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Hi John,
Last time I came down to Miami, I went through the Panhandle at night.  I could not really see the hurricane damage, except for the trees that were cut off even with the edge of the road and the signs saying that the rest areas were closed.  Friday, I went through there for a family day in Georgia.  The right-of-way is pretty well clear, but work crews are hard at it, getting out the damaged timber.  Some people still don’t have a new roof!  This is over a distance of maybe 60 miles, with some areas looking like they were carpet-bombed.  Even mile markers were blown away.  I think it is 4 rest areas that were decapitated and still out of commission.  This is well inland from the coast.
I keep wondering what it would take to get a big push for solar in those towns, like Chipley, Marianna and Chattahoochee, as well as the coastal communities.  I found this about New Orleans, which is huge on solar power.  It seems they had some help with “programs.”  That’s personal rooftop solar, too, not corporate farms.  Whatever they did needs to happen here in Florida!  Somebody with some clout needs to get the ball rolling.  Any ideas?
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