Next to my downtown Miami Sun office and across the street:

Fine Art and Nature.

When I look out from my 14th floor home to the East, I see different sun rises and beautiful cloud formations every day, once in awhile, water spouts can be seen in the distance, (once one came within 100 yards of my balcony.) They’re pretty spectacular.

I look at all these things and the animals in Biscayne Bay and realize even near the center of downtown Miami, nature is surviving pretty damn well.

I constantly watch the direction of the tide and wind, (that tells me if I can go snorkeling or body surfing over at the Miami jetty. “Thank you God”, I say for my aquarium, just 5 miles away. I’ve snorkeled out to the end of it so many times I’ve lost count). I can see a million fish before going to work at 9am some mornings. That Jetty should be a protected park. It’s so full of wildlife.

From my balcony I see Manatees ( I might even see one with a little manatee). Did you know they’ve been taken off the endangered list?. That’s rare. One day I went down to our marina where people were feeding lettuce to a Manatee. It was about 600 lbs. I decided to see if I could ride it. I very carefully lowered on its back (this is illegal, I think, and held on. After about 8 seconds, one sudden flap of its tail, it was over). Sometimes I see lots of big Tarpon, and Amber Jacks attacking schools of Mullets. I can also see many types and of boats. Sailboats are the most beautiful, Catches, Yawls, Sloops, Schooners, even a Tall Ship. We have flocks of Seagulls in the Marina below and it’s fun throwing bread off my balcony, they almost come right in the sliding glass doors of our home.

About 30 some years ago Kyocera America forced me to leave San Diego (where I got to live in Del Mar !❤️ OMG, and move to Miami, and then no one from Kyocera came to see me for 6 years!) . Sometimes there were hundreds of Black birds that would gather at just before dawn dawn in the Marina and then take off at the same time after the sun came up. I see lots of birds, Cormorants (amazing birds that can hold their breath and swim underwater (I counted to 21 seconds but they can probably stay under for 40, maybe more, and they’re faster than the fish, they have to, because they only eat fish. You can see them down below under the water. Once I was standing inside the office and a Sea Osprey (it’s an Eagle) landed on my balcony railing about 4 feet away from me, I’ll never forget the way his eyes looked, incredible! Formations of Pelicans fly by often, again, hard to describe how neat when 15 come by in formation just a few feet from me. Their big and beautiful.

I have to stop here because I’m falling asleep, it’s 2:50am.

But the FINE ARTS are on the corner across the street from me in the Miami Performing Arts Center and the Architecture is excellent by the way. Google it. (I went there tonight with my wife and little boy to see “Hello Dolly”. I thought it was going to be terrible. WRONG! It was great!!!! The big international art show starts Dec. 4th and it’s right in front of my Sunelec home/Office. Right below my window. It’s awsome. Sculpture, all kinds of Paintings mostly good, to too hard to believe anyone could paint like that!

Now I can sleep.

Once again I don’t want to go search for typos and mistakes because I know I will start rewriting it and not just make the corrections, I’m just too tired . In a dark room laying down, writing all these blogs on my cell phone. No wonder I can’t see well anymore.

Later alligator 🐊

John in South Florida

46 years trying to do what I can to promote and just help more people to use solar energy. Its good for the environment. To be honest I care a lot about nature and especially our Oceans. It makes me feel real good every time I get in the Ocean or even our pools. It’s been really cool to see it first starting back in 73. PV didn’t exist for us earthlings yet. Just satellites had solar panels. You know I don’t think aliens 👽 use them for spaceships 🚀 because they’d weigh too much, I wonder if whatever it is causes an air pollution problem. What could it be?

Good night. Or good day!


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