Again, here’s the details in a nut shell.

To get the FREE SOLAR PANELS (actually solar roof tiles) all you have to do is sign a form saying you know the modules were recalled. This was because of two problems on two houses. However, nobody was hurt, no house was destroyed and no roof had to be replaced. A short occurred in the module to module interconnect cables between two modules on two houses, out of approx. 500. 

The form goes on to say: 

That you’ll recycle and won’t  sell the modules.

That you’ll only use them in low voltage, 12, 24 or 48 volt, PV arrays and never on high voltage grid connected systems (typical high voltage grid connected systems are up to 600 volts).

Here’s a simple analogy: Think how dangerous it would be to inflate a tire, that’s only supposed to be inflated to 40 pounds per square inch (PSI), to 600 (PSI). It would be substantially less dangerous at 40 (PSI) right? So, the free modules would be much safer to use on off grid systems that use low voltage instead of high voltage PV arrays. You can still get the same amount of power and for the same incredible lifetime of 30 to 40 years or more. Plus you would have a truely independent system. You wouldn’t need the utility company at all! 

Then sign the form and text or email it to us at 305-710-9645 or 305-498-1863.

You then call us and tell us how you want them. You can have one pallet for now, approx. 136 to a pallet. Each module is 34 watts and approximately 5.5 volts.  

Then give us your shipping address and we will give you a shipping quote. Or, the best way, is you just pick them up from Sun’s Miami or Phx. warehouses. Of course not everyone can do that.

Shipping: You pay the shipping and handling costs from the supplier to our warehouse (about $2.20/panel and then from us to you. Also, $.40/panel for advertising and the time I and my team I employ to administer this massive project. It’s taken a year and a half just to get them to agree to give them to us so we could save them from being thrown into some hole in the ground. $.40/panel for this is just a fraction of the administration costs. In the end it comes to about $.17/watt per panel. If you have a problem with these charges or your shipping quote, just call me and I’ll see what I can do to help you. 

If you still don’t want them fine they’re are plenty of people who do. Try not to negative post nasty comments like so many people have that I’m ripping them off and calling these panels free makes me a Thief and a liar.

It amazes me how many pricks there are out there, that are attacking me for doing this! I’m losing money doing this. I just couldn’t stand to see the government bureaucracy in Washington D.C. squander more of our money.

The biggest critics of all are other solar resellers who are going way out of their way to convince people on their forums, blogs and in person that Sun is some dishonest company that sells cheap Chinese crap. Oh well.

I didn’t really want to get into this here because it’s turning my nutshell explanation into a coconut shell. But really can you believe that people would get so upset about us giving away solar panels for free. But, it’s true. It was the least of my worries. Oh well.

Finally, if you know anyone who is connected to a non profit organization please tell them about the free panels.

If your one of the hundreds of recipients that have received pallets you need to send in photos and stories about your projects and feel free to tell your friends more are coming soon.

Thank you.

John Kimball

Cell 305-322-1086, 305-710-9645, 305-498-1863

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  1. Hello Mr Kimball,

    I am not sure how I managed to come across your website but am glad I did. I have been doing research for years, but know nothing more then what I read but zero application. I have no hands-on experience. I live in Kansas where there is little to no incentive or resources. I’d like to be a part in changing that. Time is money so would like to keep this short for you. Could you send me the forms and estimated costs for some of the free panels with minimum/max possible? Zip code is 67278. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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