Solar to the rescue. Well sort of it all depends on:

for short term electrical outages you cant beat a generator. but what brand makes a huge diffeence becsause in 30 years as a dealer ive found out, the small hondas like 2000, 4000 watt never need to be rtpaired. once we sell one we never see the buyer again. thats a fact jack!

the generator joke is the line for genersyors before the huricane is smaller than the size of the line afterwards of people returning them wanting a refund. Except for the Ryobi generators.

The Ryobi 2300 watt is approx. $300 less. This company is amazing.the options are endless. i.e. remote control with your phone, same or close to being just a quiet, and eco throtle (it adjusts to your power demand to save on gas), and it uses an inverter just like Honda but Ryobi foesntvstop there.

Ryobi makes recharable Lithium Ion battery packs that are the size of your hand that snap onto just about any flood lighting system and especially tools! Even a massive ice chest with a small built in air condioniner.

Naturally we stock both! We are both a Honda and a Ryobi Generator distributor.

They will even run a small room window air conditioner like our LG 5000 BTU, the lowest cost and most efficient window unit you can find. And yes, which we also stock!

These generators make your solar sytem like a hybrid gas/electric car.

Sun Electronics is an integral and perfect wholesale warehouse towards solving your power problems.

Anyone undergoing a hurricane, flood, or impoverished island utility company that causes a BLACKOUT problem is crazy not to contact, call us 305-322-1086 (that would be my cell) or come to our massive watehouse ans shop for a solution using generators, solar electric, solar thermal, wind, or SUPER ENERGY EFFICIENT appliances.

Just so you know, (im not trying to brag) I’ve devoted my entire life for 46 years, trying to stop the destruction of our environment working to increase awareness and use by getting the worlds lowest solar and alternative energy prices down to as low as they can get.

If you dont believe me here is a picture of me when I started in 1973 (you do the math). then a picture of me 30 years ago, and finally a picture of me today.Oh i should add no one can do it all you need help and got plenty of that!

Just for fun google “About John Kimball Solar in his own words” ” or read about my travels thrub the Solar System on our website


We ship worldwide, have 14 3PL’s (third party warehouses), buy 80 containers of solar panels at a time, have a customer list of 85,000, a newsletter mailing list of 1.1M.

Oh yea and at one time or another we spoke Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Creole, Japanese, Vietnamese, Dutch, Hebrew, Ebonics, Thai, Jive, Rap and Hindi. Over the years we have had over a hundred engineering student interns from all these countries.
one of them came from , i swear this is true, The Lost Islands? i looked everywhere for it the kid said its in the Indian Ocean half way to Africa. it used to be ised as a re/supply port for cargo ships. that was until they invented steam ships. after that no one stopped there any more.

Anyway now we still speak English (everyone but it’s rare in Miami); Spanish, Tony, Shelley, Roberto, Jeorge, Rosa, Graciela and me, Chinese, Tony; French and Creole, Louis, Pierre.

love talking to you, I’m praying for the population who will go thru Florence and I am a firm believer in prayer! But we will always be here if you ever need us for just about every alternative energy source.


Hurricane victims

Buy the solar panels and generator first, first because they will go fastest. They will run out! We have Honda and RYOBI generators. In our Miami Warehouse .They are the best money can buy.

RYOBI is about $300 cheaper and produces more power and is just as quiet!

Look the main thing is a quality quiet low cost generator! And, that we have in stock. Inventory is king, I always say. That’s why we’ve carried up to $11 MM in OUR WAREHOUSES. No one else does that but SUN! The other guys pick up a phone and call SOMEONE ELSE!

You can buy deep cycle batteries, and small cheap inverters at Home Depot!

Blackout solutions for Hurricanes

After 2017 season many islands , ESPECIALLY Puerto Rico ??, I devoted my thoughts to;

1. The fact that most people can not afford a 3, 6, 8 thousand watt system .

2. How could I design a small inexpensive system that really helped make life much more comfortable than just running a generator, if they even had one.

PS most portable gas generators are crap and a nightmare for you and everyone around you.

3. What would be the cheapest and smallest solar system possible that was big enough to provide refrigeration , lights and freezers and a refrigerator freezer. That would be a big help, right.

I went to the smartest guy I ever met who had a history (25 years) of finding the most efficient low cost appliances in existence.

We located and bought everything he suggested. I set up a model home in Tucson and we came up with a system that could provide all of the above using just 2, maybe 3 250 watt solar panels, 2 maybe 4 – 6 volt 230 amp hr batteries (golfies) and all 12 volt appliances but only a small inverter would be good enough to run the same or similar AC regular appliances.

We just sent out an email introducing it.

