Nothing can stop solar now except the utilities and the government.

Everyday you can get a PV Magazine email of the latest PV news. And, it almost always unbelievably good.

That e-magazine makes me happy everyday. After all, about 160,000 people’t live to see this day according to google but look at this parrot he’s on his last days. What are the odds of that bird learning to enjoy modern music let alone dance to it so happily. Don’t be like that other parrot, get out there and enjoy this incredible phenomenon that’s happening all over the world. Geeeez, This bird dances better than me, well almost. At 66 I still dress up and go to night clubs to dance. Life is great !

Come on guys, we beat all the odds. In 1972 my friends thought I was a joke believing solar energy could change the world. Well it’s happening!

We’re witnessing the birth of the Solar Age. It’s like the invention of the wheel during the Stone Age, the beginning of the Iron Age or the Industrial Revolution, and that’s a very big deal. Yes it is.

I know these are tough and crazy times but to be around for such a mammoth change in the way we make electricity from clean renewable inexhaustible sunlight is truely incredible!

We’ve used about all the money, brains and government support we could get, and just in time! Even stubborn old John believes in climate change and potential world wide pollution now. And you can bet the people living in Peeking, China do too. We’re making a giant leap for mankind.

Sun Electronics is a small company now but dadgom it, we helped thousands of people become completely electrically independent just by using light from a star 92 million miles away!

Sure we just put solar panels on their homes. We may not be big Solar farm developers, but we’re still doin our solar thing after 45 years and enjoying every minute of seeing the most cost effective home solar systems ever built and bringing electricity to people who could never have afforded it. We’ve been attacked for selling Grade B solar panels but you know what, I knew they would work just as well as Grade A and after selling thousands of containers of them for 25 years at 30% to 50% less than Grade A guess what, they never come back. Why, because their construction is so simple and tough you have to knock a whole the size of a grapefruit in them to make them stop working. Honest they never came back. Everyone loves them.

And it’s not just us, it’s hundreds of solar home owners and entrepreneurs just like us who knew it would work and served as proof that solar power could be harvested cost effectively and worth every hard earned dime they paid for it.

Before I’m gone, I hope to visit some of the wonderful people and their off grid and hybrid PV homes who were the real pioneers that got the ball rolling.

If you would be so kind as to let me come see what you’ve done, talk with you, maybe ask you some reasonably smart and interesting questions, take some photos and videos to show others how you live and what a wonderful place you’ve built, just call me. I’ve got just enough time to document how it all got started thanks to the many people with skills, do it yourselfers, engineers, contractors, architects, etc. That got the big boulder rolling as hard as it was and to cause the current landslide of Gigawatts of installations all over our planet.

As usual you can call me anytime, here’s my cell 305-322-1086. I’ve got my camera, the money in my wallet and the ticket in my back pocket.

Thank you for occasionally reading my blog and I apologize for not writing much lately but it’ll try my best not to do it again.


John Kimball, Owner

Sun Electronics Int., Inc.

CALL 305-322-1086

PS Now if we could each just learn to be happy, get along together, get rid of coal burning factories, and really get behind recycling, and protecting our little blue planet 🌎 from constantly reacuring environmental catastrophes. Well no one ever believed solar power would work, maybe in 50 years we could do that too.

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