Cheap solar for hurricane survivors

Hi John,

Me again.  The other day I mentioned all the solar that went up in New Orleans after Katrina and suggested that we might see a similar surge in the Carolinas.  Duke Energy, the power company in much of the Carolinas, has a residential rebate of 60 cents a watt, up to 10kw, on a system installation in North Carolina.  Based on your prices, that could mean free solar panels and change!  Throw in the Federal tax rebates and the system gets even cheaper.  As I understand it, there are 600 slots open in the NC residential rebate program.  There are also programs for businesses and schools.

South Carolina residents have more than twice the number of available rebates.  I don’t know what the current SC rebate rate is, but it was $1/watt in 2016 when I helped a friend put in his system near Greenville.  His total installed cost was approximately $0!!!

Now these numbers are for 2018 and a lot of the positions may be taken.  It may well be 2019 before people get to the point where they are rebuilding, so there may be a new round of rebates.  Carolinians would do well to sign up early.  Info is on the internet.

Do-it-yourselfers could even end up with a free system by shopping at Sun Electronics and self-installing, but be forewarned there is a lot of paperwork involved!


Free solar in South Carolina…Yes, we bent them!  Courtney puts in the last screw before we knock down the scaffold.

Neal at the end of a long day of bending laminates.

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