For everyone who purchased modules from the Evergreen Auction we won, here is the latest:\n\nWe have just been informed that the shipment will arrive early on Wednesday, December 22nd. It will already have cleared US Customs and be ready for pick up and delivery from the port to our warehouse (we rented another one to hold just these 31,000 modules 4 miles from the port.) We have around 8 men to off load and to pack and ship as fast as possible. We are totally prepared with 3 computers, 6 fork lifts, everything there dedicated to making sure all invoices are up to date, shipping charges are paid, etc. heavy machinery so we can ship your sales orders according to your specifications and/or make changes at the last minute if absolutely necessary. Alex our warehouse foreman re-arranged all the pallet racks and re-set the heights to match the different sized pallets. There are 36 different types of modules.\n\n \n\nIf you have any urgent orders call Vanessa at the main number 305-536-9917 or any of the other 14 numbers listed at the top of our web site for Miami. We have 3 dedicated full time receptionists answering the phones. If you do not get a return call fast enough or a return anything call me John Kimball immediately at my cell 305-710-9645 or the 24 hr. line. We intend to make every possible part of the shipping flow as smoothly as possible for you. PHOTOS OF THE NEW WAREHOUSE FOR EVERGREENS ARE BELOW IN ANOTHER BLOG.\n\nAll the Schneider, and SMA inverters that we had on sale as well as the Rolls, and Concord AGM  Batteries, Outback and Schnneider MPPT’s, wind generators, mounting structures for modules and laminates, MC-4cables, combiner boxes, etc. that you guys purchased were a great help to bringing up the net margin a bit. Little mistakes cost a lot when you miscalculate shipping and handling.\n\n \n\nThank you again for your cooperation, you guys have been great! Did you know we sold the 31,000 modules in 4 days to over 650 separate folks like you. We had to be short and direct on the phones during that and you guys all seemed to understand and and worked with us like Swiss clockwork. Those days and this experience have been the highlight of my nearly 40 year career in solar. There is no better gift, after our kids, than working your ass off and having it result in a successful ending, especially when that success ends with satisfied buyers of solar electric power systems. We haven’t taken the sale down yet if you need anything. Verify the in house stock and if you can’t allow us to reorder stock then don’t let us hold you up buy from any of the other dealers out there, especially the local ones.\n\nCall me anytime, I have taken calls on Christmas almost every year for the last 5 years.\n\nThank you.\n\nHappy Holidays and our best regards to all of you.\n\n \n\nJohn

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