Evergreen Arrival in just 2 more days, Micro Inverter Madness, Buy it from us!

Evergreen Arrival in 2 days, Micro Inverter Madness, Buy it from us or I’ll Kill You, Cold Photos, Call me for the real deal the hell with everyone else here, Phone problem solved by technology and beautiful people, who happen to be girls, (that’s for you Christy), Free boat rentals, hair cuts and manicures for everyone, We take TV&’s and small farm animals. Buy presents after Christmas, move it to New Years and New Years to Christmas.\n\nWe just got the first of the shipping bills and it was close to $400,000.00, that’s OK but it’s not going to include half the unloading charges. It would help us a lot if you would order something else from us. For instance we have some great great deals on grid tie and micro inverters.\n\nMicro inverters were designed for shading problems, thus they are more efficient. A grid tie system with micro inverters are 5% more efficient or 10% more efficient (if you have shading problems) compared to the system with central inverters. With micro inverters you don’t need a combiner box and breakers. It comes with it’s own disconnect. They are as reliable as the SMA inverters. You will pay approx. $500 more for a 3KW grid tie system, for example. For a 5KW system the price difference will be more or less $1,100. If you want to add more panels to your system later on, that’s just fine. You don’t need to oversize your inverter from the beginning if your want to increase size later but you will still have to buy the micro inverters. You can just add one more panel and one micro inverter.\n\nHowever, micro inverters were designed to increase efficiency for systems with shading problems. Also, besides more cost,  more components means more potential for failure, expensive monitoring equipment, and more maintenance.\n\nFor most residential and commercial systems, without real shading problems, a standard inverter system is always more cost effective unless. For example, SMA inverters, for over 15 years they have proven to be extremely reliable. We’ve found their failure rate is almost non-existent, if it was ever to happen with the older, bigger, more experienced inverter companies you would find immediate inventory, technical support and customer service. Because of the micro-inverter craze recently, unavailable stock at the new micro inverter companies have caused supply and customer service issues. It all seems to be fueled by nothing to do with what they are good for, shading, but rather by “fashion”,  like lemmings into the sea people follow each other to be the first non their block even when they have absolutely no shading, I think. It doesn’t  make economic or technical sense.\n\nAnyway please consider Sun Electronics as your provider of the world’s lowest priced inverters, racks, charge controllers, metering, batteries, cabling, disconnects, breakers, cool EE appliances, etc.\n\nThank you for any assistance you can provide in this matter, and be sure to send us all your SOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEM PHOTOGRAPHS especially the ones with snow, being in Miami,  Phoenix, San Francisco, and the Islands its really cool to see solar installations surrounded by BEAUTIFUL WINTER snow. The snow is always whiter on the other side of the fence. Ohh yeah and please back up and take a picture from a distance, but don’t fall off the roof, those close up array photos are nice but a separate photo of your house, boat, cabin, barn, shed, RV, tree house, doghouse,  with you in it, and, even a sentence or a little paragraph. It makes photographs so much more interesting. People don’t care about solar panels anymore, they figured out that they are rectangle and black, now they  want to know what appliances you are running and how long the batteries last or how much your bill has gone down  a month, whose inverter you used and what you like and don’t like about the system, etc., etc. People love to know about problems, crashes and total destruction stories are always popular too.\n\nIf you have a solar off-grid or grid-connected house and you don’t post your story and photos around the internet you are not my friend anymore, because you are holding all the cards and being greedy, nothing sells solar more than happy buyers, no papers, no sales, no technology. In the end we all want the same thing: everlasting peace and happiness, at the least, you have the duty to share it with others, even if everything in your building is only running on sunlight, from 96,000,000 miles away, or was it 93,000,000.\n\n \n\nThank you. jk\n\nP.S. If you need the world’s lowest prices, then we need your business, we are not a high margin company like some people think. The prices really are the lowest in the world and we use our own warehouses for fastest delivery.  However, volume matters a lot here, SUN is totally invested in the lowest cost theory.  “We are all in”, as they say, its been peddle to the metal and no fear, for almost 40 years. Sooo, please make us an offer on anything on the BOS sale list on the home page, and see what I can do, if your salesgirl or man, the shipping or accounting departments don’t tell you what you want to hear. There is always a solution. It can always be figured and worked out. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease, Johnny”. My mother must have told me that 500 times. My tel. is 305-710-9645. I always answer it or will try my best to. I have learned there’s always more than one way to solve a problem, and, I’m the BOSS, I can lower the price, give terms, take credit cards, speed up shipments. If you don’t ask it can’t happen. I will do everything I can to help you. You have my word on it.\n\nOh yeah, as promised in one of my recent emails, I think I have finally solved the phone problem, take a look at the top of the web site, 19, “nineteen” individual tel. numbers for customer service and a “Need Assistance” button that goes directly to me at the top of the page. Oh yeah and we have 3 beautiful girls in Miami and 1 in Phoenix answering the phone plus we have our 24 hour cell phone that, all of us sales girls and guys pass around between us.\n\nOh yeah, we are looking for more student engineering interns if you know any kids who want to learn how to design and install solar systems. Its a fun place to work here in Miami. Check out the intern sub site on our website. Nice digs too and entertainment and sports too. 5 free boats and free haircuts whenever you want next door (traded them for parking and signage), it goes for anyone who buys from us too.\n\nOh yeah we are getting gold nowadays from customers. Even got too custom designed sound systems (very large and high quality), free Island Hotel trips in the Keys and cars. So if you want to trade something for modules we can use let us know I’m open to trading, takes me back to my first swap meet at the Cactus Drive Inn on Saturdays and Sundays selling all the stuff we could talk my mom into parting with when Stanley Hilkemeyer and I were in 5th grade (we cleaned up especially Stanley), he made a fortune and retired buy the time he was 40. I Hate credit card companies though, they absolutely suck, Snap out of it World…Slap!  AMERICA they are screwing us! American Express is OK however, at least for now. It’s best to just do it through your own bank on theinternet when ever you can and if you feel comfortable with it, its much cheaper anyway for everyone, unless your just buying beer, I think. If your doing it for the miles, I’ll pay you the mileage value myself., geez.\n\nCheck out my brothers on Google: Richard Kimball Arizona, Bill Kimball Underwater Photographer, Bob Kimball Author “Someone Wrote a Book About Me”.\n\nMerry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Kids Rule!, Little Kids, big ones are …well lets just say they aren’t little anymore.