We also bought the same super efficient refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, fans, and lighting systems. Including a solar oven you can cook a pot roast in or bread or sterilize drinking water and stocked our Miami warehouse. Which by the way is the largest and coolest solar and energy efficient appliances anywhere in Miami.

Ok ok we also sell Honda and Ryobi portable generators and have been a dealer for Honda for 20 years. That’s mainly because we sell them to Haiti, the DR, etc. Who have long term power outages everyday for the last 50 years. And, when you combine an inverter charger with them you have , well basically the same thing as a hybrid car. A Super duper, ultra highest efficient, simple and practically SILENT long term or short term system.

We know what the f…. were talking about .were in Miami for 35 years almost !

Don’t wait till it’s too late . Everything is in stock it’s a Home Depot of PV and energy efficient appliances.

Christ we’ve sold hundreds of thousands of inverter chargers and deep cycle batteries.

Backup system’s super efficient appliances can be used YEAR ROUND and will be there when you need them if a hurricane comes. Our Sun batteries are great for newbies and then you can move up to those incredibly large super expense ones . They can also be used year round to lower your power bill and store a lot more frozen food .

Food is good to have, so is ice and so are stand alone table fans to sleep with!

We know what you need . We stock what you need, all in Miami where we can prove it and test it ourselves.

Yes it’s true WE ACTUALLY HAVE A WAREHOUSE we don’t need to call someone else to get it.

Best deal : RYOBI AND SUN AND 12 V PV panel’s, batteries, refrigerators refrigeration, lighting, and EVERYTHING ELSE!

We sell this shi to every country in the world and have been for 45 years. That’s all IV ever done.and go to “john kimball Solar” on goggle I’ve been doin this since 1973. Oh well I’m just trying to help not brag.

I’m in a hurry please pardon the typos, again.


Look at this:; al Pantone my old boss and me at Kyocera Solar the only time they ever came to see me for 6 years! After I was sent to run Latin America out of Miami. I’ve also written several volumes .

Survive power outages without spending a fortune, with just 2 panels!

Examples of Super Efficient Solar Refrigeration, Lighting and other new energy efficient appliances.

I dont have much time because my wife wants to go to bed. So for now here’s a lot of photos that show some great ways to save money and energy during a long term blackout.

I’ll write more detailed info tomorrow!




Super quiet, 2300 WATT PORTABLE RYOBI GENERATORS ARE JUST LIKE THE HONDA 2000’S BUT ABOUT $275 TO $300 LESS! They come with Lots of extras!

Check them out, very cool ? Elarge pictures to get tons of information.

All of this stuff and more are in our Miami warehouses.



Inexpensive solar water heaters.

Inexpensive super efficient solar ovens (can be used to sterilize water) or cook a Turkey!

Ryobi Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries are super light powerful and small batteries. *GREAT WITH THEIR BATTERY RAPID RECHARGERS!

YOU CAN USE THEM ON THEIR LIGHTING SYSTEM KITS, about 25 different power things including any type of power tools, flood lighting systems, refrigerators attached air conditioning,

I COULD GO ON AND ON. But I like sleeping with my wife.

Oh, and You can use all the above all year even when you have power all year but if the power goes down your set with this combination. It’s almost all DC capable for being totally independent and off the grid forever.

Modules 40 to 50 years (actually no one really knows because they last so damn long as you probably know. 25 year factory warranty with UL.

Good night ? to all.

More tomorrow. Plus a special edition of my Miami Jetty marine species photo collection. The sightings of rare and unknown critters in my unbelievable underwater park. You would not believe my snorkel trip today. I’ve made over 2,000 snorkel trips to the end of the Jetty and beyond.

Graciela’s angry ? bye!


PS Bruce Bower where are you ?

Solar conclusión 2018

Well I know solar farms are better for the environment. And I know the bigger the farm the more cost effective it is. And, I know that getting energy from the sun is cleaner and cheaper than any polluting fossil fuel and nuclear power. And, I’m pretty sure the cost of electricity will not go down for us because the utility companies will keep all the savings for themselves. But, im not sure solar farms can stay cost effective if the Federal Investment (solar) tax credit wasn’t there. It expires in 2020.

Then solar farms won’t be built nearly as fast anymore. Just like what’s happening in China now. The incentive was cancelled and the solar farm business crashed.

Then what will happen?I wonder. “Without incentives , your utility kWh bill will have to be $.40/kWh to make PV a good investment.” I heard that from a Sun Power Engineer on 5 yrs. ago.

The avg. cost for residential utility power now in the USA is still only $.12/kWh.

So only the near total destruction of our environment will save the PV Industry since will be that may be the primary reason to buy it. It certainly won’t be cost effective if the 30% tax credit disappears. That’s what I hear from everyone. At least not for the vast majority of grid connected systems. At least we’re doing a good job at on one thing, destroying our environment, so that’s good news for the PV industry.

