Free PV modules.

Yep it’s more roof tiles. Finally a reasonably esthetic solution to some of the most abhorrent looking rooftop installations. But what a lousy idea. PV roof tiles are small 1′ x 3′ ft., 34 watt, and have flexible plastic backs and frames. Walk on them to replace one with broken glass and you’ll break the bus’s bar interconnections on even more of them. Since their lying flat on the roof they get really hot in the summer especially. So you have hundreds of plugs to cause short circuits meaning hundreds even thousands of short wire interconnects. The worst thing is their substantially higher operating temperature due to heat buildup since they lack any space for convection underneath. because they lay flat on the roof their nearly impossible to fix if they fail. And since the voltage is so high, 600 volts or more, all these problems make the chance of a fire very very high.

The worst design and just the opposite of roof tiles was Solyndra. Evacuated glass tubes on ping pong table mounts that begged to become kites in the wind.

Lithium batteries aren’t only rediculously expensive, their not recyclable and are classified as hazardous waste.

These designs weren’t innovation their just plain stupid.

Yes smart engineering types Can make good use out of them they can’t be sold because it’s illegal to sell recalled modules by the CPA.

We’ll donate them to Haiti, DR, and poor island countries if the owners /installers would pay for the shipping but their not even worth the shipping, palletizing and handling cost cost!

Im just having fun here. It’s more fun for kids to tear down sand castles than to build them. What a huge waste of money. It’s all for the tax credits

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