No matter what we do, we can’t answer the all the phone calls.

I have tried 3 receptionists and like 14 phone lines but for some reason everyone complains, no wonder, even I can’t thru to my office! I apologize and will try not to let this go on.

As of tomorrow I will hire a 4th receptionist in Miami. That’s my lucky number so I see no reason why that won’t solve the problem. Oh yeah and I will add at least two more lines and a receptionist in Phoenix and the same in the warehouse in Miami. I swear it.

As far as customer complaints if you have a problem call me my cell is 305-710-9645 don’t waste your heart and mind getting upset, my job is to untangle the knots and I’m real good at that too. I am also the “ getter of good deals”.


I want to thank the solar blogs for the feed back. It seems our customer service needs improvement. No problem, I have brought in my bullwhip.


Thank you.



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  1. As soon as you posted the Evergreen stuff, I started calling…and calling…and calling…and…well, you get the idea. Tried every number that you had posted, and NONE were being answered. Missing out on this pricing was most disappointing, especially when you said you were adding lines and staff was working that entire weekend (as I kept trying to call all the way through Sunday).

    • Hello Jack,\nI apologize that you were not successful in getting through to our sales department. Our phone traffic is now back to normal after that huge sale on the Evergreen Panels. Please try calling in now that the lines are less congested in order for someone from our sales staff to be able to properly assist you.

  2. I called one Florida number and ended up being forwarded to an answering machine. I called another number, and they referred me to a Phoenix number that wasn’t listed on the Evergreen blog. I guess it made sense, since I was calling from Arizona and you have a Phoenix warehouse after all. The Phoenix number connected me to an actual person right away and he took my order. I was so happy! \n\nHowever, to date I have not seen any pre-authorization hit on my credit card and no invoice has been emailed to me. I tried emailing the guy that presumably took my order, but no response. I’ve never done business with Sun Electronics before, so this ordering process is new to me. Did my order get in within time to get the Evergreen panels I wanted? Did my order get silently canceled? How do I know if I should start ordering inverters, cabling, contractor quotes, etc to do my solar install? I guess I should just patiently wait and see if what happens, but it sure would be nice to get this whole thing nailed down before the end of this year so that I can tap the tax credit this year rather than waiting for a whole extra year to re-capture my expenditure.

    • Hello Edward,\nThank you for your feedback. I understand that after the order you should have gotten notification. I apologize for this and am not sure what may have happened. Have you tried to contact your salesperson that you have been dealing with. If you are not able to reach anyone at the Phoenix office then you may call into the Miami office and speak with a salesperson that can help you complete your order. Thank you.

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