There are a lot of nice places to use PV in beautiful, off the grid, locations. Running power lines is $10,000 a mile or more, and using diesel generators coincidentally costs .40/kWh, so at least that small part of the residential industry is still ok.

Unless, of course, you live in California where fantastic PV incentives are available from Gov. Jerry Brown.

I always say you can get used to anything in about 3 days, even prison. But living comfortably off the grid depends on a lot of factors, the quality of the area, the closeness to a decent size town or city for getting food, various professional services, back up fuel, even entertainment. Yes there are a lot of ways of living off the grid.

Oh well , as far as the future of PV , G-d’s in charge, not the government or the utility companies, so we shall see whatever he thinks is best. I’d bet solar stands a good chance of being near the top of his list,however. He must be sick and tired of what has been done to his creation. There’s too many people piled on top of each other in so many countries and cities.

We’ll all keep on trying anyway to make solar energy number one, which means finding the best module prices we can. Who wants to see their kids living underground in some nuclear bombed out city anyway, that would be horrible. I’m not trying to bring you down but things have changed and continue to change rapidly, which has always been the case in the PV industry. In California everyone is scrambling to buy and sell battery back up to homeowners with grid tie and nothing to store power in, batteries. Geeez it about time.



Hi John, In answer to yesterday’s blog, yes, I read it! STORAGE! That’s the big thing with solar now. We’ve gotten so much solar and YOU have helped get the price down so much that now the panels are the cheap part of the system. Every time you turn around you read about some utility adding monster batteries so the lights stay on at night. We think energy storage and we think batteries. That’s not the only way to go, but for a homeowner, that is pretty much what we are stuck with. One Alabama utility pumps air into a cave and then brings it out through a turbine engine. Others pump water up a hill and let it run back down through a turbine. Some try monster flywheels. A bizarre recent contraption uses the excess daytime power to stack up a pile of huge concrete blocks during the day and then lets them down at night, running a generator. What could possibly go wrong? Somebody came up with the idea of carbon foam or graphene batteries. Firefly brought them to market and they were all the rage amongst mariners, but now they seem to have gone away. Graphene batteries promise the light weight and energy density of lithium without the high cost and they could allow your Tesla to go more miles and charge up in the time you could fill a gas tank. I want some NOW! For $1.95 on sale. Gulf Power is in the process of being bought by FPL. A while back they bought up a bunch of land a few miles north of me to build a nuke. It takes years to get one of these started, but Fukashima hit the fan and it is taking even longer, though insiders tell me the fix is in. They cut off the land, but it has grown up in trees. I wonder why they couldn’t just put a solar farm there in the meantime and then sell you the panels when they get ready to build the nuke. Heck, maybe they could get a battery and they might like it so much they wouldn’t build the nuke. In the meantime, their local coal plant is not making enough power to run Pensacola, so we hope the grid lines stay up. In my own solar shed, I need bigger, better batteries, too. In the next few weeks I plan to get the materials to build the rest of the solar shed and use up those shingles you gave me. As it is, not all of the shingles are presently connected because I don’t care to fry the batteries. The lightning strike and cost of repair/replacement of the inverter has kept my 48v system from going online, but I really don’t have the batteries to support central air conditioning, anyway. I raided one of the golf cars to give the 24v system enough battery to keep going during cloudy weather. I am going to have to wander back down to Miami soon to load up my truck with batteries, I guess. Some people refer to golf car batteries, like your Sun 230, as something on the order of training wheels. I have run the numbers every which way and I can’t help but think they are the way to go, up to a point. I won’t even consider Lithium and can’t afford Nickel-Iron. It becomes impractical and not really desirable to have too many battery strings, but for the money, I can’t find a better plan than the Sun 230 GC batteries. Also, a person can carry a GC without too much stress. An L16 is really a handful and those monster Rolls will require some assistance to cart around. Tell your customers to not skimp on batteries. Bigger is better because they last longer and can ride out the cloudy days. And don’t forget to add water desulphate the batteries every now and then to keep them at full capacity. We are having a nice, cool day, today, in the 80s, so I guess I’d better sign off and go out to get some work done. Keep an eye out for the next big thing in power storage. Nealb

The solar electric business has gone crazy.

If all these PV mfrs in the USA have gone bankrupt and Trump has blocked every country from shipping modules to the USA, then way is there such a huge quantity of solar panels trying to be sold by so many panel brokers. Should’nt the panel supply be extremely limited and prices sky high ? Instead prices are dropping fast and have been for the last 6 weeks at least. Brand new, high wattage, with 60 and 72 Cells, big name brands, with UL, factory warranties, in original factory packing with black and silver frames are available in locations all across America, coast to coast, some even come with free shipping. You can buy many in quantities as little as a pallet and get the same price as a container or maybe any quantity same price. I’m telling you their desperate. The rest are sitting out there without lowering prices just sitting there whistling Dixie selling zip.