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  1. I use the Enphase microinverters, and I think you are missing some of their advantages. Yes, they are great for shading since each panel independently produces maximum power. They are also more efficient than a central invert, with no losses due to long DC wires or panel miss-match. A feature that I really liked was that they allow for incremental expansion of a system. For instance, at my lake house (which I sent you pictures of), I started with 20 panels, then later added 27 more, then a third batch of 13 panels for a total of 60 now. I also like the ease of installation. No high voltage DC, no combiner boxes, and I don’t have to find a place to mount the central inverter. The monitoring on a per panel basis is an added bonus with a certain “wow” factor. Most people expect a central inverter to need replacing in about 15 years, where the Enphase inverters have a mean time between failure of over 300 years, plus a 25 year warranty. Lifetime costs will actually be cheaper for the microinverters, and if one of them do eventually fail, I will only loose production of a single panel rather than the entire system. The cost for the microinverters is now below $0.68 / watt (including the trunk cable). Pair that with some of your panels at $1.04 / watt, and my total cost is actually below the $2.00 / watt rebate that our local utility offers. \n\nJim

    • Jim,\n Thats insightful, i have seen the micro inverters, but didnt (and still dont) quite understand how the whole thing works. So, are micro-inverters for grid tie only? Since there is no charge controller, are there are no batteries, no night use? Our new home im building over the next couple years is quite rural, and im told it is not uncommon to loose power for a day or more out there, so i invested in a base kit of “old school” panels/chrg ctl/batts/inv.. but, of course i already have my eye on “what else” to improve. Feel free to advise more about micro-inverter system architecture, and other practical experience, else ill read up, as its interesting and i like to learn all i can.\nBest \nPete\n3.1 kw sun electronics laminates\nOutback fm60\nXantrex 3624\n16 EGC2 6v batts\n1 trusting wife, 1 smart daughter, 12 chickens, 3 tractors & 1 dump truck

