Gas Generators and more. By Neal Collier.

One thing I’d like to do when I come down is to get a better idea of all the stuff you have in inventory so I can name specific products that I feel good about, like today and the mention of MNSPD surge eaters.  I know you have those because you are including them in your kits.  They work, too.

You’ve been bragging about your Ryobi generators, lately.  I bet if you look closely they have Honda engines.  Honda’s standard for starting is they have to start on the first or second pull of the rope.  My Ryobi pressure washer with Honda engine does.  I have been inside a Honda engine and they are superbly made.  I have seen a comparison and one Honda is equal to about 8 Briggs & Stratton engines!

I have done all of these essays in the morning, in bed, while drinking my coffee!  I probably need to structure the subjects.  If you can think of anything that might be of interest, I’ll have a go at it.


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