Here’s another great letter for my blog by Neal Collier

Hi John,
I took a look at the refurbed website.  It is too early to for critical comment, but looks like you are on the right track…except “Lightin” arrestors????  It will be good to know exactly what you have for us “a la carte” purchasers.  Hopefully you can streamline the purchasing system, too.
I did notice that neither the new one OR the current page have links to the blog!
I will try to get you another blog article, soon.  I have a couple of ideas.  Between my taxes, Mom’s taxes, the Medicare signup barrage and the Solar Shed, I am staying busy.  I have most of the new solar shingles connected to the new 48v system and will get the rest of them as I reshuffle the older tiles from the 24v system to the 48v system.  At present, there is more on the  new system than the old and I plan to cut over to the new system, today.  I will have to bring another cable online before I tie into the heat pump.  These 100% recycled clunkers are putting out very consistent power levels from one bank to the next.  It is interesting to see the differences between one model of charge controller and the next.  There are  4 controllers/3 models on the 48v system.  One likes to sleep late and quit early, but when it is needed it is solid and steady.  Another is steady, but more aggressive.  Another is like a little yappy dog, very aggressive and jumping all around!  Each has its merits and every watt counts.
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