  2. John, you asked for it ;-). Heres a little crash and burn story. and some other testament as well.. \n\n First off, ill explain that in the rental home i live in currently, the only place to keep the batteries was in an attached utility closet outside the house, that also houses the water treatment system for our silty well water. With the risk of moisture, battery gas, and chlorine for the h20 treatment, i didnt want to put the high value electronics out there, so they are mounted high in the pantry/closet inside the house on the other side of the wall. The inverter runs out to a subpanel where i moved all of the 1 phase 120 circuits of the house. We still “pay the grid” for all 220v stuff at this residence. Our last bill, which was the first “full month” was 600kwh instead of 900kwh, thats 1/3 off our average.. and thats only 6 of the 14 225w laminates out at work,and only 8 batteries. with recent battery and planned array upgrade as below, i expect 1/2 or better.\n\n What i quickly realized was that i needed more batteries, as the 8 6v golfcart type batteries (24v) would charge pretty full by early afternoon, then be down around 75% by 9pm. Now with a couple more batteries, ill soon need to get another FM60 to be able to put a few more panels out to work, to make a good match of charge-ability to capacity. I havent hit absorb in days now… Only 6 hrs of 100% sun given season and trees… No problem, ive got a friend in the business 😉 \n\nI had read all over the net about things not working well with modified sine wave inverters, but, my xantrex 3624 was all i could afford getting into my first solar rig. Upon firing it up i was quite cautious with each appliance. The first thing i noticed was it is a little noisy (transformer buzz) from the unit itsself, but with pantry door shut, the fridge is louder, so no problem.. as said, this is NOT the sine wave model, thus all fans hum a bit, microwave counts down the seconds too fast, the dishwasher will not run on it (just fills and empties, no high pressure cycle), LG TROMM front load washer works fine (the sun washes my clothes), oh, the crash and burn part… at worst, a couple little trinkets like remote control holiday light receivers and a smart tower fan actually smoked a bit, then failed. That kinda sucked ;-( other than that, it is a horse of an inverter/charger, and overall, im very satisfied. Computers, laptops, HP1022 laser printer, 32″ flatty and related are all just fine with it. in theory 3600 watts is 150amps @ 24 volts. most of time my inverter runs <1000watts, unless we run a coffee maker or other "hot" kitchen appliance, then 2.5k. Regular old whirlpool fridge is off the grid too. I love the feeling when i put an ice pack or a 12 pack of pepsi in there to get chilled, the big hot sun is bringing it down to ice cold.. how cool is that?!\n\nI love my Outback FM60. The MPPT seems to extract every available watt from the array, and i havent even got around to playing with all the tweekable settings. I love the fact that i can reconfigure my array voltage, or output battery bank voltage should i want to upgrade, or need to "get by" due to a partial failure. The little screen is actually pretty satisfactory until i mount it more remotely at our future home. \n\nAlot of the rest of my stuff, mounts and relays and such were improvised, as to try to save a bit getting in, but i quickly realized, even as resourceful as i can be, that sometimes, you just need to get the stuff thats meant to work with it, as you can spend a lot trying to save a little.. 😉 Im pretty proud of what sunelec and i have done so far, lets see whats next, and lets hear what you others are doing.\n \nI would recommend at least 3kw panels to anybody who wants to get off grid, with still a bit of lifstyle adjustment. Are you going to use electric for the rest of your life? I am! \n\nBest\nPete\n3.1 kw sun electronics laminates\nOutback fm60\nXantrex 3624\n16 EGC2 6v batts\n1 trusting wife, 1 smart daughter, 12 chickens, 3 tractors & 1 dump truck

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