No one can find buyers !!!! We’re getting desperate offers. So far, a total of almost 100 MW of various quantities of panels. Module brokers are willing to sell at a huge loss, “just make us any kind of an offer”, one said.

It’s a crazy market that’s for sure. The last ten years solar farms made PV module sales shoot straight up. In the olden days, like 1973, there was only one solar farm. It was ARCO Solar’s panels. It was a million watts (1 MW!) farm with massive trackers in the Carrizo Desert in Southern California. But in July China, Pulled on incentives on all future farms. This is huge

Meanwhile, the Saudi Prince is investing $200 Billion into the largest solar farm ever. I thought they had alot oil?! But it turns out they want to switch to 100% solar. Look at this recent news cast from Saudi Arabia.

All I can say is that for the last 45 years solar has been growing one step down then two steps up. Over the approx the last ten years, solar farms have taken it up like a million steps. These farms, which are sold wholesale to the national electrical utility companies worldwide, for as little as 2.5 cents a kWh. NOTE: The average price in the US we pay is 12 cents a kWh.

It’s said that now, solar farms are by far the cheapest source of electrical power, even lower than wholesale cost of coal, which costs 7 cents a kWh, and that is as cheap as it gets. less than natural gas generated power. Nuclear is by far the highest, plus the cost of melt downs, measured in human lives lost to radiation and cancer for the luckier ones. And add to that the cost of storing the waist product, plus the cost of keeping that from being made into nuclear bombs. The storage has to be good for about a 100,000 or more years, I believe. That’s crazy stuff too. Then no body wants it stored or transported by rail (OMG) thru their state. So guess where it’s all has been warehoused all this time?

Well, basically, it’s sitting out in the open on cement parking lots in big steel casks covered with cement. Last year, here in Miami Floridas FPL’s parking lot like waste storage lot, they found the two guards to protect it sound asleep!

I’m just waiting to see what it’s going to be. I know that the Fed. Tax credit will end in 2020. But maybe there will be a mass blackout due to an internet hack attack in the USA or more crazy weather here or in the other parts of the world.

But I’d bet we’re in for some big changes , yes, even bigger as the Internet technology monsters (ROBOTS) that we have created turn on us like Mother Nature can.

Once again I’m reminded of Harvey Coleman in Mel Brooks amazing movie Blazing Saddles. When he collected the sickest guys he could find to “Go do that Vodoo That you DO so well.”

It’s great to be alive, what drama, intrigue, insanity, beauty, shock, joy, peace, pain Amazement, success, and all the rest of this life has let alone tidal waves, eruptions, world’s largest everything’s keep coming.

Yes it’s great to just be alive to watch the show unfold. Thank you g-d for giving me this brief moment to be, feel, see, such amazing things that happen.

Or something kinda like that.

Anyway sunelec is not quitting. We have hope the cost of solar energy on each rooftop (not desert) will make sense and will change the environmental destruction and waste we are creating on this tiny tiny little blue green sea and garden called Earth.

That was fun.


please excuse the typos etc etc sand stupid grammatical mistakes because I’m too tired to fix them.

Good day, good afternoon, good night whatever the case may be , the rain man!


*now type in

youtube pledge to hedley lamar,

sorry I couldn’t get a simple link. It’s a great Mel brooks comedy with Gene Wilder. You should watch it maybe it’s on netflix

Very funny !!

We still have more coming

but we’re still trying our best to finding the world’s lowest prices. And these aren’t used. Pierre and I are in Eisvondin testing more modules and NO they’re not used ! Although used are pretty damn good too. It’s hard to ruin a solar panel unless you punch a hole in it the size of a grapefruit, well that’s an exaggeration but really “they can take a real lickin and just keep on tickin! “, Timex.

Watch the blog and re-opt in now in at top of our webpage even if you already did. Someone blacklisted our 1.1 million man list but we get it cleared up every time. Spam sucks but so do spam cops. They can disconnect your email the %*€<~%^€£! They’re trying to force everyone to advertise on Google AdWords / what a scam! G-d they’re everywhere . They’re robots I tell you.

Remember you need to check out the seller or you might never get the panels ?, and the Warehouse guys and Owner as well

“thieves and liars” are around everywhere nowadays. My next blog! Im pissed off again. And don’t even bother doing anything for any body anymore they never appreciate it. What a sucker I’ve been!

Next blog after that.

Hopefully mot, I hate whiners .


Does anybody read this stuff?