I’m leaving for the government cut Jetty it’s 5 mi. Away, sobe, it’s 7:22am high tide, no wind.

I always see something incredibly beautiful on the Jetty:

Ok it’s almost 10pm and here’s what I saw.

First thing I saw : A school of young lookdown fish. Here’s some photo:

Their so silver it’s hard to believe.

The best thing was when I was next to a school of 40 or 50 Tarpon 4 ft. away!

It looked like this:

Here’s one up close:

I was at the tip of the Jetty for nearly 4 hours from 8am to noon!

I can’t describe all the other beautiful things I saw during this morning because there’s not enough time and I’m too tired. It was an epic day for me that I’ll never forget. The only thing more I could wish for would be for you to have been there with me. It was all the better because I had full Sun 🌞 the sunlight combined with the full moon and incoming high ebb tide created perfect underwater conditions. It will be the same tomorrow!


My wife and son thought I’d been killed by a shark or drowned. They came to the beach looking for me around 1:00 and found me celebrating at Smith and Lowenski’s eating oysters, steak tartare and bread and butter, I drank cherry wine spritzers and for desert had the best drink i ever tasted! Then I lost my wallet but went back and they had it in the resturant safe. No one knew who returned it. I tried to give them a reward.

Honest people still exist!!!!



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