More Big Deals same price as the Evergreen Auction, 78 cents a watt, again.

I have several unbelievable deals on container loads, one factory that has gone bankrupt in China has about 6,000 modules, about 400 modules or 100KW per container. Also tons of laminates at 58 cents a watt again all Grade A with Warranties. Call me at 305-710-9645. Actually it makes more sense for all of us to buy or buy part of container. 14 pallets of 30 per container. 14 people and we could ship a container, actually only 7 or 8 because we could always buy half.

On about the 15th of Jan. we will have a container arriving of 100 laminates 220 watts and 300 Sun LG modules of 220 watts not from China. These are approximate wattages, we will sort them when they arrive on the 15th of Jan.

Finally we are participating in an auction for another factory lot, again, not from China, all grade A’s.


Call me if you can buy container loads, we may have pallets of 20 soon.


It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. unbelievable, also sad.



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  1. My god John, in as few words… you are remarkably kind to offer such deals.\nI had pinged you/Antonio about some old stock, but, I suppose i should exercise patience? Problem for me, how does one choose a deal when every deal is a good one?? Ive upped my budget from my last communication, but its not even close to the million id like to spend with you. lol.\n\n Goodspeed with the evergreens, and best for the holidays to you, and your peeps, and your team.

  2. I find it hard to believe someone hasnt created an easy way to convert a laminate into a traditional, usable panel with less hassle.\n\nWatched the video about making a laminate useable and it was very complicated and filling the area with so much silicon didnt make me feel 100% confident in potential issues down the road.\n\nIs there no plug and play option which is more efficient and easier?

    • Alex,\n I had pretty good luck with mine, and the work was really just minutes each, after of course i came to understand how it all worked, I spent about 2 hours just analyzing the first one, and the overall condition of the batch(i had actually never touched/seen a solar panel of this caliber in my life before) , the cure time is the real killer… as you said tho, after completely filling the first couple with silicone, i decided to be more of a minimalist, and used just enough to seal any wound in the backsheet and attach the box.. This way, if there is ever a problem in the junction, i can get in there without absolutely destroying the back. I suppose if you are marine/coastal user, you may want to really goo it up tho. Further, i didnt do all of the tapes and such, I left my junctions “floating/protruding” a bit, and insulated/isolated them with the siliconeII(my choice of sealer), again to keep them serviceable. The particular j-boxes i sourced from sunelec have a cavity that allowed me to do this, not sure of others… \n\nThis was just my batch, and i hate to imply anybody might receive a better or worse batch, but using my own judgment as to the integrity of what remained.. there was a varying degree of surgery needed for each panel, some just needed the old glue removed, some lifting of the remnant tabs, and extensions soldered to the remnants, and some needed taken all the way up into the buss bars.\n\nAs to the mystery of why somebody would “rip” the boxes off a b grade panel.. I can only speculate that its not worth sending a “cosmetic” panel any further down the assembly line, and they sure do stack nice, flat and compact without that big junction box on the back. \n\nThe performance of my units so far has been satisfactory and then some , I have just 6 of my 14 out in the sun (about 1300 watts), and its not uncommon to see 1400peak, and ive even witnessed that “edge of cloud” effect pushing close to 1.5k.. Cant wait to get the others out there for some foolish water heating experiments, and hope to hop on another good deal with John and Co, to insure i have some for my home in case i screw any of these up playing around. \n\nThe lams may not be for the “lay man”, but if a person has a bit of understanding and skill, i think its double rewarding.

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