solar, Yeah it’s like an addicting drug, I just can’t shut up. And guess what, I love this job and my company and for some reason I think people like to hear what I have to say.

I like to bring the solution to people who care about not just money but new ideas and are honest and open minded and smart and capable. They can usually build their own homes as well let alone utilize solar panels to run it. Yeah just plant my feet and go for it.

A lot of the people at this show won’t like some of the things I have to say, like we’re all setting ourselves up so the utility companies of America can run the show. That’s so wrong and we were warned this would happen but we forget about things like warnings fast. The utility companies want TOTAL CONTROL of old Mr. Sol. I call bullshit on that idea even if it is too late to save it from becoming just another way for the rest of us to get Robbed! It will be like they’re controlling the breaths we can take, when we can take them and who gets some and who doesn’t while they make as much money as they can with, we once thought of as the solution to, our energy issues.

After sunlight, Next it will be water, then farmland, then who knows.

Ok this is a poor excuse for a blog on solar but man have so many people been hypnotized and led off a cliff because of lies, general dishonesty by the film flam solar contractors,utility operators, owners and utility lobbyists and salesmen that you and your kid’s potential to be free of electrical power lines and all the stinking manipulation that comes with it is never going to happen unless someone does something. So we’re helping people see thru the lies, over priced systems, sales schemes, lack of basic itemized estimates for parts and labor (it’s just unbelievable to me that so many people used my tax money and yours to help all this mess to be created.

What happened? We are giving away OR GAVE AWAY OUR our INALIENABLE rights to become INDEPENDENT FROM THE POWER COMPANIES. Soon that will be the world we live in, as far electrical utilities would like to see happen to solar. If they can’t stop it, take control of it.

Like I said I can’t shut up when it comes to Solar, and man’s potential to tap into the Sun. Someone quick tell a joke. I want to forget about all this stuff and go to bed. But if you need general advice about solar I’m the one owner of a solar company that will answer the phone on Saturday, holidays, after hours and who will help you avoid a lot of illogical stuff going on and getting in the way of solar energy development .

Yeah some plan right? but I think you know what I’m trying to say. If not I’ll just try again until someone can stand up and say Power to the People and actually perhaps it’s possible.

My phone number is 305-322-1086. Call me anytime I’ll do everything I can to help you keep from getting ripped off.

OMG again it’s 1:40am. Adios friends I hope you got my point.


Owner, Sun Electronics Int., Inc.

who am i kidding.



On earth as it is in heaven. That’s sounds good.

and don’t watch tv

get used to cc